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You are Fish Meat [5]

After the deep hatred had flashed by her face, Liu Yue collected her ice-cold expression. She put on a slight smile as she slowly looked at the Emperor of Ao Yun and said: “This is you begging me. You’re the one who wants to separate me and Dugu Ye. It’s not me who is harboring any ill intentions.”

“Yes, it’s me who is begging you.” The Emperor of Ao Yun almost broke his fist. What is called pretending to be mistreated after gaining a favor? This is it. This is it.

She reached out her hands to lift her long hair that was next to her neck. Liu Yue adopted a distressed expression and said: “Ah if that’s the case then I’ll do everyone a favor. So then only I’ll be the one who’ll be sad and heartbroken.”

She shook her head and sighed. Yet in her eyes, it concealed a shining smile.

A sharp weapon itself is a great weapon in itself. If it’s used correctly, it’s not inferior to any magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

This one person play, yet millions of people are watching it. They wouldn’t allow her to get even a bit injured. This is a misfortune. However, who said she can’t take advantage of that?

“Since the Emperor had begged this prince, then this prince will have to reluctantly think about it. My Bei Mu right now is cold and the ground is frozen. We are short of food.” She hugged herself with her hands as she beamed at the Emperor of Ao Yun.

“Okay, I’ll give you 500,000 piculs1 of rations and fodder as well as 100,000 bolt of cloth.” The Emperor of Ao Yun had directly said the amount. The amount he had said is the largest amount of food that Bei Mu or the Huns had ever looted.

She slowly stretched and shook herself. Liu Yue faintly smiled: “I’m not a beggar. You’re treating me like a beggar. Who in this world doesn’t know that Ao Yun is rich and overbearing? With just one word from you, I can get three million piculs of ration and fodder and one million bolts of cloth. Also, 500,000 cows and sheep as well as 3 million taels of gold. If you give them to me, then I’ll immediately leave. Or else…”

She didn’t complete her sentence but her threat was real.

“You are demanding an exorbitant price. Don’t even think about it.” Just as Liu Yue finished talking, the Emperor of Ao Yun had suddenly jumped up. Blue veins had covered his whole face.

He knew that that was the reason that Liu Yue had come here. But it was too much. It was too much.

Three million piculs of ration and fodder, one million bolts of cloth, 500,000 cows and sheep, and 3 million taels of gold. That is more than half of what is in his Ao Yun’s treasury.

“Is it?” Compared to the anger of the Emperor, Liu Yue was actually calm. She unhurriedly used her fingertips to twist her hair into a few loops.

1 Picul is a type of Chinese measurement. 1 picul is roughly about 50 kg.

T/N: This is what you call daylight robbery. xD

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