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Chapter 990: Venerable Spirit Butterfly kindly providing fake news Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu


Senior White extended his hand toward the ground and pulled. Soon afterward, a mass of what seemed to be liquid fire was pulled out of the ground.

“What’s that?” Ye Si asked out of curiosity.

“This thing is something akin to a fire-type spiritual vein that has undergone a mutation due to pollution. In the end, it still can be considered a mutated spiritual vein. It has several names, such as violent spiritual vein, deadly spiritual vein, catastrophic spiritual vein, murderer of cultivators, and so on,” Venerable White said as he cautiously placed layers upon layers of seals on that thing. Afterward, he stored it inside a large jar.

“Cultivator-killing spiritual vein? Oh, I remember now. Is this that spiritual vein that would be attracted to the body of a cultivator, run to them, and explode?” Ye Si recalled something she had once read in an ancient book.

It was rumored that there was this type of mutated spiritual vein in the world of cultivators that liked to run to places with a large number of cultivators. Its ability to conceal its presence was very strong, and just like with invisible sword insects, ordinary cultivators would have a hard time detecting its presence.

After concealing itself among cultivators, it would act as a time bomb, exploding whenever it felt like.

There were many things that could worsen its mood and cause it to explode. For example, cultivators making too much noise while training, cultivators feeling lazy and not coming out to practice, a cultivator drinking too much after getting rejected, or even a cultivator carelessly spitting where it was hiding.

In short, the weirdest and most varied reasons could trigger this thing and cause it to explode. At that point, if the nearby cultivators were too weak or a beat slower at running away, they would be done for.

Nowadays, a lot of large sects had set up omnidirectional defensive barriers, and even the underground area had been fortified. One of the reasons for it was to guard against such deadly spiritual veins.

“Yes, it’s precisely that thing. Since the reason they got polluted is different, the event that triggers them is also different. Anyway, this thing is truly capricious.” Afterward, Venerable White also added, “The trigger of this deadly spiritual vein in our hands should be ‘saber intent and sword intent’. As long as saber intent and sword intent appear at the same time, they would draw its attention, pushing it detonate when the time was right.”

After hearing these words, the three sea monsters started to sweat profusely. They hadn’t expected that something so dangerous was quietly hiding beneath their feet. However, neither them nor Wang Ping knew how to use saber intent and sword intent… As such, why was this thing hiding at their place?

Song Shuhang also came over, asking curiously, “How strong would the explosion of this thing be?”

“The volume of this ‘deadly spiritual vein’ isn’t too large, and the range of the explosion should be limited to a thousand meters. Then, if I have to estimate the lethality of the spiritual vein… the power generated by the exploding core should not be inferior to an all-out attack from a Fifth Stage cultivator. If a cultivator of the Fourth Stage stands in the center of the explosion, they are most likely going to die.” Venerable White closed the jar and placed a few more seals on it to be safe.

“Is there a lot of these things on Earth?” Song Shuhang asked as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

The heavenly tribulation would oppress and bully cultivators each time they advanced a realm, and if these ‘murderers of cultivators’ were also hiding underground, how would cultivators keep living?

“Don’t worry. The number of deadly spiritual veins is very low. The chance of encountering one… is around the same as that of an ordinary person having the toilet blow in their face while flushing,” Venerable White said.

“What? A toilet can explode?” Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

“Eh? It was in the news recently, didn’t you see?” Venerable White said. “If you didn’t see, let’s leave it at that. Anyway, the possibility of encountering one is very low. Nowadays, it’s not easy to find this gadget.”

Song Shuhang said, “But, I still managed to encounter one today.”

“You have a point. This shows that your luck is good,” Venerable White said.

“…” Song Shuhang. Senior White, if you hadn’t been here, this wouldn’t have been a lucky encounter, but a calamity!

In addition, since he had chanced upon this very rare ‘deadly spiritual vein’, was it possible that he would also encounter some explosive toilet tomorrow?

…Was there still time to learn some technique that would make food superfluous?

After properly sealing the ‘deadly spiritual vein’, Senior White threw it at Song Shuhang. “You are the one that discovered this thing in the end. Therefore, I’ll return it to you.”

Song Shuhang caught the jar in a flurry. Senior White, stop causing trouble! This thing might explode at any time. What to do if it fell down and broke?!

“Senior White, it’s better if you deal with this thing personally. After all, you are the one that unearthed it and sealed it.” Song Shuhang returned the jar to Venerable White.

