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Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey [6]

He suddenly turned towards Liu Yue, said: “As long as you keep your promise, in the future, whatever you say in these ten cities would count. However, if you don’t keep your promise, then don’t think that any of you will leave here alive.”

“Good.” Liu Yue raised her hand, direct and efficient.

Peng, peng, peng. Three clapping sounds.

People of the grassland always keeps their promises. One word is worth thousands of pounds of gold.

Immediately, after Tu Jue chief and Nu Zhen chief, the other forces also walked up to her and cupped their hands to swore the oath.

“What about the Bai Mu clan?” After everyone swore the oath, Tu Jue chief, Tuo Bi Mu looked at Han Fei. Han Fei, who is still kneeling down motionlessly as before. He lightly wrinkled his brows.

Even before his voice waned, Ouyang Yu Fei, both his flesh and bones, already crossed over to Han Fei. He undid the sealed acupuncture points.

Shaking his body, Han Fei’s whole face contained both a mixture excitement and bitterness. Illustrating that his present mood is happy as well as bitter.

“As long as it really will bring the ten cities a route to survive, even if we Bai Mu clan all died out, it’s worth it.” Han Fei clenched his teeth. He didn’t even fully rise yet, he already promised a painful promise.

Liu Yue heard this and walked up to Han Fei with a smile, helping him up. Smilingly, she said: “I just merely burned some wet grass outside the city. What does it have anything to do with the Bai Mu clan?”

Once her voice fell, Han Fei instantly widen his eyes. He grabbed Liu Yue’s hand excitedly, said: “My Bai Mu clan is alright? They didn’t kill them?”

When Liu Yue heard that, she laughed heartily: “I would never kill my people.” After she finished talking, she waved her hand. Her signal immediately commanded the soldiers to move.

The soldiers that were surrounding all around the pasture, immediately put away their weapons. They also removed their bows and arrows, yielding a path out.

“Chief, are you alright, chief, chief….” As soon as the soldiers got out of the way, there is immediately someone leading the group, rushing in. It was Han Lin, Bai Mu clan’s second in command.

Han Fei’s eye swept across Han Lin. After the momentarily stiffness in the expression, Han Fei suddenly burst out laughing. Firmly slapping Liu Yue’s shoulders, “Good, good. I am sincerely convinced and ready to concede. In the future, I gift you Central Plains people these words. If you have any problems, through fire and hell, we will not hesitate to help you.

“Hahaha, what I want is precisely those words.” Liu Yue isn’t in the least way modest.

“Straightforward, you are a straightforward person.”

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