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You are Fish Meat [11]

Liu Yue is Bei Mu’s Prince of ZhongYi. She is their enemy’s Prince. She is doing this for the sake of Bei Mu and she’s no longer a Wangfei of one of the seven countries of the Central Plains.

And he is the Crown Prince of Ao Yun as well as the future Emperor. Bei Mu and Ao Yun are completely incompatible.

This time, he had indulged himself. The feelings he had owed Liu Yue, he had returned it. When they meet in the future, they’ll be their own respective country’s prince. They’ll be enemies.

The lantern had stretched the shadow of his thin figure, making it increasingly longer.

His body was sumptuous, arrogant, and lonely.

“The next time we meet, it’ll either be you dead or me dead.” Her tone was clear, cold, and decisive. Liu Yue ferociously threw the wine cup that was in her hand, onto the floor.

The jade cup shattered into pieces on the floor.

Today, she had only came to ask for grains. Next time, when her Bei Mu take over the borders and dominate the grassland, then she won’t just be coming here to ask for grains.

The night was dense. It was dark to the point where the darkness had become transparent.

The sharp and cold wind with a ‘hu hu’, blew by. Winter in the twelfth lunar month was bone-chilling cold.

The soldiers got ready, assembled, opened the storehouse, and transported the items.

Three million piculs of ration and fodder and one million bolts of cloth. Also, 500,000 cows and sheep as well as 3 million taels of gold. This isn’t a small number.

All of the big treasury of Ao Yun’s imperial capital was opened.

Large numbers of cows and sheep were driven out of the mountain pass. The people carried the things on their shoulders while the horses drag those items in carts. The carts were full of rations and fodder, bolts of clothes, and gold. Groups after groups of Ao Yun troops and horses carried the items. It seemed like there was no end to them.

The citizens of Ao Yun were surprised. So many soldiers carrying so many rations. Where are they going? What are they doing?

The ministers of other countries that were attending Dugu Ye’s marriage were detained in Ao Yun. However, they weren’t as ignorant as the citizens of Ao Yun. All these things were carried out of the mountain pass. Was Ao Yun negotiating peace with Bei Mu? Were they giving these as gifts to Bei Mu?

Even though the items were all wrapped up and sealed tightly, one can tell what the things were by the depth of the track that was left behind by the wheel.

These things were given to Bei Mu? Heavens. Could these things be…

For a moment, there were countless numbers of carrier pigeons. The news was passed on in countless different directions.

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