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Chapter 85: Condensing the Aura into Cultivation Qi

“When did you discover me?” A figure walked out from the entrance of a cave. The black silhouette appeared in a flash; it was the black-robed gloomy male that Liu Ming had met before.

Only this time, after looking at the area where the enormous fireball had previously exploded and then looking back at Liu Ming, his face was full of fear.

“Although Senior Sima was well hidden, unfortunately there was a period of time when you didn’t control your aura properly and let it slightly discombobulate. Otherwise, how would I have discovered you.” Liu Ming turned around and looked at the black-robed male while insipidly speaking.

Simultaneously, the White Bone Scorpion drilled out of the ground once again. Its green flame eyes pulsated as it stared at the unexpected guest.

“So that’s how. Nonetheless, no matter who it is, I’m afraid that anyone who sees Junior Bai’s strength will be startled. I’m not even going to mention the Warrior Level ghost; your current strength is already of a Late Spirit Apostle, moreover, I’m afraid that your Wind Blade and Fireball Techniques have already condensed a Technique Seal.” Sima Tian slowly replied.

“Technique Seal?”

This was the second time Liu Ming had heard of this.

Back then, he had learned of this name from the Wasp Bandit and had proceeded to search for it in a few books. However, he wasn’t able to find any related accounts.

“Yes, when various techniques are cultivated to perfection, a Technique Seal will be condensed in one’s mind and become a godly power. When its full power is released, the formidability of it will be a world of difference from its previous power. Hehe, the person who provided me with information unexpectedly said you were a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple who only had a mere Middle Spirit Apostle cultivation. Their dog eyes really are blind! According to my knowledge, if one wanted to condense a Technique Seal for the Wind Blade and Fireball Techniques, he or she would have to renounce cultivating other techniques and spend at least three to four years cultivating either technique. Yet, Junior Bai surprisingly is able to wield both at perfection. It seems that Junior’s gift for cultivating techniques surpasses a normal person’s imagination.” Sima Tian coldly said.

“Hmmm, there is someone who wanted you to come here to cause me trouble?” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows, but there was no sign of surprise on his face.

“That’s right. Originally, I thought it would be an easy affair, but after seeing Junior Bai’s true strength, the measly amount of Spirit Stones offered is but a joke considering I have to face such a strong enemy. In other words, I don’t have complete confidence in defeating you, so I won’t be performing any actions that may invite a rebuff. However, if you and I are to meet again in the Large Competition, I will definitely use my entire strength and will not go easy.” After speaking, Sima Tian’s figure headed toward the cave’s exit and surprisingly retreated.

Witnessing this scene, Liu Ming rubbed his chin, but didn’t chase.

Although the opposing party had the same Late Spirit Apostle cultivation as the Wasp Bandit which he had killed earlier, his body contained an extremely dangerous aura that made Liu Ming pay extra attention to.

Whatever… since the opposing party knew to retreat, he could be considered a smart person!

Although Liu Ming was interested in testing the true strength of core disciples, suffering injuries in this area would render him unable to continue fighting here. Furthermore, if he were to bump into others who harbored malicious intentions, it would be a large problem.

After thinking like this, Liu Ming also extinguished any ideas of fighting with the opposing party.

At this time, the nearby White Bone Scorpion began to wildly crawl around. It had somehow used his claws to excitedly bring the Miasma Bead and a half foot bone that was covered in faint gray gas, to Liu Ming’s side.

“Hmmm, this Spirit Bone is….” Liu Ming’s gaze swept over the Spirit Bone picked up by the White Bone Scorpion. Instantly, his expression turned to shock as he picked it up with a hand and began to meticulously examine it.

“Sure enough, it is a Hundred Year Spirit Bone; furthermore, its quality seems to be quite high! Very good, the Miasma Bead will be a reward for you.” After examining it, Liu Ming was overjoyed and proceeded to place the Spirit Bone into a wood box before carefully putting it away.

Adjacently, when the White Bone Scorpion, eagerly waiting, heard Liu Ming’s words, it bluntly swallowed the Miasma Bead and then let out a pleased whimpering sound.

Just now, the human formed skeleton bone ghost was extremely strong and was the strongest Warrior level Bone Ghost Liu Ming had encountered in this area thus far. Its Miasma Bead would definitely provide a large amount of nourishment for the White Bone Scorpion. If Liu Ming were to bring the bead outside and exchange it for Contribution Points, earning a few hundred Contribution Points was not impossible.

Liu Ming shook his head and picked up the remaining iron piece and the half axe blade. After examining them, he threw both into an animal skin bundle.

These two items were able to withstand the enormous fireball so they clearly were not common items. They probably could be sold for a few Spirit Stones.

Just as Liu Ming grabbed his bundle and was about to continue forward, he suddenly thought of something and turned around before nearing the same cave that Sima Tian came in.


A light yellow Glyph stuck onto a nearby stone wall and in a flash, sunk into the stone and disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this, Liu Ming felt reassured and actually left.

Although the price of this Response Glyph was immense, as long as someone else entered through this entrance, the other matching Glyph in Liu Ming’s hand would immediately warn him.

In this way, he no longer had to worry about Sima Tian coming back or continuing to follow him.

