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The difference between the fourth and the first few stages was still very large. There were almost no trees in sight. Once they left the city, they could see the endless prairie. Within the tall grass were countless magical beasts.

Although in terms of strength, the beasts in the fourth stage were naturally much stronger than in the first three stages, but for Soga and the others, they were completely unqualified to delay their advance.

To this day, the Diamond dragon had already consumed two tenth stage Frost Giant Bear King s. Although the size of their bodies had not changed much, the toughness of the ice armor during battle had increased by several times. Against the attacks of the beasts, it did not feel anything.

Half a month later, Soga and the others finally arrived at the Evil Demon City. Looking around, the so called Demon Castle looked very eerie and terrifying, the castle's gate was a huge human skull, its mouth opened wide to look like a door.

The castle was huge, built on top of a very tall, very majestic mountain. One side was facing a gentle slope, while the other side was facing a cliff. Looking at the steep cliff, Soga couldn't help but to shake his head in admiration. If it weren't Mya, she would be dead when fell off the cliff.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, Mya's expression became serious, and said while frowning: "Alright, starting from here, everyone should be careful, if you go any further, experts from Evil Demon City will appear. I've already said it, these guys are all experts similar to you, if you're just a little bit careless, you'll know the consequences!"

"Hmm …" Slightly nodding his head, Soga looked at the Demon Castle at the top of the mountain, looked at the dozens of floors and the winding road leading to Mount Pan that was dozens of kilometers away, and decisively said: "Everyone, disband from here onwards, and use your own way to climb the mountain!"

Xiang Yun nodded as his eyes brightened with excitement: "I truly look forward to what kind of enemies are waiting for us in front of us. Hehe... I hope that you won't disappoint me. I'm still counting on them to help me train my consummate skills. " While talking, Xiang Yun's body suddenly leaped up, and instantly disappeared into the forest by the side of the road.

Seeing Xiang Yun leave, Roger and Nico did not delay any further, and quietly entered the forest on both sides. For a moment, only Soga and Mya was left.

He looked around, and after confirming that there was no one, Soga slowly walked towards Mya. Seeing Soga's sneaky movements, Mya immediately knew what kind of plan this guy had.

Recently, because everyone had returned, Soga and Mya were not together. Otherwise, if they were only separated by a single wall, it would have been impossible to hide from Xiang Yun and Nico. It was only now that Soga found another opportunity.

Although the first time was when Mya took the initiative to seduce Soga, in reality, it was not that Mya was not shy. As a warrior, she absolutely could not be stopped by anything.

Seeing Soga coming closer, Mya felt her entire body go soft, but he did not run away. Mya was very clear, on this trip to Demon Castle, no one knew what the result would be. No matter what Soga wanted to do, she couldn't bear to refuse him.

However, Soga was not a person who would be affected by the desire. Furthermore, the environment here did not allow for such a thing, and only held onto Mya's body tightly, exclaiming gravely: "Mya, you are not by yourself anymore. Promise me, no matter what, you must pay attention to your safety!"

It was sweet as she leaned into Soga's embrace. Towards Soga's concern and concern, Mya really felt that it was a very considerate feeling, something that only Soga could give her. Although she was six or seven years older than Soga, there were some things that would not change due to age.

After strongly hugging Mya, Soga decisively turned around and walked into the forest beside the road, looking at Soga's back, Mya's gaze couldn't help but become blurry, what kind of man was this, she could clearly feel his passion and love for her, but he definitely did not lose himself because of this, right …. This was a man who did great things, perhaps. A miracle would really be born in his hands!

"Hehehehehe …" As he was in a daze, a dozen or so swaying figures unnaturally turned around from the road in front of him, and with a slight frown, Mya turned around and saw, in her line of sight, that the dozen or so figures had a common characteristic — — Beast-like, blood-red eyes!

"Whoosh!" With a whistle, Mya's figure swiftly leapt up and disappeared into the leaves in the sky. Seeing this scene, over ten people raised their heads in astonishment, and carefully looked at the sky.

"Hiss …" Just as everyone's line of sight was focused on the sky, with a light whistling sound, a faintly discernable shadow instantly traversed over five meters, and pierced through one of the person's throat. At the same time, the figure of the Dark tooth appeared in front of the remaining few people.

"Yah!" Facing the Dark tooth, a dozen of them roared and rushed forward with their blood-red eyes wide open. In the next moment … With an ear-piercing screech, broken limbs flew out in all directions. In that moment, more than a dozen figures were broken into several dozens of pieces that scattered to the ground.

"Humph!" Standing on top of a tree branch covered in leaves, Mya coldly looked down. After that, her right hand slightly stretched forward, and her body horizontally flew away. Like lightning, he didn't enter into the distant green area, and at the same time, the Dark tooth beneath the tree had disappeared at some point.

On the other side, Soga was sprinting through the forest at full speed while the Diamond dragon was sprawled on Soga's back. A pair of short forelimbs were tightly holding onto Soga's neck, afraid that he would fall down.

In different directions and at different locations, the five members of Soga's caravan all advanced towards the Demon Castle in their own ways. Because they had cleared the main path, although they met with some obstructions along the way, they were only beasts.

Along the way, Soga and the others encountered some experts from the Demon Castle. Once they fought, Soga, Xiang Yun and the others were immediately shocked, it was just as Mya had said, the strength of these experts, were about the same, there were even more powerful adventurers than them.

However, the minds of these experts weren't very clear. They only wanted to kill. Any living being that entered their area would suffer their attacks. Moreover, their attacks could only be described as crazy.

Under normal circumstances, it might be difficult to deal with such an opponent, but … In the face of these opponents who had already lost all sense of reason, as long as he thought a little bit, he would still be able to defeat them.

Finally, all the hungry members of the Soga Merchant Group gathered together once again. Looking at the huge plaza in front of the castle as well as the warriors who were wandering on the plaza with a pair of blood red eyes, Soga and the others could not help but hesitate.

Along the way, although they didn't suffer too much resistance, but without a doubt, the opponents they encountered weren't weak. Although they had successfully killed them, they had consumed a great deal of energy.

But looking at the plaza, there were over a hundred warriors gathered in the huge plaza in front of the Demon Castle. And from their aura, they seemed to be stronger than the warriors they had encountered on the way up the mountain.

Looking at the hesitating gazes of Soga and the others, Mya said in a low voice: "From the looks of it, the experts here are divided into five categories, the first class is to guard the mountain, which means the people we met earlier, the second class is on the plaza, and the second class is slightly stronger than the first class."

Mi paused for a moment then continued: "As for the third tier, we can only meet them in the castle. The fourth tier belongs to the leaders who are stationed at various important checkpoints. The highest tier is similar to our captain, located in the deepest part of the castle!"

Speaking to here, Mya cautiously looked at Soga and asked: "How is it? Do you still have any confidence in continuing? "

"Tsk …?" Suddenly, Soga gritted his teeth and said decisively: "No matter how dangerous it is ahead, since everyone is here, we cannot retreat without a fight, let's go!"

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