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Chapter 985: Modern heavenly tribulation raining down bullets? Luckily, it was only a dream!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Su Clan’s Seven clenched his teeth, and said, “I’ll go scatter it!”

Little Sixteen’s tribulation had already come to an end, and she had already started to advance to the Fourth Stage. Therefore, even if he were to scatter the heavenly tribulation, it shouldn’t influence her realm. There was no need to take unnecessary risks and transcend this mutated tribulation.

“Seven, don’t act rashly. If you step forward now, you’ll cause that ‘mutated heavenly tribulation’ to become stronger, making it even more unpredictable.” Venerable White stretched out his hand and held Seven back. “Moreover, I’m here, and Little Sixteen has my Meteor Sword. Even if something unexpected happens, my Meteor Sword can protect Sixteen without problems. Have faith in me!”

After hearing these words, Seven took a deep breath and calmed down.

Next to Venerable White, Ye Si gazed at that cannon made of lightning in the sky, deep in thought.

The heavenly tribulation was upgrading as of late. Today, the muzzle of a cannon suddenly popped out. How much was left before missiles started raining down?

Would the heavenly tribulation that cultivators had to face become even more modern in the future?

Just imagine the scene: fire of tribulation, lightning of tribulation, metal of tribulation, and so on turning into missiles and raining down from the sky and exploding nonstop… It was simply too scary!

Sure enough, it was something to be wary of, and it was better to let Song Shuhang know about it so that he could make the necessary preparations.

Thereupon, Ye Si transmitted the picture of that cannon made of tribulation lightning to Song Shuhang alongside her idea.

Song Shuhang quickly replied, [Ye Si, don’t worry. Actually, there might be a reason behind this cannon-shaped heavenly tribulation. In ancient times, a few magical treasures already had the shape of a cannon. Earlier, when we barged into the forbidden area, didn’t Senior White Two also take out a magical treasure that resembled a cannon? Therefore, it’s not that strange that the heavenly tribulation transformed into a cannon after mutating. Still, I feel that excessively modern heavenly tribulation is unlikely to appear, or at least not this quickly. After all, the world of cultivation is just too different from the world of science.]

Ye Si said, [I still think you should be careful. My sixth sense as a woman and cultivator is telling me that your heavenly tribulation absolutely won’t be a normal one.]

Song Shuhang said, [Ye Si, no flags! I just want to lead a normal cultivation life and advance further with no problems—flags scare me! At the appointed time, if my heavenly tribulation really undergoes a mutation, I might cry.]

Ye Si said, [Cough, the heavenly tribulation is about to start! In a while, I’ll transmit the whole scene to you. Anyway, what are you doing now?]

Senior Sister Ye Si had forcefully changed the topic of their conversation.

Song Shuhang said, [Just now, Senior White left too suddenly, and it turned out that I don’t have the qualifications to drive this ten-meter-long car. Luckily, an old subordinate of Yu Jiaojiao appeared, and is now driving the car in my stead, leading me to a nearby reservoir. After I reach the place, I’ll store the car away and ride my silver dragon puppet, heading toward the land of the Chu Family.]

Ye Si said, [Pay attention to your safety. Anyway, let’s talk later. I want to record the whole heavenly tribulation and share it with you later.]

Song Shuhang said, [Alright. In that case, I’ll take a short nap.]

After concluding his call with Ye Si, Song Shuhang closed his eyes and leaned against the front passenger seat, starting to doze off. Possibly because he was too tired, he quickly fell asleep, and began dreaming.

In the dream, an army with modern military equipment suddenly appeared in the sky. Then, the soldiers of the said army lay prone on the black cloud of tribulation, taking out firearms that Song Shuhang couldn’t see too clearly due to the distance, and started to fire at him crazily.

The bullets the guns had fired were all imbued with the power of the heavenly tribulation!

“Boom, boom, boom~” Bullets rained down nonstop, and the whole place was enveloped in the flames of war.

Then, something that resembled an anti-tank guided missile vehicle slowly drilled out of the depths of the clouds.

Song Shuhang already hated this absurd modern heavenly tribulation!

Then, he suddenly woke up, covered in sweat.

F*ck, it was a dream.

Still, what a scary dream. That modern heavenly tribulation was simply too scary!

Luckily, it was nothing but a dream…

But, what to do if the heavenly tribulation really gets an upgrade, becoming more modern? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Previously, they had the fire of tribulation, lightning of tribulation, metal of tribulation, wood of tribulation, water of tribulation, and tribulation of the Inner Demon, and everyone had gotten used to it by now. At the same time, cultivators had researched countless ways to deal with this type of heavenly tribulation. All these methods had been discovered through the sweat and blood of senior cultivators, and it was their legacy.

But, if the heavenly tribulation really became more modern… cultivators would definitely be caught off guard while facing it. In particular, those old seniors that had closed up for thousands of years would surely go crazy while facing the modern heavenly tribulation after they had come out.

Song Shuhang rested his chin in his hand. Was it possible that they would have to fight guns with guns, and nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons?

Otherwise, he could throw this topic in the Nine Provinces Number One Group and see what the seniors had to say about it…

In the meantime.

Su Clan’s Sixteen opened her eyes. She had officially advanced to the Fourth Stage Realm, and the true qi in her body had completely transformed into innate true yuan. The ‘true qi core’ had also finished condensing in her original dantian.

As soon as she opened her eyes, that cannon made of lightning of tribulation in the sky opened fire.


A pillar of lightning exploded toward Su Clan’s Sixteen.

Sixteen didn’t panic. Her petite body gently jumped and grabbed her life-bound treasured saber, pouring all her true qi into it. Soon afterward, she slightly bent her waist and stretched her body like a bow, exhibiting a very strange offensive posture.

