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You are Fish Meat [8]

The eunuchs and palace maids all knew what type of things they were doing to produce that kind of sound. Immediately, like a frightened bird, they were stupefied.



Xiao Hua who was hiding outside the window had a nosebleed and collapsed. Xiao Xique’s whole face turned red and she ran away. Yet Ouyang Yu Fei was actually calm and unruffled, he was laughing like a fox. He was actually enjoying it as he leaned on the tip of the tree that was outside the window. Ouyang Yu Fei actually listened to those sounds like they were a song.

“Ah…” As the voice sounded, the people that were lying in wait outside the window braced themselves.

“Oh…” The ground had overflowed with blood from their nosebleed.

This year’s Winter was such an easy season to get angry.

They had just tumultuously approached at the ‘nn’ and ‘ah’ sound. The Emperor of Ao Yun had led Dugu Han and the Prime Minister here. They had rushed here like a tornado.

From a distant, they were able to hear the ‘nn’ and ‘ah’ sound which made their face ashen to the point it could no longer ashen.

He could no longer conceal the anxiety in his eyes.

You can’t touch her, can’t touch her, can’t touch her.

She is a malignant tumor. If you touch her, then the person that’ll die won’t be her. It’ll be them.

With one foot, he violently kicked open the door of Dugu Ye’s East Palace. The Emperor of Ao Yun wildly rushed in, bellowing: “Dugu Ye, you can’t touch.”

He didn’t even finish his words when he had already rushed in, quickly swept his eyes across the situation inside the East Palace. The Emperor of Ao Yun suddenly stared blankly at the situation. He stood fixed to the ground and forcibly swallowed the word ‘her’ back into his mouth.

Behind him, Dugu Han and the Prime Minister couldn’t stop themselves so they crashed into the Emperor. The three people bumped into each other.

They were all dumbstruck as they raised their head and looked at the scenario inside the East Palace. In a split second, the complexion of three people that had crashed into each other had become awkward, distorted, and angry.

They only saw that inside the East Palace, Liu Yue and Dugu Ye were sitting on high chairs. They had on an indifferent expression with a winecup in their hands. They were eating side dishes that goes well with alcoholic drinks.

In front of them, at this moment there were two people. There was a guy and a girl was performing an erotic act.

The body of the two actors was entangled together, like a snake that can’t be separated.

T/N: I died xD

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