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Chapter 861: Advanced to the Pseudo Pellet State

Compared to a month ago, Liu Ming’s appearance had not changed much, but he seemed to exude an indescribable pressure in his every move.

Feeling the changes in the sea of ​​consciousness, Liu Ming felt lucky that he advanced to the Pseudo Pellet State so smoothly.

However, after breaking through to the Pseudo Pellet State period, it was equivalent to have 1 foot step into the Real Pellet State and fulfilling the previous agreement with Luo Hu.

As for the advancing to the Real Pellet State, although it was even more difficult, Luo Hu had promised to help him, which gave him a little more confidence.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming was in a good mood.

“Congratulations to Nephew Disciple Liu for advancing into the Pseudo Pellet State. You shouldn’t be far from condensing a Rea Pellet.” An old voice sounded; Ouyang Qingfeng had appeared in front of him without him noticing.

“Greetings to Elder Qingfeng, thanks to the magical effect of the Clear Exquisite Wall that junior was able to advance by luck. Otherwise, even if I try 10 times, I may not be able to advance successfully.” Liu Ming hurriedly bowed.

“Nephew Disciple Liu is still so humble. You should be more forthright at your age.” Ouyang Qingfeng laughed and said indifferently.

Liu Ming could only smile without answering.

Then, Liu Ming followed Ouyang Qingfeng and walked back to the Exquisite Hall again.

In the hall, Ouyang Family Master in a purple robe was there for some reason. Seeing them walking into the hall, he stood up with a smile and said,

“Hehe, congratulations to Nephew Disciple Liu.”

“Family master has overpraised.” Liu Ming was shocked, but he was also a little confused. He knew that he was not qualified to let the dignified Ouyang Family Master congratulate him here.

“Speaking of it, why didn’t Nephew Disciple Liu consolidate your realm more in the stone chamber. That place is where our ancestor cultivated, the natural aura is several times richer than the outside.” The Ouyang Family Master motioned Liu Ming to sit down, and he said with an amiable look.

“Junior has already consolidated it. After that, I only need to spend more time and effort. I dare not to occupy the treasure of Ouyang Family for such a long time.” Liu Ming was a little uncertain about the purpose of Ouyang Family Master, but he still immediately replied.

Although the spiritual power would greatly improve after reaching Pseudo Pellet State, the spiritual power in his body didn’t change much, so he didn’t much time to consolidate his current realm.

While they were talking, the girl in green clothes whom Liu Ming had met served 3 cups of spiritual tea. When the teas were served, the girl kept looking at Liu Ming with curiosity.

“Nephew Disciple Liu doesn’t have to be so polite, please!” Ouyang Family Master nodded, picked up the tea cup, and took a sip.

Liu Ming naturally didn’t dare to neglect, so he hurriedly toasted.

In this way, the Ouyang Family Master chatted casually with Liu Ming. He glanced at Liu Ming from time to time with a meaningful smile, which made Liu Ming even more confused.

The old man in a green robe next to him also occasionally said 1 or 2 sentences with a smile as well.

“…I remembered that I once heard Qian’er say that the first time she met Nephew Disciple Liu was in a market in the Green Sprout Mountain Range?” Ouyang Family Master suddenly changed the topic.

“Yes, I happened to encounter the opening of the Green Sky Illusory Palace there, and I had fought alongside with Ms. Ouyang Qian.” Liu Ming replied honestly.

“At the Tianmen Conference 10 years ago, according to Qian’er and Qin’er, they could be escaped from the few alien race cultivators thanks to Nephew Disciple Liu. They are still grateful to you until now.” Ouyang Family Master suddenly smiled mysteriously.

Liu Ming was startled, but he didn’t answer it. He faintly felt that he was in a trouble.

“What does Nephew Disciple Liu think of Qian’er and Qin’er?” Ouyang Family Master asked with a slight smile.

“They are naturally talented to be able to reach the Crystallization Period at a young age. They must be able to achieve great results in the future… Why is family master asking this?” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed slightly, and he replied carefully.

“Hehe, compared with Nephew Disciple Liu, those 2 girls are too far behind, but among the disciples of the same generation, both of them are the best in terms of appearance and cultivation… By the way, Nephew Disciple Liu shouldn’t have a formal dual cultivation partner right? Do you want 1 of them to be your dual cultivation partner?” Ouyang Family Master finally revealed his intention after beating around the bush for so long.

“Dual… dual cultivation?”

Liu Ming was taken aback. He couldn’t process the words immediately as he stuttered.

“Yes, Nephew Disciple Liu is Taiqing Sect’s important disciple; Qian’er and Qin’er are also direct disciples of my Ouyang Family. It can be said that you all have similar identities. This matter is of great benefit to the Ouyang Family and Taiqing Sect, so what does Nephew Disciple Liu think about it?” The elegant man said with a smile.