“Eh? That offensive posture… I’m not mistaken, right?” Venerable White looked at Su Clan’s Seven.

That was Seven’s unique skill, and also the move that had conferred Seven the title of ‘strongest Spiritual Emperor’—the [Heavenly Saber Burying the Starry Sea]! When the power of this saber technique fully erupted, it even surpassed the strength of Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s [Twelve Swords of the Milky Way—Night Sky].

“It’s the modified version of the [Heavenly Saber Burying the Starry Sea], the [Heavenly Saber Burying the Starry River]. It’s a saber technique that Little Sixteen created after using my unique skill as a base. Although the power has decreased overall, Little Sixteen is now able to bring into full play its might,” Su Clan’s Seven said proudly. “That’s why I have always been saying that Sixteen’s talent is even higher than mine!”

Just as they were discussing, Sixteen gently shouted and slashed with all her might.

The overbearing saber light chopped toward the sky, mowing down everything in its way.

Beneath her feet, those supplementary formations to transcend the tribulation all activated, empowering her body. The formations basically weren’t used during the lightning of tribulation earlier, and they thus preserved all their energy.

“Ah!” Sixteen seized the opportunity to slash another time, using the Heavenly Saber Burying the Starry River again.

The two saber lights bumped into the lightning pillar one after another. The saber light continually destroyed the lightning pillar, and the latter also continually consumed the saber light.

Three breaths later.

The saber light of the ‘Heavenly Saber Burying the Starry River’ that Su Clan’s Sixteen had unleashed was completely wiped out. As for the lightning pillar, there was around one-fifth of it left behind.

The remaining one-fifth of the lightning pillar ruthlessly slammed toward Sixteen.

Meteor Sword steadily stopped in midair, without making any move. Sixteen was capable of dealing with lightning of tribulation of this level on her own.

Below, Sixteen gently exhaled a mouthful of air. Then, she grabbed the saber with both hands and prepared to slash again.

But right at this time, a burst of pure white energy automatically exploded from her body, heading toward the lightning pillar.

The pure white energy was very similar to the golden light of virtue protecting Song Shuhang’s body, and it was filled with the power of righteousness. The pure white energy ferociously slammed into the lightning pillar. It was likewise a type of energy that would automatically protect its master.

The remaining one-fifth of the lightning pillar quickly crumbled under the attack of the pure white energy.

After the lightning dispersed, the pure white energy changed into its true body—the projection of a pure white dragon. The white dragon hovered behind Su Clan’s Sixteen while baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, protecting Sixteen all around.

After seeing this scene, Ye Si immediately recalled Shuhang. If she were to share this picture with him, he would surely cry himself to sleep.

Ye Si still remembered that when Song Shuhang’s light of virtue was about to materialize, he would continuously think of dragons in his mind in the hope that his light of virtue would transform into a golden dragon. However, his golden light of virtue had ultimately turned into a half-snake and half-stickman entity…

On the other hand, if one looked at Su Clan’s Sixteen, they would see a true dragon made of pure white energy hovering behind her. The majestic, huge, and overbearing white dragon was wrapping Sixteen all around, with its dragon body slowly moving and displaying its kingly bearing.

This was the scene that Song Shuhang had dreamt of day and night.

“What’s the deal with that white dragon?” Su Clan’s Seven was dumbfounded.

“You don’t know what that thing is?” Venerable White asked out of curiosity.

Su Clan’s Seven shook his head. “I’ve never seen that white dragon before.”

At the same time, Seven had a theory in mind.

The fact that Su Clan’s Sixteen’s heavenly tribulation had undergone a mutation was possibly related with the projection of this white dragon.

“The structure of that white dragon is very similar to Song Shuhang’s materialized golden light of virtue. Although the way the two wills manifested is somewhat different, they should have the same origin. Did Sixteen practice soul ferrying techniques or something of the sort?” Venerable White asked.

Su Clan’s Seven was still dumbfounded.

“Boom, boom, boom~”

In the sky, that cannon born from the mutated heavenly tribulation kept firing.

Below, under the protection of the white dragon, Su Clan’s Sixteen wasn’t afraid in the slightest of the might of the heavenly tribulation.

While facing the attack of the cannon of tribulation, she still decided to take it head on.

She slashed again and again with the ‘Heavenly Saber Burying the Starry River’, and along with her body getting used to the innate true yuan of the Fourth Stage Realm, the strength of the saber technique likewise increased.

After a whole 20 slashes…

Su Clan’s Sixteen was gasping for breath, and the cannon of tribulation in the sky also finally misfired.

“Is it over?” The nearby Su Clan’s Seven was even more anxious than when he was the one transcending the tribulation.

“Not yet. Given the meticulous nature of the heavenly tribulation, there should still be one last wave left,” Venerable White said gravely.

Sure enough, that cannon made of lightning started to melt, transforming into a spear made of lightning.

There were countless dazzling runes of lightning on the spear. The spear was filled with ancient aura, and it looked like a godly weapon from ancient times.

The lightning spear slowly moved upward, just as though there was an invisible hand holding it, ready to throw it down.

“That’s bad,” Su Clan’s Seven said, alarmed. That lightning spear had the strength of the Fifth Stage rank, and there was no way Su Clan’s Sixteen would be able to block it if it was thrown.

The nearby Venerable White made a hand seal, and Meteor Sword issued a buzzing sword cry, a sign that it was ready to get into action at any time.

But right at this moment, the white dragon behind Su Clan’s Sixteen issued a long cry and shot up in the sky on its own, clashing against the lightning spear…

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