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Chapter 715: Fierce Battle on the City Wall

“It was said that there had been a situation where we could not repel them. That time our casualties were huge; we lost many people. At last, the great elder used his life to activate some kind of mystic art to barely save the tribe. Otherwise, Shaman City might not even exist until now.” When Sha Chuer said this, a faint sorrow suddenly revealed in her beautiful eyes.

When Liu Ming heard this, he showed a thoughtful look.

At this time, the roars came again. The sky full of sand caused by the sand spears also dissipated gradually, slowly revealing the sand jackals.

More than half of these sand jackals were intact, and a small number of sand jackals had different degrees of injuries left by bursts. After waves of sand rolled over them, the wounds were quickly healed.

Liu Ming released Divine Thought and found that apart from dozens of Spirit Apostle Stage sand jackals that were killed by the sand spears, the others didn’t suffer any major injuries.

At this time, the dense sand jackals had advanced several meters close to the city wall. Suddenly, the sand at the forefront rolled up. One after another sand jackals rose up with their claws transforming into hook-shaped, easily clutching on the sand city wall. They ran straight up to the city wall

“Guard the city wall; don’t let them rush up!” On the city wall, a young man wearing a black sand armor and holding a black sand blade shouted at the others behind him.

“Kill kill kill… kill!” Although each of them looked nervous, they all shouted furiously seeing this.

Under their chants, the same large black sand condensed on their bodies. After a while, they held various sharp blades condensed by the sand in 1 hand while holding another black sand shield on the other hand to face the sand jackals.

On the city wall, it was chaotic due to the battle between the For a time there was chaos in the city, and the Sand Clan people fought with these sand jackals.

For these sand jackals, only close combat could cause the greatest damage to them, so once these sand jackals were on the wall, the Sand Clan people naturally gave up using long-range spell attacks.

The other Sand Clan people were still shooting with the sand spears to stop the sand jackals from climbing up the city wall.

“Brother Liu, you must be more careful.” After Sha Chuer quickly said to Liu Ming, he also rushed into the several sand jackals that had climbed up to the wall and started to fight.

In an instant, the roar and collision sounded everywhere. The Sand Clan people and the sand jackals fought in close combat.

Liu Ming didn’t join the fight hurriedly. Instead, he looked at the few fierce battles in the surroundings.

40 meters away from him, a man holding black sand sword was fighting alone with 3 Condensation Period sand jackals.

This man, with a solemn face, constantly changed gestures. His figure turned into sand and went into the city wall, then he appeared elusively around 1 sand jackal and pierced with the sand sword.

Although a sand jackal dodged a few strikes, its heart was still being pierced through as it was caught off guard. It twitched on the ground a few times before dying completely.

At this time, the other 2 sand jackals had already sandwiched the man in tandem and groaned at the same time. Both their claws flashed as they pounced toward the man.

The man seemed to have consumed a lot of spiritual power in the attack just now. He was a little out of breath. Seeing this, he had to lean forward and raise the black sand shield in his left hand to resist.

“Chi chi!“

The sand jackal on the front left 4 inch-deep claw marks on the shield, and it broke apart.

Just as the sand jackal behind was about to pounce on him, a black blade light flashed not far away, slashing the sand jackals into 2.

At the same time, a familiar figure flashed up and faced the sand jackal in front of the man.

It was Tu La who led Liu Ming into the city that day.

“Tu Shi, you step back and take a rest first. Leave it to me.” Tu La fought the sand jackal in front with his fists while quickly saying to the man.

After hearing the words, the man nodded and jumped down from the city wall without hesitation. He retreated to the crowd near the wall and sat cross-legged.

Strands of black aura rose mixed with the sand rose up and flowed into his body gradually.

At this moment, another sand jackal on the city wall rushed up to the city wall and rushed toward Tu La from the other side.

Tu La threw out the shield in his hand and quickly retreated for a few steps.

“Bang“, the black shield was torn to pieces by the sand jackal’s sharp claws without a little resistance.

At this time, after Tu La took a quick breath, he bent his knees and stomped his right foot suddenly. The sand under his feet trembled slightly. The sand rolled and condensed into a 30 meters long black sand blade.

Tu La immediately swung the blade at the sand jackal.

