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Chapter 717: Sand Bear

The Sand Clan elder with the highest cultivation among the 3 was shocked. After taking 2 steps back and absorbed the aura from the sand, he made a gesture. The sand in front trembled, and a thick black sand pillar was launched at the sand bear’s neck.

Sha Chuer and another muscular man of the early stage of the Crystallization Period leaped into the air, quickly forming a gesture with both hands. They launched a 10 meters huge sand palm at the sand bear’s back.

“Boom boom boom!“

The sand palms and pillar hit the giant sand bears one after another, bursting apart into a sand mist. The specific situation in the sand mist was unknown

Although Liu Ming was going rampant in the beast tide, he was also paying attention to the battle on Sha Chuer’s side with multitasking ability.

In the black sand mist, the giant sand bear roared, shocking away the surrounding sand mist.

This giant monster launched 2 thick green light beams from its green bloodshot eyes.

The green light beams hit the 2 Sand Clan men at lightning speed.

The Sand Clan elder was shocked, but he quickly turned his body into a sand breeze to evade the light beam.

The Sand Clan muscular man of the Crystallization Period early stage was half a beat slower. He was hit by the green light beam, and he turned into a green human-shaped crystal in an instant.

Then the giant sand beast opened its mouth again, and a white and invisible sound wave rolled out wildly.

The Sand Clan elder, who had just transformed back into human form, was first caught by the white wave. He was knocked flying back like a sandbag.

Sha Chuer on the other side hurriedly condensed layers of sand walls in front, but they collapsed instantly under the white wave.

However, taking this opportunity, the woman turned into a sand breeze to dodge this terrifying wave attack.

But the muscular man who was petrified was not so lucky. After the white sound wave passed by, his green crystal body instantly shattered and turned into a pile of green powders that dissipated under the wind.

“Min’er! I’m going to kill you!”

The Sand Clan elder who regained his stability was infuriated seeing this. He seemed to be close to the muscular man. He shouted hysterically. His eyes were full of bloody light, and his body burst into dazzling yellow light. He turned into a 100 meters long black sand sword that struck at the giant beast’s neck.

A yellow light was emitted from the sand bear, and it raised its right arm to slap at the giant sand sword.

“Not good!” Liu Ming’s pupils shrank slightly.

This giant palm was no less than a blow from the Real Pellet State powerhouse. Even Liu Ming, who had a tyrannical body, did not dare to take it forcibly.

With a move of his mind, he immediately channeled body and sword fusion again. After clearing the sand beasts beside him in an instant, he turned into a golden rainbow and dashed toward Sha Chuer.


The huge sand sword collapsed under the giant palm, turning into a black sand mist. A figure was knocked out from the sand mist; it was the Sand Clan elder.

At this time, half of his body had been seriously injured. He slammed heavily on a sand dune and fainted.

The next moment, 2 thick green light beams were launched at Sha Chuer.

The girl was shocked. Even though she tried to doge desperately by turning into a sand breeze, she could only dodge 1 beam. The 2nd beam was about to hit her.

Sha Chuer’s face turned pale, thinking that she was really doomed this time.

But just at the critical moment, a golden rainbow appeared, revealing a figure in a gray robe.

Liu Ming barely made it in time after discovering that the situation turned dire.

He shook both arms and launched 4 black mist dragons at the green light beam.

With a loud noise, the mist dragon and the light beam intertwined.

There was a violent fluctuation in the air, a green light was flashing on one side and a cloud of black mist rolled on the other side!

“Thank you Brother Liu for helping.” Sha Chuer breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Liu Ming. Her face finally looked a little better. She quickly thanked Liu Ming, then she condensed a black sand blade.

“You’re not its opponent.” Liu Ming looked at Sha Chuer and said faintly.

Hearing this, Sha Chuer shook her head stubbornly, ignoring Liu Ming and rushing over.

Liu Ming looked at Sha Chuer’s graceful back and sighed, then he appeared in front of Sha Chuer again.

