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Chapter 988: Senior White will buff you all

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Actually, there was something wrong with the expression ‘did you forget to drink your milk’. Regardless of whether it was the cuttlefish, the jellyfish, or even the mixed-blood siren, none of them drank milk when they were young.

So, a more correct way to put it would be to ask the three sea monsters if they had drunk enough seawater before coming here and attacking Shuhang.

Still, it was rather pitiful if one thought about it.

After Senior White arrived at the coordinates of the ten-meter-long car, he happened to see Song Shuhang crossing his arms over his chest while three sea monsters were desperately attacking him.

Venerable White and Senior Sister Ye Si floated in the air, and asked curiously, “Eh? Shuhang, what game are you playing?”

“Eh? Senior White, you’re back. Was Sixteen able to get through her tribulation?” Song Shuhang asked.

Senior Sister Ye Si nodded. “That girl has already succeeded transcending her tribulation, and I’ve recorded the entire scene. I’ll show it to you in a bit. But, what are you doing right now?”

Hearing that Sixteen was able to successfully get through her tribulation, Song Shuhang secretly felt relieved. After all, Sixteen had already failed once, so if she were to fail this time, her ‘path’ would stop at the Third Stage Realm.

In conclusion, her successfully passing the tribulation was a great matter.

Then, Song Shuhang replied, “As you can see, I’m being beaten up.”

The three sea monsters were still attacking him. When they saw Venerable White and Senior Sister Ye Si in the air, they couldn’t help but slow down their in attack—f*ck, Mister Song Shuhang still had reinforcements! The three of them were done for!

Song Shuhang turned his head to face the three monsters, and said, “Where’s your perseverance? Why are your attacks getting weaker and weaker? Are you really at the Third Stage Realm? Or are you fake products?”

“Shouldn’t we be sea products?” the monster jellyfish subconsciously replied.

“…” Song Shuhang.

In the air, Senior Sister Ye Si asked, ” Oh, Shuhang, are you testing the strength of the saber intent armor?”

“The test of the saber intent’s strength is only an accidental benefit… Actually, these three sea monsters are the subordinates of another sea monster called Mister Wu. That sea monster is really interesting… he unexpectedly thought that there was something going on between Yu Jiaojiao and me, and regards me as his rival in love. So, he sent these three sea monsters to beat me up and warn me to stay away from Yu Jiaojiao in the future.” Song Shuhang laughed.

“So, do you have feelings for Yu Jiaojiao?” Senior Sister Ye Si blinked.

“How could that be? Our races are different, how would I fall in love with her?” Song Shuhang said.

“You have a point.” Senior Sister Ye Si nodded, but felt that there was something wrong with what he said.

Venerable White held his chin curiously, and looked at the armor on Song Shuhang. “Shuhang, is that really saber intent?”

“Surely so,” Song Shuhang said.

“Truly out of the ordinary. I’ve lived for so many years, but this is still the first time I’ve seen such saber intent. Since you could turn saber intent into armor, you’re definitely a unique existence in the cultivation world. I’m curious as to how you practiced your saber techniques,” Venerable White said.

“What can I do? I’m also desperate here!” Song Shuhang’s face was full of tears.

At this moment, Senior Sister Ye Si said, “Senior White, Shuhang’s saber intent is actually really strong. Although it usually remains dormant, once agitated, the saber intent would counterattack. Also, its counterattack is very strong: a single slash destroyed the sword intent that the invisible sword insects had condensed out.”

“It isn’t just defense? Could it be some sort of ‘defensive counterattack’? Venerable White asked curiously.

“It must be. After all, it’s still saber intent,” Song Shuhang said with his arms crossed.

Venerable White asked, “In that case, when will it counterattack?”

“Uh… the strength of these three monsters is pretty low, and there was no reaction even if they’ve been beating me up for a while. I originally wanted to see how powerful the saber intent counterattack would be, but I’ve been beaten up for the past half an hour, and I’m already tired of keeping up this position with my arms crossed,” Song Shuhang ridiculed.

The three sea monsters continued to shed tears, especially when they recalled how this all began—the three of them were telling Song Shuhang that they would show mercy and only lightly beat him up. In retrospect, they couldn’t help but feel really ashamed, and wanted to dig and hide inside a hole.

“After all, these three sea monsters are only at the Third Stage Realm. When talking about most monster cultivators, before they reach the Fifth Stage Realm, most of their offensive ability relies on their racial skills. None of these three are attack-specialized sea monsters, which is why their offensive ability isn’t that powerful,” Venerable White said. “Also, you’ll soon be breaking through to the Fourth Stage Realm. You realm suppresses theirs.”

The three sea monsters’ eyes teared up even more—”soon breaking through to the Fourth Stage Realm”? Wasn’t this a bit too crazy? Didn’t the intelligence say that Mister Song Shuhang was only at the Second Stage Realm, and had just broken through to that realm?

The members of the intelligence department should go f*ck themselves! If they’d known that Mister Song Shuhang was a cultivator that was about to reach the Fourth Stage Realm, they would have definitely not have attacked him.

