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Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey [7]

Their laughter changed into tears of excitement. The forces of the ten cities began to shed that domineering outer shell.

“Beautiful, beautiful.” At the end seat, Ouyang Yu Fei softly clapped his hands. What she did was to loosen the reins only to grasp them better, what a good killing the chicken to warn the monkey*. What a good mixture of both truths and lies. The more I look at this woman, the more she is to my liking.

Her trickery skills are quite good.

“I really underestimated her.”

Xiao Xique’s eyes also filled up with amazement.

“Of course, why don’t you look at what bloodline she’s descended from. How can she not be smart?” Hua Yulong, on the other hand, is not surprised at all. Concluding that everything is to due her bloodline.

Bloodline, what bloodline?

The good news traveled along with the wind, blowing across Ku Sha grassland and the ten Ku Sha cities. Countless tears, countless excitement, and countless tears falling like rain.

Life is difficult, but in the future, it’ll be better.

The citizens of Ku Sha finally received hope.

They hosted a festive celebration, lasting a day and a night.

After this, Liu Yue will become the God of these ten cities.

Empress Xiao’s movements are fast. She already ordered people to start working on Tong Tian River. Since the river is in its frozen state, working on it is easier. If it’s thawing, then it would be difficult to work on it. They started a large-scale operation, digging the once blocked water channel.

Both countless ordinary civilians and herdsmen from the Ku Sha grassland and ten Ku Sha cities are listening to them work. That sound comforted them and showed that they had kept their promise.

They didn’t need any appointments from the royal court because numerous people coming from all directions came to volunteer to dig the blocked river channel.

Tong Tian riverside began to give countless people new hope.

Northern whistling, not being able to overshadow the good emotions that reach through the heaven.

After arranging everything, Liu Yue and 20,000 soldiers returned.

She allowed them to pick someone from the ten Ku Sha cities to rule over themselves. The Gang people will rule over the Gang people. The Ao people will rule over the Ao people. This is the theory that Liu Yue got from Deng Xiao Ping.

Bei Mu’s capital city, Sheng Jing.

The atmosphere is majestic, brimming with valiant and wildness from the outside.

Sheng Jing city’s seriousness is tied together by its resounding enthusiasm. Its mood is unlike Tian Chen which is much more delicate. It’s also unlike proud Ao Yun. Sheng Jing city likes to continue everything on its own pace, doing its things, their way.

T/N: *Killing the chicken to warn the monkey is a idiom which means to punish an individual as an example to others.

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