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Chapter 863: Ouyang Kui

The staff in green clothes was slightly surprised after seeing the token, but he said nonchalantly,

“Although your token looks good, I have to let shopkeeper determine its value.”

“Just take it.” Liu Ming waved his hand.

After taking a deep look at Liu Ming, the staff in green clothes brought the token into the inner courtyard.

Not long after, the staff in green clothes ran out again, handed the token back to Liu Ming respectfully, and then bowed,

“Customer, the shopkeeper invites you in.”

Liu Ming put token back to his waist, got up and beckoned Sha Chuer, then he signaled the staff in green clothes to lead the way.

Not long after, the staff in green clothes led the 2 into the inner courtyard and into the innermost room.

In the room, a middle-aged man who looked like the shopkeeper stood in it. He looked at Liu Ming then at Sha Chuer beside him, revealing an inquiring hint.

“It’s fine. Although she is not from our sect, she is a good friend of mine.” Liu Ming said faintly.

Only then did the middle-aged respectfully bow and say,

“Taiqing Sect foreign affairs disciple Qin Wu greets Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu.”

Sha Chuer took off the cloak with a hint of surprise.

The shop here was a secret contact point of the Taiqing Sect in Nanming City!

Taiqing Sect, as the 4 ancient sects of the human race, has existed in the Middle Sky Continent for many years. There are many light and dark bases set up in the Middle Sky Continent to collect and transmit information and so on.

Occasionally, there are disciples like Liu Ming who come here by chance to ask for help or some information.

As far as Liu Ming knew, the mortal city near Xuanmeng Mountain, in various markets, there were no less than 10 bases like this one. Some of them had been exposed, but the Ouyang Family would pretend not to know about it.

After all, all major sect families would do similar things. The Ouyang Family also had a similar base near Thousands Spirit Mountain. All major forces were well aware of it, and no one would take the initiative to expose it.

Now that they were investigating the Ouyang Family’s affairs, Liu Ming thought of this naturally.

“How do I help senior fellow apprentice?” The middle-aged man asked with a straight face after bowing.

“I want to inquire about all the news about a person named Ouyang Ming in the Ouyang Family.” Liu Ming asked straightforwardly.

“Ouyang Ming!”

The man with a square face was slightly shocked. He glanced at Liu Ming in surprise, then he continued, “I didn’t expect Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu to know this person. This is a little bit beyond my expectation.”

Liu Ming was silent when he heard the words, but a hint of excitement appeared on Sha Chuer’s face.

“You guard outside.” The middle-aged man showed a dignified look, and he waved and spoke to the staff in green clothes.

The staff in green clothes bowed to the middle-aged man and Liu Ming, then he walked out of the room.

The middle-aged man walked to a cabinet by the side of the room and took out a book.

“Ouyang Ming, the 28th-generation direct disciple of the Ouyang Family, possesses an Earth Spiritual Root, and is extremely talented. He advanced to the Condensation State at the age of 16. He advanced the Crystallization Period at the age of 33 and entered the Linying Pavilion at the age of 37, becoming a core disciple. Real Pellet State was condensed when he was less than a hundred years old. After that, there was not much information. It seems that this person had disappeared. But 40 years ago, this person appeared again, and the entire Ouyang Family was in a huge chaos due to this person. Since then, there is no more news about this man. His life and death are unknown.” The middle-aged man turned to a page and read slowly.

After finishing the reading, the middle-aged man handed the book to Liu Ming.

On the first line of the booklet, there were 3 big words of Ouyang Ming written on it. A lot of records about Ouyang Ming were recorded in small words below.

Liu Ming took a closer look, and most of the records above were his life experiences before he reached the Real Pellet State, but there wasn’t anything related to the southern wilderness. ‘Life and death are unknown’ were written in the end.

Liu Ming slowly put down the book, glanced at Sha Chuer, and asked with voice transmission,

“40 years ago, is it?”

“As what Brother Liu had guessed, my father indeed left the Odd Desert 40 years ago.” Sha Chuer bit her lip and replied with sound transmission.

Liu Ming nodded secretly. It seemed that after leaving Odd Desert, Ouyang Ming had once returned to the Xuanmeng Mountain Range and had a conflict with the Ouyang Family for some unknown reason. In addition, although this book stated that his life and death were unknown, in Liu Ming’s view, the disappearance of Ouyang Ming was absolutely inseparable from the Ouyang Family. He might even be killed or imprisoned by the Ouyang Family.