“If you charge forward ignorantly, it will only increase casualties. Leave it to me!”

“You? I’m not looking down on you, but you alone…” Sha Chuer finally stopped, but she still shook her head and said.

“It’s fine. Even if I’m not its opponent, I can still hold it back with my sword controlling technique. And if Miss Chu doesn’t go back to the city wall, the city wall will be breached.” Liu Ming said slowly with a slight smile.

“What? There are really sand jackals in the city. Since this is the case, Brother Liu, please be more careful.” Sha Chuer was startled when she looked back. After reminding Liu Ming, she rolled toward the oasis in a sand breeze.

At this moment, above the city wall, because all Crystallization Period cultivators were attracted by the first giant beast, the other Sand Clan people couldn’t completely hold the collapsed wall. A dozen sand jackals had rushed into the city.

Some Sand Clan women and children with low cultivation and a large number of Sand Clan cultivators who had exhausted their spiritual power were gathering in the center of the city, but they couldn’t fight back.

At this time, the giant sand beast that was in front of the city had already been suppressed by the bronze puppet and several Crystallization Period Sand Clan powerhouses. Although it did not suffer any fatal injuries because of its high defense, it obviously couldn’t do anything.

However, the great elder and the other cultivators could no longer help the situation in the city.

So how could Sha Chuer not be so anxious? She had to rush back in time.

When the giant bear saw Sha Chuer leaving, it groaned and wanted to pursue.

Seeing this, Liu Ming made gestures with both hands. His body flashed with a black light and split into 3 phantasms. With a few movements, they had surrounded the giant sand bear.

When the giant sand bear saw “Liu Ming” step forward, it waved its giant palm ferociously. A giant palm phantasm was condensed in a gust of wind, and it swept all around.

“Puff puff“, 2 of the phantasms dissipated after being slapped by the giant palm phantasm.

On the nearby sand, a thick layer of black sand was removed in an instant.

Liu Ming behind the giant monster became blurred, and he retreated backward abruptly, barely dodging the giant palm phantasm.

Amidst a loud dragon roar, 4 80 meters long black mist dragons were launched at the back of the giant sand bear.

At the same time, Liu Ming transformed into 3 phantasms again with a flicker.

The giant sand bear roared and turned around. The 2 green bloodshot pupils kept turning, launching green light beams at the phantasms.

“Bang bang!“

The green light beam turned 2 phantasms into green stones which collapsed in an instant.

At this moment, 4 black shadows came to the front of the giant sand bear in a flash; it was 4 mist dragons!

However, a yellow light flashed on the surface of the sand bear, condensing into a layer of yellow shield.

In the next moment, the 4 mist dragons made a few muffled sounds hitting the shield!

The yellow light on the surface of the giant bear finally dissipated after a while, but the power of the 4 mist dragons was also reduced by 80%. Only a mist dragon hit the giant sand bear’s back.

The giant bear stumbled back under the hit, but there was no injury after the black gas dissipated.

At this moment, Liu Ming flickered and appeared on the side of the sand bear. The small golden sword turned into a 2 feet 8 inches flying sword, and it struck at the giant sand bear’s neck in a flash.

The giant sand bear was enraged after being sneak attacked by Liu Ming. It howled and stared at the golden flying sword with its strange bloodshot eyes.

A strange scene appeared.

A green light condensed on the surface of the Void Sword, and the flying sword actually stopped in mid-air. The giant sand bear then looked at Liu Ming by the side.

Liu Ming was shocked. Before he could react, he suddenly felt his body numb, and he couldn’t move anymore. At the same time, some green crystal stones suddenly appeared on his chest and spread to his whole body at a shocking speed.

Liu Ming was petrified after being stared at by the giant sand bear.

The giant sand bear slapped at Liu Ming with its giant palm instantly.


A 100 meters huge giant palm appeared at the location of Liu Ming.

TL: Is Liu Ming defeated?

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