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Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey [4]

With this, it made the rest of the chiefs become increasingly cautious.

“As long as you’re alive, you can still get revenge.” Liu Yue didn’t pay any attention to Ouyang Yu Fei. Five fingers pressing on the zither, she stopped the happy and lighthearted zither sound.

A repressed silence. Liu Yue was able to see through the inner thoughts of the present chiefs which made them ashamed to anger.

They were just thinking about surrendering on the outside. As long as they’re able to return to their own territory, who will recognize which is Bei Mu’s Prince of Zhong Yi? However, they never would’ve thought they would be flatly exposed by Liu Yue.

Raising the fiery red sleeve of her gown, Liu Yue stood up. Waving her hand and facing everyone, she said: “Sit. Since you guy no longer wants to fight against this prince, then let us properly discuss this.”

Not caring to wait for their response, Liu Yue walked to the main/master seat, said: “The ten Ku Sha cities and Ku Sha grassland is both barren and desolated. Every year, there are starving people everywhere and countless deaths. You all unite together and fight against everything. You want nothing else but just want to be able to eat till you’re full, having warm clothes to wear, and a place to live. In order to survive, everything is worth for forgiveness. In order to survive, then Bei Mu isn’t your enemy. This prince intends to dig up the waterway that was once blocked, letting water into Ku Sha grassland.”

Saying up to this, Liu Yue suddenly closed her mouth and stopped talking. Her eyes swept across the chiefs that were present.

Originally the various chiefs had suppressed their anger and fury but after hearing Liu Yue say that their whole face began to change color.

Even Han Fei, who was hit and was unable to move nor speak, suddenly widen his eyes.

Tongtian River water flowing into Ku Sha grassland, then…then…

If they have water, they will have a fertile grassland, they will have cows and sheep. It means that they will have everything.

Their ten Ku Sha cities would have enough to eat and warm clothes to wear. They will no longer have large numbers of citizens who starved to death every year. Their Ku Sha grassland will be saved.

“Really? Digging up the blocked river….releasing the water…” Tu Jue clan chief, Tu Bi Mu said. His voice slightly trembled.

Liu Yue saw their expressions quickly changing, practically not daring to believe what she had said. She put away the coldness from her face.

T/N: I guess these people aren’t actually bad people after all 😀

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