“These news alone are not enough. I need to know more specific information. It would be better if I could know the whereabouts of this person…” Liu Ming said calmly to the middle-aged man after putting down the book.

“We only have these records about this person here. If senior fellow apprentice wants more information, it may take some time, and some expenses will be required in the process…” The middle-aged person hesitated. Hesitatingly said.

“These should be enough. I just need to find out about this person as soon as possible.” Liu Ming took out a heavy cloth bag, threw it over, and said lightly.

The middle-aged man reached out to take the cloth bag, opened it and took a glance. He immediately nodded in joy,

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, don’t worry, it only takes 3 days at most.”

Liu Ming smiled and said nothing.

Then, he didn’t stay here for a long time. He didn’t have to worry about the middle-aged man not doing work after getting paid, then he left with Sha Chuer.

“Miss Sand, this shop is a base of my Taiqing Sect. Although it is not too secret, don’t let the other know if it is not necessary.” After leaving the pawnshop, Liu Ming walked toward the east of the city and said slowly.

“Brother Liu, don’t worry. Although I’m inexperienced, I still know what I shouldn’t do. I of course won’t commit such an ungrateful act.” Sha Chuer’s beautiful eyes flashed with gratitude as she said very seriously.

Liu Ming laughed twice. If he didn’t understand Sha Chuer’s character, he would not have brought this woman here rashly.

Not long after, they came to a hotel in the east of the city and entered 2 luxury rooms respectively.

Ye Hao was staying in Liu Ming’s room obediently. He was still silently reciting the chant Liu Ming taught him.

After 3 days, Liu Ming and Sha Chuer came back to the pawnshop.

“Please come in.” When the staff in green clothes saw them, he brought them to the courtyard behind. Qin Wu had already been waiting there at this moment.

“Brother Qin, how is the investigation going?” Liu Ming asked lightly.

“There are some gains, but the progress is not too great.” Qin Wu invited them into the secret room, then he sighed and said frankly.

“Oh? Let me hear about it.” Liu Ming asked.

“Through some secret methods, I did not get too much relevant information and did not find the whereabouts of Ouyang Ming. However, I found a place where his family brother, whom he was close to, lives in seclusion. Perhaps you can inquire about Ouyang Ming from him.” Qin Wu raised his hand and handed a piece of jade slip to Liu Ming.

“Oh..” Liu Ming took jade slip with one hand, frowning.

When Sha Chuer on the side heard this, she clenched her fist with excitement in her eyes.

Liu Ming sighed secretly when seeing Sha Chuer’s expression. He put the inscribed jade slip on his forehead. It recorded some information about Ouyang Ming before his disappearance and the exact address where his family brother now lived in seclusion.

More than half a day later, outside a hidden valley more than a hundred miles away from the Xuanmeng Mountain Range, 2 escape lights, 1 black and 1 yellow, landed.

After the lights faded, Liu Ming and Sha Chuer appeared.

“This is the place?” Sha Chuer murmured as she stood outside the valley and looked with doubts.

The valley was just a thriving wilderness, and there was no sign of any buildings.

“This is an illusion, and the arrangement is quite clever. It can hide the spiritual power fluctuations. It seems that the cultivator living here should be good at this.” Liu Ming’s eyes were flickering with black light. He flicked a finger and launched a fireball.

There was a wave of ripples in the air deep in the valley, and the fireball was swallowed.

Along with the waves in the valley, all the scenery shook, like a stone being dropped into the calm water.

“Brother Liu’s eyesight is so keen!” A trace of admiration flashed in her bright eyes.

“Miss Sha has lived in the Odd Desert for a long time, and you only encounter the sand beasts, so it’s fine that you didn’t notice it.” Liu Ming waved his hand and smiled softly.

At this moment, the wave in the valley had not dissipated, and a faint green light appeared. A corner was torn apart, and a young man in a pale yellow robe flew out. After standing still, he looked at them vigilantly.

“Who dares to break into my Purple Mystic Villa!”

Liu Ming’s gaze moved. The young man in yellow robe in front had only the cultivation level of the Condensation Period later stage, but he wasn’t timid facing 2 Crystallization Period cultivators. Liu Ming immediately said,

“Sir, we didn’t mean to offend you. We just wanted to see Senior Ouyang Kui, please help us to pass a message.”

“Huh? How do you know that my father is living in seclusion here? Who are you guys?” The young man in a yellow robe was startled.

When Liu Ming was thinking about how to speak more tactfully, a slightly older voice came from the valley.

“Xian’er, don’t be rude!”

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