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Chapter 862: Nanming City

“Manipulating memory… so that’s the case, but Senior Qing Ling spent so much effort to conceal the whereabouts of your father, she should have her reason right?” Liu Ming nodded after hearing that.

“That’s because master and my father had an agreement. As long as my father finds something for master, master will unlock the blood contract in my mother and let them leave Odd Desert. Master was trapped in the palace, so in order to prevent this from leaking, she manipulated the memories of the Sand Clan’s people. However, my father hasn’t returned ever since he left.” Sha Chuer was secretly relieved to see that Liu Ming was not angry, then she continued to explain.

“But Senior Qing Ling has now removed the mystic art on Miss Sand, it seems that Miss Sand has been valued by Senior Qing Ling over the years. This is really gratifying.” Liu Ming suddenly said with a smile.

“Master is really good to me. Unfortunately, I have left Odd Desert for several years, but I can’t find any clues about my father. Now I finally come to the Ouyang Family, but the family master doesn’t want to see me at all.” Sha Chuer said with a gloomy expression.

“Since Senior Qing Ling asked your father to find something for her, maybe we can start from this.” Liu Ming reminded him.

“Master did not tell me what father was looking for, so we need to think about another idea. These days, I have also heard a lot about Brother Liu near Xuanmeng Mountain. Since Brother Liu is a disciple of ancient sects, I wonder if you can help me to inquire the whereabouts of my father?” Sha Chuer looked at Liu Ming with beautiful eyes full of wonder.

“This…” Liu Ming hesitated.

Although at the Ouyang Family Hall, Ouyang Xin denied that Ouyang Ming was not a member of the Ouyang Family, but from his reaction, it was obvious that he was lying.

Sha Chuer’s father was mostly involved in the secrets of the Ouyang Family, and it was also related to the Southern Puppet Emperor. Therefore, it wasn’t wise to meddle in this matter.

However, based on his friendship with Sha Chuer in the Odd Desert, Liu Ming couldn’t reject her.

When Liu Ming was in a dilemma, Sha Chuer sighed and continued,

“Chu’er also knows that this matter is a bit troublesome, but I really have no other way, so I only ask Brother Liu for help. I only hope to find some clues of father in the Ouyang Family. If Brother Liu really encounters a dilemma, you can stop at any time. I will still be grateful.”

“Since Miss Sha has said to this point, I won’t be so unkind to you. Okay, I will help you to inquire about it!” Liu Ming looked at Sha Chuer’s sad expression, he remembered him missing his father when he was in the Deadly Island. He made a wry smile as he decided to help.

“Great, I will never forget Brother Liu’s kindness to me.” Sha Chuer was overjoyed. She bowed hurriedly.

Then, Sha Chuer briefly explained the process of finding Ouyang Ming after leaving Odd Desert.

After Liu Ming listened to it, he pondered for a moment before slowly saying,

“Since we can confirm that your father is from the Ouyang Family, we still have to start this matter from the Ouyang Family. Let me first ask 2 of my friends from the Ouyang Family.”

With that said, Liu Ming took out a white disk array and launched a few symbols into it.

A line of small characters appeared on the white disk array, and they disappeared after a flash of white light.

Seeing this, Ye Hao behind him was full of interest, but he was very obedient and didn’t ask anything.

“Could this be the communication disk array often used by the Middle Sky Continent’s cultivators?” Sha Chuer looked at the white disk array in Liu Ming’s hand with some curiosity.

Liu Ming nodded.

Sha Chuer had lived in the Odd Desert since she was a child; she was innocent and forthright in nature. Now her cultivation had reached the Crystallization Period, but she didn’t even know many common things in the Cultivation Realm. Southern Puppet Emperor was really assured to let her out alone to find her father, and she could find all the way to the Ouyang Family as well.

More than half an hour later, 2 purple escape lights came from the horizon. It was Ouyang Sisters.

“Why did Brother Liu go in such a hurry? I have not had time to congratulate you on your successful advancement to the Pseudo Pellet State period.” Ouyang Qian’s bright eyes flashed a few times. After seeing Sha Chuer standing behind Liu Ming, she looked a little awkward.

Quyang Qin next to him also glanced at Liu Ming, but Qiongbi snorted softly.

Seeing this scene, Liu Ming couldn’t help but smile. They apparently knew that he rejected the marriage proposal by the Ouyang Family Master.

However, the awkwardness faded very quickly. She cupped her fist and asked seriously,

“Sorry for leaving in a hurry. Please forgive my rudeness.”

