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Pain and Confession [1]

The hand holding on the rein of the horse tightened. Liu Yue’s heart sank. Xuanyuan Che.

How come he had come?

How did he come at this time? He should be thousands of miles away at Tian Chen right now.

Was it because he had heard news about her so he had traveled thousands of miles to come here?

Suddenly, her heart was in chaos.

Ouyang Yu Fei, who was almost next to her, smiled as he looked at Liu Yue.

His eyebrows were profound.

Due to riding the horse at such a speed to come here, Xuanyuan Che’s face was ashen. He had traveled thousands of miles and through day and night. Yet the first word he had heard was that she no longer loves him.

Damn it! How can this be so?

“Turn your body around.” Xuanyuan Che immediately stood behind Liu Yue, looking at the back view of her back. His face sank like water as he bellowed.

The cold wind was calm and the place was silent.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Liu Yue, who’s back was facing Xuanyuan Che. She slowly turned around. She was wearing a red leather coat that was dazzled in color and luster under the sunshine.

She raised her head as her indifferent gaze locked onto Xuanyuan Che who was in front of her. His rage could’ve burned a hole into heaven.

There was a faint cyan color on his chin. His bewitching beauty was like Luo Cha (a demon in Buddhism). But at this moment, his face was spiritless. It had shown the hardships he had gone through, as well as his wrath.

However, his eyes were bright. It was so bright that it’s astonishing, it was bright to the point where it could melt everything.

His face was mixed with anger but besides anger, it contained more happiness. It contained relief as well as an endless joy.

His face that showed no regret and deep love for Liu Yue had made the snow colored world lose all its color under his pair of eyes.

Her Xuanyuan Che, her Xuanyuan Che ah.

She was foolishly staring at the man in front of her. He was covered in wind and frost. She hadn’t seen him in a few months so she thought that she won’t think, won’t miss him, and won’t lose her self-control.

Yet, when they had actually met, every statement was a lie. Her dense longing for him that was hidden away in her heart had already entered her bone marrow, compiling into an ocean.

She greedily looked at that handsome, bright, and angry face. It seemed that her longing was already this deep.

The cold wind fluttered about, the whole place was silent.

He stared fixedly at the person who was dressed in a fiery red in front of him. In his dreams, that face that had turned around thousands of times. The anger within his eyes had already disappeared into the far distance the split second that Liu Yue had turned around.

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