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You are Fish Meat [9]

At this time, they were also dumbstruck as they stared at the Emperor and the people who had rushed in with him.

It was extremely awkward. A dense sense of awkwardness had spread around Dugu Ye’s East Palace.

The corners of Liu Yue’s mouth curved into a trace of a mocking smile. She looked at the three embarrassed people and said: “Tsk, tsk[1]. Emperor, if you wanted to watch, Ye would’ve arranged it for you. But you had abruptly rushed in, this…”

“Ah…” Liu Yue didn’t even finish speaking when the bare woman suddenly became clear-headed and shrieked like she was killing a chicken. The scream almost made the roof collapse.

Even though it’s only a eunuch and a maid who was performing an erotic act, but…

“Get out, get out.” The Emperor of Ao Yun calmly and collectedly shouted. His complexion was still ashen but he had recovered from the initial shock.

When Liu Yue saw that, she kept the smile on her face. She didn’t prevent him from making them leave.

“Emperor, this was what the wet nurse had specially instructed.” Liu Yue played with the winecup in her hand while she smiled enchantingly.

But in the eyes of the Emperor of Ao Yun, this was a threat.

Yes, it’s a threat. Today she had put on a fake erotic act, but maybe tomorrow the act might be real. Plus, if the news of that spreads out, then his Ao Yun…

“I’ll comply.” The Emperor of Ao Yun stomped with fury. All of his blood was concentrated on his head. If this happens a few more times, then he’ll definitely live a shorter life.

When Liu Yue heard that, she bewitchingly laughed as she drank the wine from the winecup.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince, this woman doesn’t love you. She came here just to use you as a bargaining chip to extort money from our Ao Yun country.

Do you know what she wants to exchange for your life? She asked for three million piculs of ration and fodder and one million bolts of cloth. Also, 500,000 cows and sheep as well as 3 million taels of gold. Crown Prince, she doesn’t genuinely love you. Don’t fall for her bewitching drug. Our Ao Yun can’t give her these things ah.”

Not knowing where the real danger lies, the Prime Minister of Ao Yun had yelled those words at Dugu Ye.

He thought that as long as Dugu Ye becomes sober and doesn’t get duped by her, then Liu Yue can’t do anything to them.

[1] Tsk, tsk (啧啧) – to click one’s tongue.

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