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You are Fish Meat [6]

“Then forget it. You should know that I don’t want to leave Dugu Ye and don’t want to leave Ao Yun. In two days it’ll be our marriage. You should know that if there is no Crown Prince or Crown Princess on that day, it’ll be bad.”

Liu Yue waved her hand as she smiled an alluring smile. She doesn’t seem angry at all.

“I’m tired so I’ll be going to sleep. Dugu Ye must be waiting for me. She lovably yawned and turned to leave. She quickly entered into the darkness.

Behind her, the Emperor of Ao Yun’s face already had distorted in angry in such a way, it was unimaginable.

The night sky was filled with darkness and there were no stars in the sky.

At this time, inside the national border of Ao Yun country, four fast horses quickly advanced towards the national capital of Ao Yun. Under the pitch-black moonlight, their speed was like a hurricane.

“How many more li[1]?” Xuanyuan Che whipped his horse to make it go faster. His face was dripping with water.

Du Yi replied: “We still have about 1,700 li.”

When Yan Hu and Qiu Hen had heard that, they glanced at each other. Without saying anything, the quicken their speed.

The marriage will be in two days so they’ll only have two days to travel more than 1,700 li.

Fortunately for them, the Yun Han mountain pass that they were at before is just on the edge of the borders of the previous Chen country and Ao Yun country. So they weren’t too far away and still have a chance to catch up.

However, the capital of Ao Yun is in the northernmost part of Ao Yun country. The capital is close to its northern border. There are over 3,000 li between Chen country and Ao Yun’s capital.

Even if they had rushed there at their fastest speed, there is still a difference.

His face was cold. Xuanyuan Che firmly whipped the horsewhip at the butt of the house. The ten thousand miles black horse rushed faster, it seemed like the horse was about to fly.

They quickly passed by the forest like they were flying.

The night had fallen, it had become quiet and dark.

In the main hall of the Ao Yun Palace.

“What? She wants so many things. If we give it to her, then our entire reserve will get out of control. If at this time, a war spreads to our country then we won’t have enough supplies for the soldiers on the battlefields.” The Prince of Qin said with his eyes wide. His tone was urgent and quick.

The Emperor of Ao Yun massaged the space between his eyebrows and said: “I have thought of that too. Right now, Tian Chen had joined forces with Houjin. They had swallowed up Chen country and had sent troops to Zhao country. If Xuanyuan Che took another step forward, then my Ao Yun will be next. If our treasury is empty, then there’ll be no checks and balances in this war. This…”

[1] li is an ancient measure of length. One li is approximately 500 m.

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