“True.” Song Shuhang nodded. “So, haven’t I been standing here for more than half an hour for absolutely no reason? Had I known earlier, I would have knocked these guys out with a single punch.”

The three sea monsters heard his words, and their eyes suddenly brightened up.

…Right, right, right, quickly hit us. Quickly, knock us out with a punch! We’ve had enough, give us a break!

“No need to hurry. Since they’ve already been beating you up for half an hour, they at least have their uses. Look at me, I’ll now give them a buff to increase their combat power. With that, you might be able to trigger the [defensive counterattack] of your saber intent,” Venerable White said.

Insufficient offensive power? No problem, just add a buff. It would ensure that the offensive power of the sea monsters would increase greatly!

Song Shuhang said, “Senior White actually had such an idea! Ahem, did you hear that? Go and let Senior White give you a buff to increase your combat power. You might be able to break my saber intent armor with that. If the armor breaks, won’t I then be completely unarmed? By then, you could beat me up and complete the task that your Boss Wu assigned to you.”

“Don’t think I’m easy to deceive just because I didn’t go to school,” the female monster siren said with tearful eyes. “Mister Shuhang, could you please tell us how strong the counterattack of your armor is? Would the three of us be able to survive after getting hit by it?”

The three cute sea monsters weren’t stupid, just too kind, and the information they had was missing a lot of details.

“Fellow Daoists of the sea race, rest assured—with me here, your safety is ensured,” Venerable White said to the three sea monsters with a slight smile.

The three sea monsters looked at Venerable White’s smile and became dazed.

This smile… we have to protect it!

The three sea monsters swore to themselves.

A minute later…

The three sea monsters, who had now been buffed by Senior White, went ahead and surrounded Song Shuhang once again.

This time, they didn’t talking nonsense since the buff had a time limit.

After surrounding Song Shuhang, the three sea monsters crazily attacked the saber intent armor with tentacles, fists, claws, and blades. A torrential rain of attacks fell on Song Shuhang’s body.

The sound of explosions could be heard coming Song Shuhang’s body as the saber light continued to flicker on the saber intent armor.

It was effective!

He could feel that the saber intent armor was reaching a ‘critical point’ under the torrential rain of attacks.

Finally, a minute after the three sea monsters had begun their crazy beating of Song Shuhang, the saber intent above Song Shuhang’s body suddenly underwent a change.

The saber intent switched from a lax defensive state to a sharp and imposing offensive state.

“It’s coming!” Song Shuhang called out.

In the next moment, dazzling saber lights cut across the sky.

The attacks of the three sea monsters came to a stop. When they looked at the saber light, they felt great pain on their skin, just as if their bodies had already been sliced up into hundreds of pieces.

They wanted to escape, but they couldn’t control their bodies, just as if the space around them had been locked down.

Therefore, they could only helplessly watch as the terrifying saber intent came slashing at them. They couldn’t even call out for help.

This defensive counterattack was simply overpowered—the saber intent released by a Third Stage Realm cultivator shouldn’t be this strong!

Dead—this time, they were definitely going to die.

The three sea monsters felt desperate as their lives flashed before their eyes.

From their birth all the way to their death, all of their memories flashed before their eyes.

Was this their entire monster life?

Their lives had been really bitter and short. If there was a next life, they really wanted to hide and cultivate on the seabed, and never go ashore until they reached the Fifth Stage Realm.

The human world was just too dangerous!


Just when the three sea monsters thought they were going to die, their bodies flashed and moved through space, getting pulled to Venerable White’s side.


Below, the saber light Song Shuhang’s saber intent had released covered a distance of 300 meters, cutting the ground like butter.

After traveling for 300 meters, the saber light ended up exploding in a rocky area.

The explosion resulting from the saber intent’s counterattack generated tens of thousands of small saber intents, making a deep pit of around 10 square meters appear in the rocky area.

What was originally stone had been turned into fine sand by that saber intent.

“Gulp~” The three sea monsters couldn’t help but swallow their saliva. If that blade had cut them, their bodies would have also ended up becoming fine sand.

Venerable White held his chin. “Hm, its power really isn’t bad. Shuhang, how was the energy consumption?”

At this time, the saber intent armor on Song Shuhang’s body had already disappeared. When the saber intent counterattacked, it used up all the saber intent and saber qi of the saber intent armor, turning it into that one dazzling saber slash.

“The consumed energy wasn’t that much.” Song Shuhang waved his arm. “I merely used saber intent and saber qi to maintain the saber intent armor. The overall consumption is the same as when I use the Flaming Saber Technique.”

After he said that, a stream of saber intent burst out of Song Shuhang’s body.

The saber intent emerged, twirled around his key parts, and formed new armor right before their eyes.

It was a sparkling saber intent armor seemingly cast from steel.

Big brother, my dear big brother. This saber intent armor of yours is really going to make your opponent feel true despair!

Despair from being unable to damage it.

…and also despair from being able to damage it.

After breaking the saber intent armor with much difficulty, a dazzling saber slash would explode in their faces. Moreover, even after releasing such a powerful attack, Song Shuhang wouldn’t consumed much energy, and a new set of saber intent armor would form on his body in the blink of an eye.

Absolutely soul crushing!

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