When Liu Ming saw this, he had a new understanding…

According to his guess, every time the Sand Clan people used the sand blade mystic arts, they would consume a lot of spiritual power. They had to retreat to absorb aura before they could cast the sand blade and fight with the enemy.

“Brother, be careful behind!” There was a sudden scream from another battle at the city wall.

Liu Ming immediately looked sideways and saw a sand jackal launched a dazzling green light beam from its 3rd eye at a Sand Clan man’s right arm.

The man’s right arm gradually turned into gray stone, and the petrification spread to the other body parts quickly.

“Cut off your arm!” The man who reminded said hurriedly again.

At this time, the man who got petrified looked hesitant, but he immediately cut off his right arm with the sand blade.

“Bang“, little gray sparks splashed out; the sand sword shuddered and fell to the ground. Only a small and deep wound was left on the petrified arm. The gray rock crystals inside were faintly visible.

At this moment, most of his right arm had turned into graystone, and it was about to spread toward his shoulder.

The tall Sand Clan man who reminded him wanted to rescue, but he was blocked by another sand jackal that appeared suddenly.

Upon seeing this, Liu Ming exhaled a long sigh, pointed his sword with one hand, and a small golden sword shot out. It flashed and cut off the right arm easily.

A soft “poof!“

The gray stone arm fell to the ground and shattered, and the man was also sweating profusely in sudden pain, but he still couldn’t help casting a grateful look at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming didn’t care about responding to the man’s gratitude. Instead, he changed his gesture, and the small golden sword changed its direction and went at the sand jackal that launched green light from its 3rd eye.

“Bang“, the golden little sword instantly penetrated the head of the sand jackal.

The sand jackal whined and immediately dissipated into a cloud of yellow sand.

At this time, the tall man also eliminated the sand jackal in front with quick and powerful mean. After chanting, sand rolled up, protecting the injured man.

“Thank you for the help just now. If it is delayed for 1 second, my heart would be petrified. Even cutting off my arm wouldn’t help me.” Although the injured man’s face was pale, he quickly said thankful words.

“You’re welcome. This is a healing elixir, I hope it can alleviate this friend’s injury!” Liu Ming casually took out a green elixir from Sumeru Ring and threw it to the injured man.

“Thank you!” The injured man didn’t refuse and quickly took the elixir.

Seeing this, the tall man next to him also gave Liu Ming a grateful expression.

After all, because the resources of the oasis and this Odd Desert were poor, even the most common healing elixir was very rare to the Sand Clan people.

Liu Ming waved his hand slightly, then he looked at the sand jackals that were getting more and more. He immediately pointed with 1 hand, and a golden sword light went at the nearby sand jackal.

Although he was not from the Sand Clan, how could he really ignore it under such circumstances? If the city wall was breached, he would be in a danger.

Although Liu Ming’s spiritual power regressed back to the Condensation Period, he could easily kill a Crystallization Period with his tyrannical body and this true spirit flying sword. Why would he be afraid of these sand jackals.

He changed sword gestures successively; a golden rainbow was flying wildly on the city wall. In just a few seconds, a dozen of sand jackals were killed.

“Good! This brother’s flying sword is really amazing. Everyone, don’t lose to this little brother! Kill them all!” Seeing this, a Crystallization Period Sand Clan muscular man who was in charge of the command on the side shouted loudly, then he also waved his arm, killing a few sand jackals with a 10 meters long black light.

Suddenly, the morale of the Sand Clan people was boosted; the voices of screaming sounded one after another.

At this time, Sha Chuer had also eliminated several sand jackals around her. She sand-escaped behind Liu Ming and smiled at him, then she got down to the city wall and recovered.

However, Liu Ming was very depressed at this time.

Although he didn’t have to worry about exhausting his spiritual power relying on his extremely pure spiritual power, this true spirit flying sword was also suppressed a lot in this Odd Desert; only ⅓ of its power could be exerted right now.

What worried Liu Ming even more was that the true spirit flying sword couldn’t be too far away from his body. It could only stay within 100 meters around him. Once it went past this distance, the flying sword would be greatly weakened, making him impossible to manipulate it at will.

After seeing the sand jackals climbing up the city wall one after another, he immediately recalled back the true spirit flying sword.

After Liu Ming made a series of gestures, his spiritual power was injected into the golden flying sword.

TL: Body and sword fusion? How many can he kill though? There are thousands of sand jackals there…

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