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Translator: lilcookiez

Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey [8]

The red carpet from the capital city’s gate spread ten miles out. Yelu Hong, Bei Mu’s prince had led the state officials to come and welcome Bei Mu’s Prince of Zhong Yi back. The only one who wasn’t present was Empress Dowager Xiao.

Sheng Jing’s civilians cheered excitedly, huddling nearby the gate. They almost fell over each other due to their eagerness to have a glimpse of the real face of the Prince who had saved them. This is their Bei Mu’s biggest benefactor ah.

The Northwind dance in the breeze, Sheng Jing’s capital city is full of cheers.

“By the heavens decree, she had received a blessing from the god. This exceptional expert Liu Yue had accomplished a meritorious deed. She also helped Bei Mu take care of the Ku Sha grassland and the ten cities of Ku Sha. Having both integrity and talent, as well as incomparable wisdom, she is specially bestowed the title Prince of Zhong Yi. Granted one official residence, fertile land….”

The news of her quick promotion, along with the breeze spread across thousands of miles within the Bei Mu territory.

The vast sky full of stars like little dots gave off a beautiful radiance that twinkles dazzlingly.

In the palace, they planned on to become drunk till daybreak while dancing to the occasion.

This was all in order to celebrate the heroic deed of Liu Yue as well as her new title.

The North wind blew past Liu Yue’s fiery red fur coat. She leaned against the big tree, closed her eyes, seeming as if like she’s completely intoxicated.

“Xi, xi, su, su.*” Just in the moment of silence, a slight burst of noise ringed about. The noise advanced towards Liu Yue.

Murderous intent momentarily rose, a dagger whooshed towards Liu Yue who still has her eyes closed.

It moved with considerably fast speed, yet the dagger didn’t pierce Liu Yue’s body. Instead, Liu Yue’s hand flipped over, grabbed the person who wanted to kill her. With a swish, she opened her eyes.

Dressed in a golden gown, Empress Dowager Xiao coldly held the dagger. Under the dim light o the night, her face which is covered by a cloth seemed a little sinister.

“Why?” Liu Yue grabbed onto Empress Dowager Xiao’s hand, coldly asked. This woman from the beginning was already a bit cold and detached. At first, she thought this Empress Dowager was originally like this.

Later on, her keen eyes discovered that this Empress Dowager Xiao pursued her own eyes vigorously. That’s why she has that kind of ice-cold hatred air surrounding her.

Yes, this detestable air that she emits. This woman, this Bei Mu’s Empress Dowager Xiao detest her.

She had concealed that quite well. However, she was unable to conceal it from Liu Yue who is very sensitive to people’s auras.

T/N: * “Xi, xi, su, su,” is rustling noises.

Sorry for the late update. When I translated up to the imperial decree, I gave up xD

I hate translating imperial decrees because they make no sense to me :3

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