Like this, time continued to pass.

Liu Ming continued to stay in Ten Thousand Bone Cave for three months. He underwent a remarkable growth in respects to the coordination of his techniques and actual combat experience. Furthermore, he became much more accomplished at utilizing the short sword totem.

In this period of time, the number of Warrior Level Bone Ghosts he had killed were in the hundreds. As for Soldier Level Bone Ghosts, the sheer amount couldn’t be counted. He had further come across a few extremely strong ghosts that were even more powerful than the human-like ghost he had faced earlier.

Among these powerful ghosts was a humanoid Bone Ghost with two heads that had already advanced to a stage only one step below a General Level Bone Ghost. Liu Ming took the White Bone Scorpion as he fled across the third layer of the Ten Thousand Bone Cave, before having no option but to use a number of attack type Glyphs and the third restriction of the short sword totem to ultimately kill the bone ghost.

However, this battle caused his vitality to suffer and it was only after resting for five to six days that he was able to continue training.

Nonetheless, this battle caused him to feel a similar feeling to when he was on Savage Island and fighting strong enemies. Subsequently, when he faced other Bone Ghosts, he began to integrate his battle methods on Savage Island into his current battle style.

Not long after, his entire strength and fighting style began to completely change.

On a certain day three months later, Liu Ming was wearing tattered clothing while gripping an enormous animal skin bundle as he walked out of the cave entrance.

The aura on his body was shocking and his gaze contained traces of coldness. Behind him was the White Bone Scorpion whose body was covered by the rolling green air; its body unexpectedly was twice as large as before.

Liu Ming lifted his head and looked at the blazing sun he had not seen in many days. After closing his eyes and feeling the traces of warmth on his body, he once again opened his eyes.

This time, the coldness in his gaze was completely gone and the aura surrounding his body had disappeared.

Subsequently, the gray cloud beneath him rose into the air and soared to the stone fortress in the middle of the basin.

A few days later, a group of dragon-headed gray wooden boats rose into the air. At the bow, a gray haired old man was expediting the ships and bringing the group of Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples back to the main gate of Barbarian Ghost Sect.

At the stern of the boat, Liu Ming was standing in a bolt upright position and looking at the fleeting white clouds pass by outside of the barrier of light. His expression was abnormally calm.

In another location on the wooden ship, Sima Tian was watching Liu Ming’s figure from a distance with a face full of thought.

Simultaneously, in front of the door to a private room in Barbarian Ghost Sect’s Blood Control Faction, the Sect Leader was standing with both his hands behind his back. His bright gaze was fixated on the blood red entrance and his expression was somewhat apprehensive with a tinge of expectation.

Behind him were another two twenty year olds. Their facial features were extremely similar and these youths had their hands locked together behind their back. Their gazes at the entrance of the private cell revealed extreme complication with a bit of jealousy and envy.

“Hong!” The entrance suddenly broke apart from the inside. Subsequently, a blood mist coiled out from within the room. After congealing, it abruptly transformed into a youth with a face covered in red light.

From a familiar person’s point of view, it astonishingly was the Loose Practitioner, Gao Chong who had entered the Barbarian Ghost Sect with Liu Ming and Mu Ming Zhu.

However, the simple and honest appearance of his had already completely vanished, and currently, in its place, was an arrogant and radiant expression that covered his face.

“This disciple greets Master!”

When Gao Chong saw the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader, he immediately paid his respects.

“Chong Er, did your cultivation succeed?” The Barbarian Ghost Sect elder was somewhat nervous as he hastily asked a question.

“Master, I have followed what you have taught me and have already succeeded in turning a trace of Blood Aura into the Bloody Cultivation Qi.” Gao Chong respectfully said. One of his fingers pointed toward an empty space in front of him and immediately, a sliver of Blood Qi coagulated from his fingertip. It resembled a red rope as it instantly coiled a few times around his fingers with an incomparably nimble appearance.

Seeing this, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader was overjoyed, but his tone of voice was prudent as he said, “I still have to check if you have actually succeeded in Condensing the Aura into Cultivation Qi.” When his voice faded, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader lifted his palm and swatted at the air in front of Gao Chong lightly.

Before his palm had managed to hit anything, a bloody mist rolled out from his five fingers while a faint scent of blood leaked out from within the bloody mist.

Gao Chong’s pupils contracted and his finger that had the Blood Qi on it abruptly drew a circle with a diameter of a foot midair.


The sliver of Blood Qi instantly shot forward and immediately filled the circle, turning it into a faint blood-colored shield.

In the next moment, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader’s palm smacked into the blood colored shield.

“Hong!” A heaven shaking sound rang out.

The blood-colored shield crumbled under the rolling Blood Qi and Gao Chong instantly retreated a few steps. Simultaneously, a burst of violent red light flashed on his face before he managed to stabilize his body.

“Good, it really is Bloody Cultivation Qi! Chong Er, you’ve done very well! You have grasped the Cultivation Qi that only Spirit Masters are able to have. Despite only having this small sliver, it should be enough to stand invincible among Spirit Apostles. In our sect, aside from Baleful Yin Faction’s Yang Qian, there is no need to worry about anyone else.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader gleefully laughed.


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