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Chapter 86 – The Heroes

“Yang Qian.”

When Gao Chong heard this name, his expression changed slightly.

“However, Chong Er, even though you have strength, you still lack a lot of real battle experience. Therefore starting tomorrow, these two Seniors will help you with practice during the day and night. This way, when the day of the Large Competition arrives, you should gain a lot of battle experience.” The Barbarian Sect Leader used his hand to point to the two cool-looking youths behind him, and spoke while smiling.

“Then in the future, Gao Chong will request for the help of the two Seniors.” Gao Chong cupped his fist with a had at the two youths and spoke with a polite manner.

“You flatter us, as long as I can help Junior Gao, we brothers are honored.” After seeing this, the two youths did not dare reply slowly, so they replied hurriedly and politely.

“Anywas, Chong Er, the time you spent training was very long, you must be tired. You should first return and rest for today!” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader spoke a few words with deep concern, before leaving with the two youths.

After Gao Chong respectfully saw off the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader, he sat down and crossed his legs where he had been standing before. He closed his eyes, beginning to harmonize his Qi.

After an unknown length of time, he again opened his eyes, and there was another youth next to him, who had several hoops around both of his arms.

“So it is Senior Xin, to be so hasty, what matter of importance has occurred outside recently?” After seeing the face of the youth clearly, Gao Chong’s eyes flashed and asked.

“Junior Gao, a matter indeed has occurred recently. I do not know whether I should tell you or not.” The youth with hoops on his arms hesitated a little before speaking like this.

“Is it related to Mu Ming Zhu?” Gao Chong’s eyes flashed again and he asked plainly.

“How does Junior know?” The youth with hoops on his arms could not help but be amazed.

“Hehe, I was originally a Loose Practitioner with no family or clan burdening me. The only matters that are related to me and can cause you people to be so hesitant and unsure how to handle are naturally matters involving Mu Ming Zhu. Say, what is the matter?” Gao Chong spoke with a small laugh.

“Several months ago, news was heard from outside that the Mu family has betrothed Junior Mu Zhu to another person, and they are already engaged.” The youth with hoops on his arms paused for a while, before slowly speaking word by word.

“For the Mu Clan to betroth Ming Zhu to another person without saying anything to me, they have guts. Do they really believe that just because their Clans have several Spirit Apostle, they can ignore me? Who is the person Ming Zhu is betrothed to? I also want to see what person is brave enough to steal a woman I fancy.” After hearing this, Gao Chong’s expression became a little sinister, and he spoke eerily.

“It is a disciple called Bai Cong Tian from the Bai Clan. I heard that he was in the same group of new disciples that entered with Junior Bai. He is currently under the Nine Infants Faction.” The youth with the hoops on his arms replied hurriedly.

“Bai Cong Tian, new disciple! I think, yes, it is very coincidental. There was indeed a person, he was at the same place as Ming Zhu and me when we were picked up and sent to the sect by the envoy. However, if I remember correctly, he was only a mere Three Spiritual Pulse disciple. Since this matter has already happened for the lengthy time of half a year, don’t tell me that Senior Wu and you people were unable to even get a mere Three Spiritual Pulse new disciple to obediently reject the engagement.” After hearing the name, Gao Chong gave a little thought and suddenly said.

“Junior, that Bai Chong Tian is not like a normal disciple. He seems to have already become a Middle Spirit Apostle a year ago, and once won against a well-known, genius disciple from Nine Enlightenment Mountain in a battle. Also, he once completed several dozens of Sect Chores in one breath in the time of a few months, without failing a single one. Also, under the sect rules, we could not really use any harsh methods against him inside the sect, so only not long ago did we find Sima Tian of the Baleful Yin Faction to handle him.” The youth with hoops on his arms explained.

“Sima Tian, I have heard of this person. He seems to be one of the top twenty core disciples on the Lunar Monument. To handle a mere new disciple at the level of Middle Spirit Apostle disciple is an extremely easy thing for him to do. Has he already handled it?” After hearing this, Gao Chong’s expression changed a little.

“No, we only received the news several days ago, that Sima Tian actually sent back the advancement of Spirit Stones that we had paid. He also said that if they really wanted him to do the job, they would need to increase the payment by ten times the amount. He also did not guarantee that he would succeed.” The youth with hoops on his arms gave a bitter laugh, and replied with a freakish expression.

“Did Sima Tian really say this?” After hearing that, Gao Chong’s expression slightly changed.

“The person who brought the news is a good friend of mine, so there naturally isn’t any false news.” The youth with hoops on his arms replied with certainty.

“Interesting, it seems that this Junior Bai is really something, actually causing a core disciple like Sima Tian to be extremely scared of fighting him, otherwise he would not say things like this. Okay, you people do not need to look any further into matters regarding Bai Cong Tian for now. When it is time for the Large Competition, it is very easy to tell whether he is a cat or a tiger. When it is that time, I will cause him to reject Ming Zhu’s engagement in front of everyone.” Gao Chong suddenly gave a cold laugh as he gave his reply.

“Since this person is not weak, if he does not make Junior an enemy, he will not let go so easily.” The youth with hoops on his arms became slightly hesitant.