“Brother Liu asks us out in such a rush, it shouldn’t be for small talk right? Please tell us if there is anything.” Quyang Qin said coldly.

Liu Ming laughed and pointed to Sha Chuer who was standing on the side,

“Haha, of course, you should remember Sha Chuer whom we met a while ago. She…”

“Brother Liu, you should be trying to inquire about Ouyang Ming from us right? But unfortunately, we are helpless on this matter. We owe Brother Liu a favor, so we should fulfill it no matter what it is, but our family elders have warned us to not mention anything about that person. Sorry that we can’t disobey our family’s command.” Ouyang Qian interrupted Liu Ming’s words and shook her head.

Sha Chuer was of course disappointed to hear that.

“It is my fault as well. Sorry for putting 2 fairies in a difficult situation.” Liu Ming frowned slightly, but his expression immediately returned to normal.

“Since there is nothing else, we will go back. See you later.” Ouyang Qian cupped her fist at Liu Ming, then she gestured Quyang Qin aside.

They immediately turned around and flew back.

Looking at them leaving, Liu Ming squinted for a while, but he wasn’t that disappointed.

He didn’t expect to hear much about Ouyang Ming from them, but he also confirmed that there was really such a person in the Ouyang Family.

“It seems that the Ouyang Family has issued an order to keep it a secret. If we want to directly inquire about your father, I’m afraid it will not work. We must find another way.” Liu Ming glanced at Sha Chuer and said faintly.

“I will listen to your plan.” Sha Chuer lifted her spirits after hearing this. She seemed to be very confident in Liu Ming.

After Liu Ming pondered for a while, he took out a map of the vicinity of the Xuanmeng Mountain Range from his body and checked it carefully.

After a while, he raised his eyebrows.

“Could it be that Brother Liu has a way?” Sha Chuer asked with joy.

“It’s not really a good way. It’s just that at the moment, you and I are not familiar with the Ouyang Family. We can only find someone who knows for help.” Liu Ming put away the map and made a gesture. A black gas wrapped him and Ye Hao and flew in a direction outside Xuanmeng Mountain.

Sha Chuer also hurriedly followed up.

Xuanmeng Mountain Range, as the foundation of the Ouyang Family, wasa rare sacred place for cultivation in the Middle Sky Continent. Even the small mountains around, the natural aura was very rich. Not only were there many cultivators, but several mortal cities in Chen Kingdom also located near the Xuanmeng Mountain.

Nanming City was one of the big cities, located to the southeast of the Xuanmeng Mountain Range. Outside the city was the Nanming River, the largest river in the Chen Kingdom. The river had made the land near the Nanming City very fertile, and the waterway transportation was very convenient. This big city was very prosperous with a population of nearly 10 million.

In the early morning of this day, 2 people were walking slowly on a green stone avenue in the east of Nanming City.

At present, a young man was dressed in a green shirt, followed by a petite figure who wore a large cloak. A few strands of silver long hair drooped randomly. Her graceful figure could be vaguely seen while walking.

They were Liu Ming and Sha Chuer, but Ye Hao was not here.

“Brother Liu, why did you bring me to this mortal city?” Sha Chuer sorted out the long silver hair that drooped outside the cloak. Even though he was wearing a long robe, it was difficult to conceal her charming beauty. Passers-by frequently threw their glance at her.

“Miss Sha, stay calm, just follow me.” Liu Ming’s face was expressionless and did not explain. He glanced at the green stone avenue for a few moments.

Now it was noon. The spacious avenue was full of people. The shops on both sides of the avenue were shouting for business. This was a prosperous scene.

Not long after, Liu Ming looked at a pawnshop on the side of the street in front, then he walked over.

Although Sha Chuer was full of suspicion, she walked along well.

As soon as Liu Ming walked into the pawnshop, a staff in green clothes greeted him with a smile.

“Customers, please have a seat.”

At first glance, the shop was empty, and it looked like business was not good.

Liu Ming smiled slightly, and he sat down on a large chair in the shop, but Sha Chuer did not sit down. She looked around the shop while gradually releasing Divine Thought, seeming to be exploring something.

Liu Ming saw this and thought: Although she doesn’t have much experience, she is careful enough. No wonder she can come here safely from the Southern Wilderness.

“Customers, what do you want to pawn for? I’m not boasting. Although our shop is not big, it is a century-old shop in Nanming City. Don’t worry about the reputation.” The staff in green clothes looked only 19 years old, but he was eloquent and clever.

“I’m from the north. I came to you today to pawn something.” Liu Ming took out a palm-sized object from his arms, which was the Fallen Serene Peak’s inner disciple token, and he handed it over.

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