“Thank you Ouyang Family Master for your goodwill, they are unparalleled regardless of their birth, appearance, and cultivation base, but…” Liu Ming finally regained his composure and smiled bitterly.

“Hehe, could it be that Nephew Disciple Liu wants both…” Ouyang Family Master laughed.

“Ouyang Family Master must not misunderstand. I don’t mean it.” Liu Ming quickly waved his hands to explain.

Ouyang Qingfeng kept away his smile and frowned slightly after hearing this.

“Oh, so Nephew Disciple Liu looks down on Qian’er and Qin’er?” Ouyang Family Master’s tone suddenly turned cold. The air in the entire hall seemed to start to freeze, making people unable to breathe.

“Actually, I already have an unmarried dual cultivation partner. She is also an inner disciple of Taiqing Sect. This matter was decided by my master many years ago. Therefore, I can only reject Ouyang Family Master’s kindness.” Liu Ming said decisively after thinking quickly.

He and Ouyang Sisters were only superficial friends. There wasn’t any relationship among them at all. Besides, he hadn’t dealt with his relationship with Jia Lan, so how dared he provoked another female cultivator?

“It turns out that Nephew Disciple Liu has an engagement, then I won’t force it.” Ouyang Family Master said, stood up, nodded coldly at Liu Ming and walked out.

Liu Ming sighed secretly in his mind, knowing that this rejection had offended the Ouyang Family Master, but he was helpless. He couldn’t really agree to marry 1 of them.

“Elder Qingfeng, junior’s purpose to the Xuanmeng Mountain has been achieved, so I will leave now.” After the Ouyang Family Master left, Liu Ming also stood up and bade farewell to Ouyang Qingfeng.

“Go ahead, this place is indeed inconvenient to keep an outsider…” Ouyang Qingfeng, as the uncle of the Ouyang Sisters, was of course displeased with Liu Ming’s rejection. His tone was also quite cold.

Liu Ming smiled bitterly in his mind. He could only bow before walking out. Just as he took a step, he suddenly remembered something. He turned around and asked seriously,

“Previously, it was agreed that after using the Clear Exquisite Wall, I have to accomplish a major matter of the Ouyang Family. But I still don’t know anything about it. Can senior tell me so that I can make some preparations in advance? “

“Nephew Disciple Liu doesn’t need to worry, it is not time yet. When it is time to use you, Ouyang Family will send someone to find you.” Ouyang Qingfeng took a deep look at Liu Ming and said lightly.

“That’s fine, if there is any news, just send someone to the Taiqing Sect to notify junior.” After Liu Ming nodded, he turned and strode out of Exquisite Hall.

After leaving the hall, he flew toward the Reception Pavilion.

An hour later, a black escape light flew out of the Xuanmeng Mountain Range.

When passing through a dense forest, the escape light suddenly stopped and faded.

Liu Ming and Ye Hao were revealed.

“Mr. Liu, why did you stop?” Ye Hao tilted his head and gave Liu Ming a strange look.

Liu Ming turned around, looked at the dense forest below and said faintly,

“The mister below, you have been following me for so long, you must be tired too. You don’t need to hide anymore. Please show up.”

In the dense forest below, a white figure flew out. It appeared near Liu Ming after a few flickers.

“It turns out to be Miss Sha.” After Liu Ming saw the person clearly, he canceled the spiritual power that he secretly channeled. He put up a smile on his face.

The figure in a white robe was exactly Sha Chuer who left the Ouyang Family more than a month ago.

“Brother Liu, you… you have advanced to the Pseudo Pellet State stage!” Sha Chuer glanced at Ye Hao next to Liu Ming, then at Liu Ming again. As she was about to speak, she was surprised by Liu Ming’s aura.

“I came to Ouyang Family this time to borrow a treasure to advance to the Pseudo Pellet State. Let’s not talk about that first, why is Miss Sha still staying in the Xuanmeng Mountain Range? Is it because of your father?” Liu Ming explained first, then he asked a question.

“I finally got the chance to come out from the Odd Desert this time. If I can’t get the news of father, I will not give up easily.” Sha Chuer’s charming face showed a hint of toughness. Her voice was soft, but there was a hint of resolution.

Liu Ming was silent for a while, then his face looked odd. He spoke,

“Before, in front of the Ouyang Family, it was inconvenient to talk more. I remembered that in the Odd Desert that day, Miss Sha once told me that your father was not from the Sand Clan. He was strayed in the Odd Dessert and had passed away. Why does Miss Sha still look for his news? Is there any story behind it?”

“This is a long story. I did not intend to deceive Brother Liu. It’s just that all the memories of the Sand Clan people had been manipulated by Master. We all thought my father was dead in the Odd Desert. It wasn’t until Master canceled the mystic art on me that I got to know my father was actually sent out by Master..” Sha Chuer sighed and explained.

TL: Luckily, the engagement tanked the marriage proposal for him…

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