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Chapter 716: Giant Sand Beas

The sword body emitted a dazzling brilliance, turning into a 100 meters long giant sword phantasm. An astounding momentum immediately rose to the sky.

Liu Ming immediately made a sword gesture and merged with the giant sword. A dazzling sword light rushed down the city wall and swept across the jackal tide below.

Seeing this scene, a hint of surprise flashed in Sha Chuer’s eyes. After a slight daze, she got up and rushed down the city wall to join the battle.

Several other Sand Clan people from the Crystallization Period also surged down in the sand form. The jackal tide below was succumbed to chaos; the pressure on the city wall was relieved because of it.

“Oh no, quickly report to the elder. There is a giant sand beast coming.” A Sand Clan man who was responsible for scouting suddenly cried out.

At the same time, there was a loud rumbling noise coming from behind the sand jackals. Looking around, a huge sand peak towering more than a hundred meters tall actually moved slowly toward the oasis.

Suddenly, a terrifying spiritual pressure came from sand peak; the aura was actually at the Pseudo Pellet State.

Seeing this situation, many Sand Clan people on the city wall suddenly showed a trace of fear.

“Brother Liu, let’s get back. This giant sand beast is not something we can deal with.” In front of the city wall, after Sha Chuer glanced at the distant sand peak with shock, she quickly sent a voice transmission to Liu Ming. She then forced back the approaching sand jackal and rose up to the city wall in a gust of sand.

Liu Ming also took a breath in shock after seeing the size of the sand peak. He immediately got back up to the city wall and slain a few sand jackals before transforming back into his human form. He then looked at the situation in the distance.

At this time, the other Crystallization Period Sand Clan cultivators also retreated back to the city wall.

In a blink of an eye, the sand peak was already 300 meters away from the city wall. Through the hazy sand mist, Liu Ming could see the true face of the giant sand beast.

The giant monster was yellow, but its appearance was completely different from that of a sand jackal. It was sprinting like a man with its strong hindlimbs supporting its body. Its forelimbs were relatively short as compared to its gigantic body. Its body was covered with sharp thorns. It also had a yellow long tail that was full of thorns.

This beast had 3 eyes; 2 were grown on its palms and the 3rd eye was grown on top of its head. The eyeballs were as large as a millstone. While sprinting, it was still looking around, which made it look bizarre.

After an order was issued, the dense black sand spears were thrown out again; their target was the giant sand beast.

After a rumbling burst sound, the black mist transformed by the sand spears swarmed the giant monster.

But a moment later, the giant sand beast rushed out of the sand mist with a groan. It was completely unscathed.

Seeing this, the other sand jackals in the vicinity retreated to both sides with a whine, opening a path for the giant sand beast.

In a second, the giant sand beast had appeared before the city gate. It swung and spat a stinky green liquid at the battlement on the city wall.

“Bzzz“, an astonishing scene appeared.

The green liquid melted the seemingly hard sand, emitting waves of green smoke in an instant.

“No, dodge quickly.”

Seeing this, several experienced Sand Clan elders on the side hurriedly shouted and spread away.


A large section of the nearby city wall suddenly collapsed. 2 Sand Clan men who were fighting with the sand jackals couldn’t escape in time, so they were buried together with the sand jackals.

As soon as the city wall collapsed, the sand jackals that were still blocked outside the city suddenly rushed toward the collapsed wall crazily.

Although the collapsed wall was held by a few Sand Clan men, the situation was still dire.

At the same time, after the giant sand beast roared again, its huge body suddenly rushed forward and hit another side of the city wall heavily, causing the entire wall to tremble slightly. A long and narrow thin crack appeared on the surface.

Such a scene made the Sand Clan people even more frightened.

Liu Ming frowned when he saw this. As he was about to launch the trembling flying sword, a tremor came from the city. A bronze puppet of 100 meters tall sprinted toward the city wall.

The great elder that Liu Ming saw that day was above the bronze puppet.

However, the fat old man at this moment didn’t have any smiles on his face anymore; his face was full of killing intent.

“Look, it’s the great elder!”

“With the guardian’s blessing, this giant monster will surely be killed!”

For a moment, the Sand Clan people seemed to see the dawn of hope. They immediately shouted in unison.

