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Chapter 87 – Jade Shadow Needle

“You are…”

Liu Ming looked at the young man, who seemed to be around twenty-five or twenty-six years old. He had thick brows, big eyes and was tall and sturdy. He also seemed slightly familiar.

“I am Jin Huan. You originally met me at the Wei Zhou market with my master. I am now under master’s directions to come deliver the item you have asked to be made.” Jin Huan spoke and pulled out a medium-sized jade box from his sleeve. He then passed it over with a serious expression.

“I remember now, Fellow Jin indeed was one of the people that was with Senior Fang.” Liu Ming suddenly remembered and relaxed. He received the jade box and opened it to have a look inside. His face immediately lit up.

“Not bad, Senior Fang is really worthy of the name of the best Blacksmith Master of the Wei Zhou market, able to create this item in such a short time.” Liu Ming put the jade box away and spoke with satisfaction.

“Although Fellow Bai originally gave a lot of base materials, since this item is very small, Master failed seven or eight times in a row before finally being able to create one. According to the agreement, the rest of the materials all belong to Master and the Heavenly Contract that had been originally set has been fulfilled.” The young man said seriously.

“That is natural, creating items like this is not easy and to be able to create it this quickly, it is all the hard work of the Master.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and spoke with a smile.

“Alright, since I have already finished what I have to do, I will not stay any longer.” Jin Huan nodded and immediately activated the white cloud that was beneath him and flew away.

After controlling the shred of excitement within him, Liu Ming shot in the direction of the Nine Infant Mountain.

After the time it takes to eat a meal, Liu Ming returned to his resting quarters and sat down cross-legged in the training room. He then took out the jade box from before and opened the lid.

Inside the box was a thin green needle that gave off flashes of cold light. It was abnormally thin, like the hair of a cow.

“With that many hard rat hairs, only this one needle-shaped totem was created. Although I do not know how many were left as compensation for creating the totem, the cost paid to refine this time was not small.” Liu Ming mumbled a few sentences and took the green, thin needle out of the box and placed it in front of him.

Back then, when Liu Ming had went to the largest blacksmith shop in the Wei Zhou market, he immediately found the best blacksmith in the shop and gave him all of the twenty or so green hairs from giant rat to him for him to use as the main material to make Liu Ming a needle-shaped totem.

As long as a totem was created, the remaining materials would all go to the blacksmith as the cost for his service and the other materials.

When the blacksmith saw that many rat hairs of a Demon at the Peak Liquid Level, he immediately accepted the task and put forward a Heavenly Contract.

With the Heavenly Contract in place along with the fact that Liu Ming was a disciple of the Barbarian Ghost Sect, he was not scared of any scams.

After this long period of time, the master actually did produce this totem and got a disciple to deliver it.

Liu Ming formed a hand seal with one hand and spat a ball of Essence Qi of his at the green, thin needle.
TL: Essence Qi is somewhat like your life force (can increase your power and do other things) except you can use it freely to a certain extent. It’s like a rubber band, use it sparingly and you’ll be fine but stretch it too much and it’ll break and hurt you.

The thin needle immediately absorbed the Essence Qi and began to flash non-stop.

Liu Ming’s ten fingers also started flicking, forming various hand signs consecutively.


An innumerable number of green inscriptions appeared on the needle and after spinning, it formed three layers of thin inscriptions that hummed non-stop.

“So it is only a three restriction layer, low quality totem. However, for now, it is enough to be used. I will call it the ‘Jade Shadow Needle.’ Hopefully you can really be invisible as you weave through the battlefield.” Liu Ming was not surprised at the low quality and changed his hand signal to start refining the totem.

Several days later, Liu Ming finally completed the refining for the first restriction for the Jade Shadow Needle. He would hold it between his fingers and with a light flick, it would immediately disappear with a small, almost invisible breeze,

The opposing wall would slightly flicker with light, before adding an extra black dot to the wall. In almost no time, the black dot transformed into a dark, fist-sized hole, with a light putrid smell spreading from it at the same time.

Not only was the Jade Shadow Needle invisible when used, it actually was also extremely poisonous.

On Nine Infants Mountain, in a huge hall that was in the center of the mountain, Gui Ru Quan, Zhu Chi, and the Martial Aunt Zhong stood nearby. In front of them was a huge cauldron that was several tens of feet tall. They all formed a hand sign with one hand and chanted solemnly.

On the floor close to the huge cauldron, there was a formation formed from silver inscriptions, which was a hundred or so feet wide. It gave off a humming sound and strands of five-colored clouds rapidly appeared, disappearing into the cauldron.

This cauldron was was copper green in color, with three legs and two handles. It was covered densely with cloud-shaped inscriptions that layered on top of one another. It constantly rumbled from inside and constantly wobbled a little, as if something inside was trying to break out.

After an unknown amount of time, the strands of clouds formed from the silver formation became thicker, as if it was going to envelope the whole cauldron. However, the rumbling inside slowly lessened, before finally stopping completely.

“About time! Shi Chuan, be careful!” This time, Gui Ru Quan suddenly yelled out.

“Yes teacher, disciple is already prepared.” A youth who was already waiting in the large hall took a step forward after he replied.

He had a light silver chain wrapped a dozen times around his whole body. In addition, his expression was incredibly solemn.

“Ok, Junior Zhu, Junior Zhong, open the cauldron together!” After seeing this, Gui Ru Quan gave Zhu Chi and the Spirit Master Zhong a low shout.