“If he really decides to make me his enemy, then there is no need for him to be alive any longer. If I remember correctly, you must sign a document which ignores any injuries or deaths in the Large Competition. If someone accidentally loses control and kills their opponent, there should be no problems during the Large Competition. Although there might be some punishments on the surface, but as a disciple of the Sect Leader and an Earth Spiritual Pulse disciple, it can’t be that severe.” After hearing this, Gao Chong replied with no expression.

After hearing this, the youth with hoops on his arms gave a little gasp, but could only reply with sentences of agreement. However, looking at Gao Chong’s expression, there was a hint of abnormality.

Compared to the Gao Chong that first joined the sect, whether personality or behavior, there was a difference like the earth to the sky. Ever since he came out of the cruel training that he was sent to do by the Sect Leader after over a year’s worth of time, although he was a Late Spirit Apostle, his personality had become completely different. It was as if he was a different person. Only during the times when he was with Mu Ming Zhu would he maintain his original words and actions.

Although the youth with hoops on his arms knew this was probably related to the method Gao Chong inherited from the Sect Leader, but the difference in personality for before and after was so huge, that sometimes he would have a feeling of horror.

In the next while, the two continued to converse a little, before the youth with hoops on his arms was dismissed by Gao Chong.

Gao Chong himself walked to a nearby, small tree, and thought deeply and silently. He was not in a hurry to leave.

After an unknown about of time, an elegant silhouette suddenly appeared on a small path that was not far away and waved at Gao Chong from far away, “Fantastic, Senior Gao, you have really come out of training.

With this, the owner of the elegant silhouette ran quickly, and arrived in front of Gao Chong after a short while, revealing a face that was tender and beautiful like a flower while beaming with happiness.

“Ming Zhu, why have you come? Didn’t I say that when I come out of training, I will find you myself?” When Gao Chong saw the young lady, he felt warm inside his chest and instinctively blurted out.

“Xixi, I only learned the news from Senior Wu that you would come out of training today, but did not dare come too early, otherwise I might meet the Sect Leader again, who might punish me. Come, after such a long time, you must accompany me properly.” Mu Ming Zhu spoke with her pink lips, and grabbed onto Gao Chong’s hand, pulling him in a direction, ignoring the consequences.

After a forced smile, Gao Chong did not struggle and followed the young lady. Under the young lady’s chirping words, they slowly walked away.

On the Baleful Yin mountain, in a ravine that was covered with black clouds all year round, a long roar which was like a dragon’s cry was let out and afterward, the black clouds opened up. From within, a huge skeleton of a hundred or more feet walked out. It had a cow head and a human body, four arms and three legs and seemed extremely fierce.

Above the white cow skull, a gray-robed person with his robes floating about stood there and played around with a big, fist-sized bone ball in his hand. He had a gray, ghost face mask on with his two dark green eyes constantly moving.

“Greetings to Senior Yang“

”Congratulations for Senior’s completely mastering the godly technique”

Surprisingly, one hundred or more Baleful Yin disciples had already gathered around the entrance to the ravine and after seeing the gray-robed male appear, they all bowed in exaltation to show respect.

“Juniors, please rise. The first place in the Large Competition this time will definitely be our Baleful Yin Faction’s.” As soon as he stopped speaking, the giant skeleton under him suddenly stomped the ground with one foot, causing the entire ravine to shake and the nearby ground to give out a cracking sound. In the middle of the ravine there formed a long narrow crack. The black clouds around the skeleton gave out a whooshing sound, and a dark wind rushed toward the sky, causing the sky and the ground to both change colors.

After seeing this, the other Baleful Yin disciples were astonished and naturally became even wilder with joy. They all bowed again, and could not stop praising.

“Nine Spiritual Lightning Pulse, Earth Spiritual Pulse, I will have a good look at them.” The gray-robed male looked at the sky, and mumbled to himself.

Outside the Barbarian Ghost Sect, inside a mysterious waterfall that stretched to the sky, a half naked, bald male with a bronze tan sat calmly. Despite the powerful force contained in the water, he did not move at all.

After an unknown amount of time, he suddenly gave out a loud roar and formed a layer of black gas that protected him, before suddenly punching toward the sky.


A streak of black gas left his hand, and immediately transformed into a black chain that rushed into the sky. It suddenly coiled many times and was pulled tight, causing the waterfall to split into multiple water flows. Afterward the black chain returned, wrapping around the male’s body, making it look like a black robe from a long distance away.

“Haha, I have finally discovered the secret of the Dark Bone Method. Combined with this Soul Shackling Chain refined from a Miasma King, the ranking of the top core disciple is not necessarily something I can not fight over for.” The bald male raised both his hands and had a look, before suddenly laughing as he spoke.

The laughter was like thunder, causing the whole waterfall to slightly shake.

Ten days later, a dragon-headed wooden boat flew towards the entrance of the Barbarian Ghost Sect from far away, and arrived after a short while. It then slowly landed before the entrance.

People in the boat then took to the skies one by one, flying toward the interior of the Barbarian Ghost Sect. Liu Ming, unsurprisingly, was one of them.

“Is is Liu Ming, Fellow Liu?”

Close to the main gate to the sect, a cloud of white gas suddenly rolled out, and a person stopped Liu Ming and spoke with a large smile on his face.


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