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Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey [5]

Smiling, she saw Tuo Bi Mu nodded his head. She said: “Since we are all on the same side, then using one’s own natural resources to support our own people, what’s wrong with that?”

“Really…really…you won’t turn your back on us because we’re foreign clans?” Nu Zhen clan leader, Kuo Ba Li said. In a flash, his eyes had turned red (teary).

They had always used all their might to resist all oppression and rebelled against all violence. Because of that, they became more violent than others as well as more vicious. Yet they want nothing else but to just be able to eat their fill. They want to keep on living, they only just want to keep on living.

Just before this, they were given the impression that there was no hope left. They had thought that they would die here. They also thought that they had gotten an even more violent City Master for the ten Ku Sha cities.

Suddenly, this tyrant told them that she will make them live a better life. That kind of feeling where they unexpectedly left hell and entered heaven.

Liu Yue’s face has a firm smile. She walked forward to pat Kuo Ba Li, who is more than a head taller than her, said: “What is a foreign clan, you guys are now part of the Bei Mu territory. You are Bei Mu’s clansmen. Moreover, I am a person from the Central Plains. How can you guys be even more foreign than me?”

Once the voice fell, there was only silence.

A silence with a pair of red eyes and a turbulent mood hung in the air.

When Ouyang Yu Fei saw this, the depth of his eyes flashed with praise.

Hitting a stick and then giving them some sweetness. Using military force to subdue them and to use kindness to bring forth their loyalty. I’m afraid this ten Ku Sha cities will follow Liu Yue even to death in the future.

He’s lightly guessing but perhaps Ouyang Yu Fei hasn’t thought about this. Today, since Liu Yue was able to deal with the ten Ku Sha cities, these forces which will follow Liu Yue even to death. If they helped Liu Yue build a vast empire, they would have established a heroic contribution.

“I want to go inform them…”

“I want to go and spread this news…”

“I need to go…”

After a moment of silence, the chiefs of the different forces moved about excitedly. Those guards who always followed them is even more unable to speak.

Their ten Ku Sha cities would have the opportunity to change their fortune.

Settling their state of mind, Tu Bi Mu (Tu Jue chief) and Kuo Ba Li (Nu Zhen leader) glanced at each other.

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