“Keep it for now. This thing can be exchanged for a pretty good set of formations for the tribulation from the Third to the Fourth Stage. There is not much time left before your heavenly tribulation descends. Therefore, you have to quickly prepare while you still have time. Otherwise, if the heavenly tribulation suddenly descends and you haven’t made the necessary preparations, you’ll die,” Venerable White said with a smile.

“Senior White, in that case, how can I exchange this thing for a set of formations to transcend the tribulation?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Hmm, let me make a call first.” Venerable White took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

After ringing five times, the phone was finally picked up.

“Hello, Fellow Daoist White? Are you looking for me?” The resounding and loud voice of a man was transmitted from the other end.

“I wanted to carry out a transaction. I have a little fellow daoist here that would like to buy a set of tailor-made formations to transcend the tribulation from the Third to the Fourth Stage,” Venerable White said.

“Oh? It sounds like a young and promising fellow daoist. Fellow Daoist White, since it’s you, I can give him a 20% discount and guarantee that the tailor-made set of tribulation-transcending formations will be of the highest quality possible,” the man said with a smile.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist Nirvana. However, I wasn’t planning to use spirit stones for this transaction,” Venerable White said.

“You don’t want to use spirit stones? Hold on, is it possible that that little fellow daoist has some high-quality goods with him?” The man laughed loudly.

“Indeed, a deadly spiritual vein. Although somewhat small, it should be enough for a set of formations for the tribulation from the Third to the Fourth Stage?” Venerable White asked.

“There’s absolutely no problem. Those things are rather difficult to find as of late. Where is that little fellow daoist now?” the man asked.

“In the Jiangnan area. You can directly head to Jiangnan University Town to look for him when you have time. His daoist name is Tyrannical Saber Song One, but it will be more convenient to use his real name, Song Shuhang, to find him.” Venerable White then added, “I’ll be there as well. If you really can’t find him, you can look for me.”

“The Jiangnan area? Let me see… Good, no problem. My subordinate will head there on Monday to look for Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Saber.” The loud and clear voice of the man echoed.

“Perfect, it’s settled then,” Venerable White said.

After concluding the call with that man, Venerable White gave Song Shuhang the number of the opposite party, telling him to save it just in case.

“Senior White, what is the daoist name of that senior?” Song Shuhang asked while saving the number.

“If I’m not mistaken, his full daoist name should be Demon Monarch Nirvana. He was once the disciple of a demonic sect, but due to his hobby being rather out of the ordinary and dangerous, he was ultimately driven out of his sect. Nowadays, he can be considered a loose cultivator,” Venerable White replied.

“What kind of hobby did he have?” Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

“He likes to study and research all kinds of explosive things. For example, he really liked these ‘deadly spiritual veins’. When I contacted him recently, I heard that he was still studying the latest nuclear weapons mankind had developed, and had obtained some great results,” Venerable White said. “Fear not. Although he is a demonic cultivator, he isn’t one of those cruel and bloodthirsty types. In addition, he’s an expert in the world of cultivators when it comes to transcending the tribulation—in particular, the heavenly tribulation one has to face when they advance from the Third to the Fourth Stage. He has done a lot of research, and if he personally prepares those tailor-made formations for you, your chances of transcending the tribulation will increase exponentially.”

In short, he liked explosive stuff as well as researching the heavenly tribulation.

At the appointed time, should Song Shuhang discuss with ‘Demon Monarch Nirvana’ the fact that the heavenly tribulation was becoming modern, ready to unleash a rain of bullets on them?

Who knew, perhaps there was a chance that Demon Monarch Nirvana, someone knowledgeable in modern weapons and explosive stuff, might be interested in this topic?

“Alright, it’s pretty late already. Let’s head back.” Venerable White stretched himself.

“Do you want to head back with the limousine?” Song Shuhang asked.

“No need… keep the car for now. We’ll head to the Chu Family with the power of space.” Venerable White then added, “On Monday, when your university starts, I’ll use the limousine to pick you up and drop you off.”

You want to use that car to drop me off to school?

Senior White, don’t. That’s too eye-catching!

In the ancestral land of the Chu Family.

Venerable White and Song Shuhang instantly appeared in the skies above.

The Chu Family was quiet at this moment. Senior White Two had already taken care of the intruders that had stormed into the Chu Family, and they had been left to the disciples of the Chu Family to deal with. Whether the Chu Family wanted to kill or torture these intruders, Song Shuhang wasn’t going to interfere.

After making his appearance, Song Shuhang didn’t disturb the disciples of the Chu Family. He took the ancestor of the Chu Family out of his Inner World and quietly placed him in the core region of their ancestral land.