When Liu Ming saw the bronze puppet, he was slightly taken aback.

Regardless of its size or appearance, this bronze giant was somewhat similar to the golden bronze puppet controlled by the Nature Work Sect, Peng Yue, except that it had pits over its body. It seemed to have gone through a lot of battles.

At this moment, the bronze giant stomped its feet on the ground, and it jumped across the collapsed city wall and slammed straight at the giant sand beast.

“Bang bang bang!“

The bronze giant launched a few punches at the giant beast’s head, taking advantage of the giant sand beast being knocked back a few steps.

The giant sand beast immediately let out 2 painful roars, and all the sand thorns on its body burst into the bronze puppet’s body in an instant.

The bronze puppet didn’t seem to be affected by this attack. It still threw out punches and punches like a storm, making the giant beast scream constantly.

As the fat old man kept changing gestures, layers of green spirit patterns appeared on top of the bronze puppet. Its punch was getting heavier and heavier under the green light. Every punch could shock and distort the surrounding space,

The 3 eyeballs in the hands and head of the giant sand beast shot green light beams at the same time, but it didn’t do any damage to the bronze puppet. It could only defend itself with layers of claw phantasms.

“The great elder is indeed powerful.” After Sha Chuer cut of a sand jackal’s head, she looked at the bronze puppet with a hint of joy

At this time, several other Sand Clan cultivators of the Crystallization Period also channeled mystic arts one after another. Some condensed huge sand blades of 80 meters long and some condensed giant sand palm the size of houses to barrage the giant sand beast.

For a while, a burst of whistling sound occurred. The giant sand beast was suppressed by the barrage of the bronze puppet and everyone’s attack. It could only channel the black sand around to protect itself in a layer of a black sand curtain.

Liu Ming frowned slightly. When he wanted to join the attack, there was another overwhelming aura coming from behind the jackal tide.

“No way, another giant sand beast is coming!”

“How can it be possible? 2 giant sand beasts rarely appear at the same time.” The Sand Clan people on the city wall suddenly went into chaos.

Liu Ming jumped more than 100 meters high in the air and looked into the distance for a while.

There was a violent wind in the desert a few miles away, and another huge sand peak was faintly moving toward the oasis.

Liu Ming’s eyes flickered for a while, and he saw the giant monster clearly through the sand mist.

This giant monster was slightly shorter than the previous one, but its appearance was completely different. Its whole body was covered with yellow bristles. It looked like a huge yellow bear, but it had 4 eyes on its face. There were 2 green bloodshot eyes above its original eyes, which looked extremely terrifying.

This giant monster sprinted on the black sand, leaving 4 huge pits on the sand with every step of the way. Before it actually rushed to the vicinity of the city, a shocking aura swept across the distance.

“You 3 deal with another giant beast. Remember, you just need to hold it down first.” Seeing this, the great elder on the bronze puppet gave an order.

Hearing this, the other Sand Clan Crystallization Period cultivators who were attacking the first giant monster hesitated for a while, and 3 of them immediately left the battle and turned into a sand breeze that flew down from the city wall. They rushed out of the besiege and went straight at the 2nd giant sand beast.

Sha Chuer was among them.

Seeing this, Liu Ming frowned slightly. As an outsider, it was inconvenient for him to say anything. He took a golden yuan pill, jumped down again, and rushed into the beasts below the city wall.

Before long, the 3 Sand Clan Crystallization Period powerhouses had already turned into small sand dunes and came to the side of the giant sand bear that was sprinting.


The 3 of them soared into the sky from the sand at the same time. After that, they quickly split into 3 positions, enclosing the sand bear in the middle.

The giant sand bear was stunned. It suddenly stopped running, glanced around, but did not launch an attack.

The 3 looked at each other. After making a gesture, they shouted and launched 3 60 meters long black sand blades at the sand bear.

Seeing this scene, the giant sand bear sneered, revealing a unique expression. It did not evade and let the sand blade slash on its body.

An unexpected thing happened!

The black sand blades, that could easily break through the body of the sand jackal, collapsed into sand and were absorbed by the sand bear’s skin.

TL: Will they be able to hold the sand bear? What will Liu Ming do? Will he help dealing with the sand bear?

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