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You are Fish Meat [7]

“Emperor, why did you agree with her? Even if she has 500,000 troops and horses, we don’t need to beg her and ask for peace ah.”

The Prime Minister of Ao Yun still couldn’t figure out why their Emperor was so afraid of this Yelu Liu Yue. Could her 500,000 troops and soldiers destroy Ao Yun?

After hearing that, the Emperor of Ao Yun and Dugu Han exchanged a glance. They noiselessly closed their eyes.

The knowledge of the Hidden Island was passed down within the imperial family from generation to generation. Outsiders don’t know of their existence as well as how powerful they are.

The Prime Minister of Ao Yun saw that the Emperor and the Prince of Qin had both closed their eyes as silence had flashed through their face. He can’t help but frown and said: “Emperor, what danger is there? If she harbors ill intentions towards the Crown Prince, we’ll just tell the Crown Prince bluntly. The Crown Prince isn’t someone who doesn’t listen to others. So why…”

Even though he didn’t complete his sentence, the meaning behind the Prime Minister of Ao Yun’s words was obvious. Since everyone knows that she had come here to harm Dugu Ye, then as long as they tell Dugu Ye, everything will be fine. It can’t be that Dugu Ye is in love her to the point where he doesn’t even want his life?

The Emperor and the Prince of Qin glanced at each other again. They haven’t spoken yet when suddenly a pair of anxious footsteps had sounded from outside.

The commander of the imperial guard had violently rushed into the main hall.

“What’s the matter?” The expression on the face of the Emperor of Ao Yun was unsightly.

The commander of the imperial guard quickly stepped forward and whispered a few words to the Emperor of Ao Yun’s ear. The Emperor’s complexion instantly changed. Combining all the times that his complexions had changed in his life, it was still less than the number of times his complexion had changed in these past few days.

With a swish, the Emperor stood up. His face was ashen as he firmly said: “Come with me.” He immediately rushed toward Dugu Ye’s palace with quick steps.

When the Prince of Qin and the Prime Minister saw this, they didn’t even have time to look at each other before quickly following behind the Emperor.

The rising sun cut short the night of the rendezvous in spring. Thereafter the Emperor no longer held the morning court. [1]

The night scene is graceful.

In Dugu Ye’s East Palace, there were bursts of noises. These bursts of moans made people’s ears turn red and heart jump.

The sound was ambiguous and the words were shocking

[1] This is actually a line from a poem by Bai Ju Yi which is called Everlasting Regret. The poem is about a King who had loved a beautiful woman but in the end, he couldn’t protect her so she died. If you want to read the poem (with English translations), .

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