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Pain and Confession [2]

She is actually still alive and is still here.

There’s nothing that can make him this happy and more peace than being able to see her with his own eyes.

His Liu Yue is still well, she’s still well.

He put his hand where his heart is. Xuanyuan Che’s eyes were shining brilliantly, radiating the entire area around him. His entire body was brimming with a brilliant aura that was impossible to put into words.

Xuanyuan Che slowly extended his hand out towards Liu Yue. With a burning gaze, he said: “It’s good that you’re okay.”

He had lots of things to say. They were separated by life and death situations. He had traveled thousands of miles through day and night to see her. Yet when they had finally met, he could only say this sentence which was only four words.

It’s good that you’re okay.

His heart was warm and gentle. The winter of the twelfth lunar month wasn’t able to even conceal his scalding heart.

Her heart had warmed up but her face was indifferent.

Liu Yue slowly raised her eyebrow, the corners of her mouth slowly outlined a trace of a smile as she said: “Of course I’m fine. Thank you, Emperor of Tian Chen, for your concern.”

Her tone was polite and plain, it didn’t contain happiness nor love. It was as if she was talking to an ordinary person.

Boom. Xuanyuan Che only felt a slight ring in his head. It was a confused buzzing sound that had resounded in his head. This wasn’t supposed to be what Liu Yue should be saying to him and her tone wasn’t supposed to be like this towards him.

“What are you saying? Come here.” Xuanyuan Che’s face sank, he hit the horse to approach Liu Yue’s side.

When Liu Yue saw this, her face also had sunk. She waved her hand and in an instant, the bodyguards from Bei Mu drew out their blades. They stood in front of Liu Yue, pointing their blades at Xuanyuan Che.

When Xuanyuan Che saw this, his expression changed. There was anger on his face now.

“Emperor of Tian Chen, the thing between the two of us had already become a thing in the past. It’s best if you don’t act too familiar with me.” Liu Yue’s faint voice had sounded. Although she had said unhurriedly said it, she had felt a type of coldness where her bones were drenched and penetrated by cold water.

She’s not familiar with him? Not familiar?

Xuanyuan Che was stunned. The brilliant lights that were shining in his eyes had melted away.

Her fingertips fiddled with the cuff of her fur coat. Liu Yue’s warm eyes didn’t miss the flash of hurt across Xuanyuan Che’s eyes.

His eyes and brows drooped slightly as he restrained the dark color of his eyes.

“What do you mean? Yue, what happened to you?” He wrinkled his brows, disbelief on his face as he looked at Liu Yue.

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