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Chapter 989: Fairy @#%×’s hobby

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Therefore, unless Song Shuhang was defeated in a single blow, his opponent would be forced into a war of attrition, and they’d likely end up suffering a heart attack.

“With that said, your defensive saber intent is rather concerning overall, but that dazzling saber slash at the end managed to preserve its dignity. Therefore, the final outcome wasn’t that bad,” Venerable White commented.

Song Shuhang laughed as he dispersed the saber intent armor.

“How should we deal with the three sea monsters?” Venerable White placed down the three sea monsters.

“Well, they’re rather interesting, so let’s just let them go this time,” Song Shuhang said.

…At the start, the three cute sea monsters had already expressed that they would only gently beat him up. In particular, that sea monster with the siren bloodline even said that she could ‘scream’ for him if need be.

So, when facing these three sea monsters, Song Shushang really couldn’t bear to be ruthless to them.

Although Song Shuhang letting them free should’ve been something to rejoice about, the three sea monsters couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of frustration in their hearts.

“By the way, you three, convey something to your Boss Wu. Tell him that the relationship between Yu Jiaojiao and me is one of pure friendship. Also, my aesthetic standard is that of a human, which is very different from that of sea monsters’,” Song Shuhang said.

“Could it be that Mister Shuhang doesn’t find mermaids beautiful?” the monster siren asked.

“It also depends on what kind of mermaid it is. If they have the head of a fish… how could I find them beautiful?” Song Shuhang ridiculed.

“However, Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao can still make breakthroughs. Her mother is a mermaid, and she’s very beautiful. When Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao’s gains the ability to transform into her human form, she definitely won’t be any less beautiful than her mother,” the cuttlefish monster Hei San stressed with dissatisfaction.

“…” Song Shuhang.

What are you three trying convey here? Isn’t it great for you that Yu Jiaojiao and I are only pure friends?

“Okay, Yu Jiaojiao might become very beautiful after her transformation, but that’s still in the future, right?” Song Shuhang said. “Taking a step back, Yu Jiaojiao’s aesthetic standard is also very different from mine. In the past, Yu Jiaojiao that she prefers creatures similar to her father. For her… a handsome man should either have sturdy dragon horns or small flood dragon horns, which should also be curved at a 45 degree angle, and it would be best if it had three to five prongs. Therefore, there is absolutely no chance of anything happening between a human like me and Yu Jiaojiao. Do you understand?”

The three sea monsters could only stare wide-eyed. Next, they silently recalled Mister Wu’s appearance.

Mm-hm, no horn.

That meant their Mister Wu also had no chance when it came to conquering Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao.

Poor Mister Wu… He was still secretly in love with her, without even having properly confessed to Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao, but he already had no chance to gain her favor.

“From your expressions, you seem to have understood. The misunderstanding between us is cleared up, so please tell your boss that he shouldn’t cause trouble for others in the future just because he’s jealous,” Song Shuhang sincerely said.

The three sea monsters nodded silently.

When Song Shuhang was discussing Yu Jiaojiao’s preferences together with the three sea monsters, Venerable White had gone with Ye Si to check out the pit in the rocky area that had been dug out by Song Shuhang’s saber intent.

Venerable White squatted down to inspect the large pit with a stern expression.

“Senior White, is there something wrong with Shuhang’s saber intent?” Ye Si asked.

“No, this has nothing to do with Song Shuhang.” Venerable White reached out with his finger, poking at various locations in the pit.

“Then, what are you doing?” Ye Si asked.

“Hmm, I seem to have sensed a treasure’s aura,” Venerable White said.

A treasure’s aura?

Could it be that Venerable White’s luck was acting up again?

Wait… if Senior White’s luck was acting up, then a catastrophe would surely follow!

When it came to those around him, Senior White’s fortune had always been a “high risk, high reward” type of thing. Survive the catastrophe and you would be able to have a share of the riches with Senior White. If you failed to endure the catastrophe, then you’d better have an already reserved spot at Senior Medicine Master’s place… or directly at Yu Jiaojiao’s VIP seabed graveyard.

Senior Medicine Master was currently very busy, so now wouldn’t be a good time to reserve a spot at his place.

Thinking of this, Ye Si cleverly retreated, distancing herself from Venerable White.

“Ye Si, what are you doing?” Venerable White turned curiously and looked at Ye Si, who was gradually retreating.

“That, Senior White… I’m feeling somewhat tired, so I’m preparing to head back into Song Shuhang’s body to rest,” Ye Si said seriously.

“What are you worried about?” Venerable White said. “The treasure this time was pretty much unearthed by Song Shuhang’s saber’s blade. It doesn’t have anything to do with me, so you don’t have to worry about any danger. I am, at most, just working together with Song Shuhang in digging up the treasure, but it still doesn’t really have anything to do with me.”

Ye Si gave it some thought, and felt that what Senior White had said made sense.

This pit was the result of Song Shuhang’s attack, so if there was a treasure that was unearthed due to that, then it should be counted as Song Shuhang’s fortune. Venerable White was, at most, an accomplice, working together in digging up the treasure.

“Come and help me. I’ll use sword intent to strike the left side, while you use saber intent to strike the right side. I have a feeling that this will help the treasure burst out,” Venerable White said.

