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You are Fish Meat [12]

At Ao Yun’s border, outside the Deep Blue mountain pass, the troops had been stationed there for five days. Their ration was finished. The 500,000 troops and horses of Bei Mu were out of ammunition and had no food left.

“What do we do? We don’t even have one grain left.” Tuo Bi Mu’s expression sank.

Han Fei and Kuo Bali’s expression were very serious. When they had heard what Tuo Bi Mu had said, they didn’t say a word. They only had brought this much food. This amount of grain was the remaining amount of grain from the ten cities of Ku Sha. Now there is nothing left, not even a single grain. There was also no movement from the Prince of ZhongYi. Does it mean that the citizens, troops, and horses of the ten cities of Ku Sha would starve to death here?

“Today is the date we had agreed to meet. Just wait a bit longer. If there’s still no news from the Prince of ZhongYi…” Han Fei muttered to himself irresolutely for a split second.

“The sky will soon be dark,” Tuo Bi Mu clenched his teeth.

“Let’s lead the troops to attack them. With our power, we definitely would be able to loot…”

“General, letter, letter. The Prince of ZhongYi had sent us a letter using the flying pigeon.” Tuo Bi Mu’s words weren’t even finished yet when the deputy general had rushed over from a distant place. His face was full of happiness as he rushed over.

With a quick sweep forward, Han Fei’s usually dignified face momentarily became ecstatic. With a quick flip, he got on the horse. He wildly roared: “Let’s go get the food.”

The sky was dark blue. Black smokes rolled in the sky, heading for the Deep Blue mountain pass. In a distance, just outside the Deep Blue mountain pass: carts, horses, cattle, and sheeps wriggled out. All these things formed a dense mass, covering that whole part of the land.

When Liu Yue had first arrived at the doorway of the 9th palace of the capital city, she had worn a fiery red robe.

Today was suppose to be the day that the Crown Prince of Ao Yun, Dugu Ye’s marriage. However, there was no bride and groom.

Seeing the last batch of grain and jewelry leaving the capital city, Liu Yue smiled brightly. She flipped herself onto the horse and with Ouyang Yu Fei, left.

Dugu Ye, who had been watching the whole scene from the doorway of the city, didn’t utter one word. However, at this moment, when he saw the back view of Liu Yue, he suddenly yelled: “Liu Yue, I want to ask you the last question. That day you had said that you no longer love Xuanyuan Che. Was that true?”

Holding onto the rein of the horse, she didn’t reply loudly: “Yes.”

"What?” Liu Yue had just spoken when behind the city gate, four people who were on saddled horses had rapidly flown by from the opposite direction of Liu Yue.  The man in front violently roared, almost as if a thunderclap had appeared out of nowhere.

He was pretty and incomparably handsome.

If it’s not Xuanyuan Che who had traveled day and night to get here, then who else could it be?

T/N: Oh no… Che…

She’s only doing this to protect you T.T

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