“Senior White, let’s go,” Song Shuhang said.

“Don’t you want to meet with the disciples of the Chu Family?” Venerable White asked.

“No need. Today, I want to spread positivity and follow Lei Feng’s good example. I won’t leave my name behind after performing this good deed,” Song Shuhang said. “It’s fine as long as I record it in the diary later.”

“…” Venerable White.

After carefully placing down the ancestor of the Chu Family whose condition was already stable, Venerable White and Song Shuhang headed toward the Jiangnan area.

Song Shuhang returned to his room, took a shower, and happily went to sleep.

Now, he wanted to sleep for a whole ten hours, and better that no one disturbed him!

The next day, early morning.

Upon waking up, the disciples of the Chu Family discovered that their ancestor had mysteriously returned.

The ancestor was still unconscious, but in no danger. His injuries had been treated, and he should wake up in a while.

The Chu Family was finally able to heave a sigh of relief, and the whole family celebrated joyfully.

Since the whole clan was celebrating, the news that the ancestor of the Chu Family had returned from the forbidden area reached the ears of some attentive evil cultivators.

These evil cultivators were one group with those guys that had barged into the land of the Chu Family earlier, and they had been hiding here since the beginning, watching every move of the Chu Family.

Some time ago, when that mysterious expert came along and crushed all their companions that had barged into the Chu Family, these evil cultivators waiting outside were also scared shietless. As such, they didn’t dare to show their faces again, afraid that they would follow in their companions’ footsteps.

But now, they got news that the ancestor of the Chu Family had returned from the forbidden area alive, which was enough to move their hearts.

Since he had returned from the forbidden area alive, the ancestor of the Chu Family should have obtained quite a few good things, right?

However, several other cultivators had barged into the forbidden area alongside the ancestor of the Chu Family, but there was no news of them.

[What is the current condition of the ancestor of the Chu Family? Do we know the details?]

[That old fogy is in a coma. It seems he was injured in the forbidden area. The information is reliable.]

[What about our companions that got captured by the Chu Family?]

[No idea. We are still inquiring about our companions that barged into the Chu Family. Hopefully, they are still alive.]

[Is that mysterious expert still there?]

[We aren’t sure yet. It’s rumored that it was that expert that brought the ancestor of the Chu Family back.]

[In that case, let’s wait. We’ll enter into action when that expert leaves!]

[Leave the matter related to the mysterious expert to me. I have a reliable information channel!]

The evil cultivators had gathered together and were secretly exchanging.

They wished they could immediately barge into the Chu Family and tie up the ancestor, prying out of him the harvest from the forbidden area. However, they still had reservations about that mysterious expert that had instantly dealt with their companions the last time.

But, treasures were simply too alluring.

They planned to secretly observe the situation for a while, and if that expert had left, they would raid the Chu Family again. In the worst case, they would steal the treasures of the ancestor and scatter in all directions.

They refused to believe that that mysterious expert would chase them everywhere just for the sake of the Chu Family.

Just when those evil cultivators were preparing to make another move against the Chu Family… on the Spirit Butterfly Island.

Soft Feather was stepping on a flying sword and skillfully flying in the sky.

Senior Thrice Reckless’ method had worked wonders. When she tried to jump down from high altitude, her latent talent erupted when she descended two-thirds of the distance. Afterward, she easily learned the trick to ride a flying sword.

“Father, I’ve succeeded,” Soft Feather said happily.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly squeezed out a smile.

“Father, shouldn’t you fulfill your part of the agreement? Let’s head to the Chu Family together.” Soft Feather smiled sweetly.

How was the Chu Family now, and what about her friend Chu Chunying?

“Since I made a promise, I won’t go back on my word.” Venerable Spirit Butterfly stretched out his hand and slashed. Sword light flashed, falling beside him. According to the latest information he had obtained, little friend Song Shuhang and Venerable White had already finished exploring the forbidden area and had brought the ancestor of the Chu Family back to the Chu Family.

However, those guys with poor judgement outside the Chu Family were getting restless, and were about to make a move.

Since Soft Feather had advanced to the Fourth Stage Realm, he could let her deal with those guys. She was definitely going to have fun.

“Four hours later, spread the news that the mysterious expert has left the Chu Family, and make it reach the ears of those evil cultivators,” Venerable Spirit Butterfly secretly ordered his monster butterfly subordinate.

Those evil cultivators would have never thought that the ‘reliable information’ they were discussing earlier was kindly provided by Venerable Spirit Butterfly’s subordinates.

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