“…” Ye Si.

“That, Senior White… I can’t use saber intent,” Ye Si said. “I studied sword intent.”

“Eh? You studied sword intent? I thought that since you were a ghost spirit that has been staying with Song Shuhang, you would definitely also be unsuited for sword techniques,” Venerable White said. “If that’s the case, then you have to look for someone who can use saber intent to help me. They can’t be someone who’s like Song Shuhang and has defensive saber intent.”

“Senior White, if you just need an offensive saber intent, then Song Shuhang’s golden light of virtue would be able to do it,” Ye Si responded.

Venerable White said, “What?”

The golden light of virtue had saber intent?

Although Song Shuhang’s golden light of virtue had acted rather strange since the time it had materialized, wasn’t it a bit too much for it to be able to learn saber intent?

“When we were in the forbidden area, the golden light of virtue comprehended saber intent. I’ll go get Shuhang’s golden virtue of light, Fairy @#%×.” Ye Si giggled, turned around, and went over to Song Shuhang.

A moment later, Ye Si had brought Fairy @#%× back with her.

The virtuous lamia was attached to Ye Si’s body, just like how she would be attached to Song Shuhang’s body. However, if one were to look closely, when Fairy @#%× was attached to Ye Si, her eyes seemed to have become brighter. Even her facial expression was more lifelike as compared to when she was with Song Shuhang, with her expression totally blank.

“Are you able to accurately control Shuhang’s golden light of virtue and make her attack with saber intent?” Venerable White said.

“I feel like I’ll be able to handle it,” Ye Si said.

“Great.” Venerable White brought out his Meteor Sword, drew an ‘X’ on the ground, and said, “Then control Shuhang’s golden light of virtue and make her stand here. Afterward, release her saber intent and cut at the ‘X’. On my signal, we’ll both do it together.”

“Understood,” Ye Si said.

“Ready…” Venerable White held Meteor Sword, and a faint sword intent resurfaced on the sword.

Ye Si ordered the virtuous lamia. Fairy @#%× clenched her right hand, and a ‘saber’ made of tyrannical saber intent appeared in her hand.

Venerable White looked at the saber intent in the hand of the virtuous lamia with interest.

“Now!” Venerable White said.

In the next moment, the virtuous lamia brandished her tyrannical saber intent, slicing at the ‘X’ mark on the ground.

Venerable White coordinated with the virtuous lamia, keeping up speed similar to hers. When her saber intent sliced the ground, Venerable White also pierced the ground with his faint sword intent.

“Success!” Venerable White said with satisfaction.

“Senior White, what kind of treasure is down there?” Ye Si asked.

“I’ve no idea, either. After all, we still haven’t dug it out. However, when Song Shuhang sent that saber blade here, I felt that there was something underground that had been ‘attracted’ to Song Shuhang’s saber intent. That thing is definitely a treasure, I can feel it,” Venerable White said.

Just when they were talking…


Suddenly, a flame-like energy burst out from the pit, causing an explosion!

“It’s astral energy!” Venerable White cried out as he retreated backwards while giving Ye Si a gentle strike with his hand.

Ye Si’s body was gently sent out of the pit.

Although Ye Si’s body had flown out, the virtuous lamia didn’t follow along—she was left in the pit.

The flame-like astral energy gushed out and submerged the virtuous lamia’s body.

The virtuous lamia merely tilted her head, seemingly unaffected by the astral energy.

However, a moment later, she seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

Then, she suddenly tripped inside the pit, rolled around, and screamed, “Aaahhh~”

The tragic scream, however, was in a man’s voice.

“Isn’t that Song Shuhang’s voice?” Venerable White asked.

“Yeah.” The corner of Ye Si’s mouth twitched.

After screaming, the virtuous lamia’s tail twitched, and then she tilted her head as if indicating she died.

“What’s this?” Venerable White looked at Ye Si with curiosity.

“How do I explain this… perhaps this is Fairy @#%× newly found hobby,” Ye Si said.

“Playing dead?” Venerable White asked.

Ye Si nodded.

Not only did she play dead… before doing so, she would even scream using Song Shuhang’s voice. All of this was part of Fairy @#%× ‘s twisted hobby.

In the distance, Song Shuhang’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch as well—his heart was filled with suicidal thoughts. He now regretted teaching the virtuous lamia how to play dead. Nobody would have thought that she would be so easily corrupted.

“Is this astral energy a treasure?” Ye Si asked.

“Not really. This energy can be used to refine pills, but it is definitely not a valuable treasure. Well, there’s nothing wrong with storing it. At the appointed time, it can be added to Medicine Master’s ‘gift’,” Venerable White said.

After saying that, he took out a small box and made a hand seal. That flame that was endlessly gushing out from the ground was then all collected into the small box.

After the astral flame was collected, the virtuous lamia was still motionless and playing dead.

Venerable White jumped back into the pit. “Is she alright?”

“She’s completely fine,” Ye Si said. Fairy @#%× was golden light of virtue, so even if she was completely destroyed, she would reappear on Song Shuhang’s body. As long as Song Shuhang wasn’t dead, she wouldn’t die, either.

But right at this time, Venerable White felt around the pit, smiled, and said, “Found it.”

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