As the chanting stopped, they all pointed their finger at the air above the huge cauldron.

With a “peng” sound, the lip of the cauldron trembled a little, before flying up into the air.

In the next moment, there was a “sou” sound and a black shadow shot out of the cauldron.

However, Gui Ru Quan and the other two pointed their fingers again and the black shadow immediately stopped mid air. It was actually a male head with loose, long hair, black lips, and red eyes.

It had nothing below the neck and had two fierce-looking teeth showing in its mouth. It had extremely messy hair and a green horn that was several inches long above his forehead. It also had two thumb-sized, bright red “seal” words imprinted on both cheeks. After it was stopped mid-air by the techniques of the three Spirit Masters, it immediately gave out a weird cry and suddenly shook its head, making its headful of hair suddenly stand up.

Just at this moment, Shi Chuan instead gave a low howl and whipped the chains that was on his body out with a clinking noise. One end immediately became a loop, falling toward the head.


A surprising scene appeared!

The loop flashed with silver light and engulfed the head. However, instead of the expected hold on the head, the silver chain slowly became shapeless and merged with the head.

However, the fierce head immediately gave out a blood-curdling screech, with black air rolling out of its body, as if it is in great pain.

After seeing this, Gui Ru Quan retrieved his Fa Li in exultation.

The male head, which was originally stuck mid-air, felt that the air surrounding it relaxed and immediately regained its freedom.

After a weird cry, all of the long hair on his head suddenly trembled, immediately growing into countless black ropes and shooting at the faraway youth.

After seeing this, Shi Chuan instead yanked the chain that was on his body and at the same time, opened his mouth and spat out a cloud of Essence Blood.
TL: Almost same thing as Essence Qi except stronger

Suddenly, the silver chain tightened with a blur.

The head immediately gave out a bone chilling shrill again. Countless black veins on its face popped out and its long hair fell down powerlessly.

Just at this moment, the cloud of Essence Blood from Shi Chuan appeared in front of the head. After a few flashes and a “pu” sound, it became a blood-colored inscription that was stuck on the forehead of the head. An engraving mark had become engraved on the head.

The ferocious expression of the head immediately disappeared the moment when the blood-colored inscription appeared. The head floated in mid-air quietly and motionlessly.

Shi Chuan started chanting heavily and yanked the chain on his body.

After a clinking sound, the chain became straight with tension and the male head slowly flew forward before completely stopping at a place a dozen or so feet away from the youth.

After seeing this, Shi Chuan formed a hand seal with one hand an the chains on his body immediately shot forward like a dozen pythons. They all consecutively disappeared into the head with a flash.

Only at this time did the youth finally give a long sigh and spat out clouds of Essence Blood consecutively while forming various hand signs and constantly pointing at the head with his finger.

The male head slowly closed its two eyelids and its expression also became peaceful.

Shi Chuan gave a deep grunt and after hitting a hand sign forward with his raised hand, the head immediately became smaller together with the chain in a spinning motion. Finally, it transformed into a cloud of gray gas and entered the leather pouch covered in red and green inscriptions that was on Shi Chuan’s waist.

“Haha, good. Shi Chuan, you have finally subdued this head. That is a real demon that our faction has been safekeeping for many years. Although the process was only possible because of this Demon Subduing Chain created from Deep Sea Coldlight Iron, it is actually more than enough to let you handle the sect’s Large Competition. The burden of whether our faction can regain our past will depend on you.” Gui Ru Quan walked over and spoke with a smile.

“Many thanks to Master and the two Martial Uncles for providing me with the totem, disciple will not let us lose face this time in the Large Competition. I definitely will become one of the top five on the Lunar Monument.” Shi Chuan was also extremely moved and immediately knelt on the floor and spoke an oath.

“Since the three of us have bestowed this Demon Subduing Chain to you, we naturally think you as the most suitable person. Originally, Xiao Feng was also a good choice but it is too bad that he just became a Late Spirit Apostle and has little experience with battles involving other people. Even if he did subdue this flying head, it would be impossible for him to get a good ranking in the Large Competition.” Zhu Chi also walked over and said slowly.

“I definitely will live up to the great expectations of the three masters!” Shi Chuan spoke again with sincerity.

“Alright, you get up. You have only just obtained the Demon Subduing Chain and the flying head. You need a lot of time to practice and become familiar with them. Until the Large Competition starts, you should stay at this place. Your two Martial Uncles will personally give pointers to you.” Gui Ru Quan revealed a satisfied expression and spoke.

Shi Chuan naturally nodded his head and replied in an affirmative manner.

Inside a certain hidden hut in the Dancing Ghost Faction of the Barbarian Ghost Sect, Du Hai hugged Mu Yun Xian in his arms. They both had an abnormally intimate expression.

“Are you really going to fight for a placement as a core disciple this time?” After an unknown length of time, Mu Yun Xian looked up and asked with a worried expression.

“Yes, when we went to the Ghost Hell Region, we took huge risks to collect that item and spent such a large cost to create that Spirit Pill. Wasn’t it all for today? Relax, the amount of disciples that are Late Spirit Apostles under the age of thirty isn’t high in our sect. It doesn’t even seem to be a hundred people. In addition, with the help of this pill, I believe I can obtain a good placement in the core disciples. If it is like this, your master has no reason to reject the idea of us being together.” Du Hai replied with a firm expression.


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