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Chapter 984: A perfect plan with no loopholes! Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu


And now, this Song Shuhang—who was possibly Mister Wu’s rival in love—was about to reach their reservoir…

What to do?

If Song Shuhang came over and they turned a blind eye, Mister Wu would surely fly into a rage if he got wind of it, and there was a chance they might get punished or lose their job. After all, if the rival in love of their boss came over, they had to do something to protect the boss’ fragile dignity.

However, they were also reluctant to make a move against Song Shuhang, for they were kind-hearted sea monsters.

At this time, they were between a rock and a hard place.

After a short moment, the three sea monsters decided to contact Mister Wu and ask him about his intentions.

It shouldn’t be up to them to take responsibility for this matter.

After the phone was picked up, a cute voice, seemingly that of a young man, was transmitted from the other side. “Hei San, it’s you! Is something the matter? Are the goods I requested out of stock?”

The things that Mister Wu used to buy in the human world were all rather rare, and it wasn’t strange for them to be out of stock.

“Mister Wu, that’s not it.” The cuttlefish-shaped sea monster cleared his throat, and said, “It’s like this… Wang Ping met a human cultivator when he was outside making purchases, and he decided to bring him to our temporary base.”

“Oh? And what is the problem?” Mister Wu asked in puzzlement. They frequently had dealings with human cultivators, and it wasn’t a big deal to bring a human cultivator over.

“The identity of that human cultivator is somewhat problematic,” the cuttlefish sea monster said.

“What about his identity? Can you say everything at once instead of saying one thing at a time?” Mister Wu said.

“Cough, that human cultivator is surnamed Song and named Shuhang. It’s none other than Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao’s human friend,” the cuttlefish sea monster said in a low voice.

“…” Mister Wu was dumbfounded. After a while, he roared, “F*ck, is that guy surnamed Song coming over to thrash my place?”

“No, that’s not it. Wang Ping was the one that invited Mister Shuhang over as a guest,” the cuttlefish sea monster said.

“Beat him up!” Mister Wu clenched his teeth, and said, “It doesn’t matter if he’s coming over to thrash the place or not… As long as he’s surnamed Song and named Shuhang, give him a good beating! It’s just a small human cultivator of the Second Stage, so you three should be able to deal with him, right?”

According to Mister Wu’s information, that human cultivator—who was also his rival in love—was at the Second Stage, and he had met Yu Jiaojiao on a lone island due to Senior White.

“Yes, we should be able to. The three of us are at the Third Stage Realm,” the cuttlefish sea monster said. “However, he is Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao’s friend. Won’t she get angry if we beat him up?”

If Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao got angry, the three of them could expect dark times ahead.

“Don’t worry, just think about beating up that bastard. If Yu Jiaojiao gets angry, I’ll take the blame. I won’t treat you guys unjustly,” Mister Wu said as he patted his chest.

“I understand,” the cuttlefish sea monster said. He was just waiting for this sentence.

Then, he also asked, “Right… Mister Wu, to what degree should we beat him up? Until he’s lightly injured, or until he’s severely injured?

“Hmm, it would be troublesome if the injury is too serious. Yu Jiaojiao might get upset, and this would make my heart ache. Just give him some minor wound, alright? The type that can be healed in one or two days. Still, you have to mercilessly strike his face and humiliate him! In addition, you must record the whole process, got it?”

“Alright, got it.” The cuttlefish heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Mister Wu hadn’t lost his mind.

If it was just a bunch of superficial wounds, Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao wouldn’t cause too much trouble in case she got angry.

After hanging up, the three sea monsters looked at each other.

“Take out the video camera and place it in a good place. Then, we’ll wait for Mister Shuhang to come over to beat him up! Right, there is also Wang Ping to deal with… After he comes back, Little Jiu, you’ll use your innate skill to paralyze him. He’s also at the Third Stage Realm, and he might hinder us while we beat Mister Shuhang up. We’ll explain to him the situation later,” the cuttlefish sea monster said.

“No problem, leave it to me,” a somewhat transparent and jellyfish-like sea monster nearby said.

Thereupon, the three sea monsters started to make preparations.

They had to make sure that the wound was light, and also to hit the face—such a job required technique. At that time, the angle from which the scene was shot had to be a good one, and Song Shuhang’s cries also had to be pitiful.

If Song Shuhang’s screams weren’t pitiful enough, the three sea monsters also had another trick up their sleeve.

The last member of the three sea monsters was a female monster that possessed the bloodline of Western Sirens. Her singing was exquisite, and she could also imitate other people’s voices.

If Song Shuhang’s cries weren’t good enough, she could copy his voice and scream in his place.

As long as the angle was good enough, everyone would think that it was Song Shuhang’s voice! The plan was simply perfect, without any loophole!

In the meantime.

At Su Clan’s Sixteen’s current location.

The heavenly tribulation was raining down nonstop. The previous waves of the tribulation mostly consisted of lightning of tribulation, with some of the other elements randomly sneaking in.

Since it was her second time transcending the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage, Su Clan’s Seven and Su Clan’s Sixteen had made ample preparation. In addition, Sixteen’s strength was also somewhat higher than the last time.

Sixteen had relied on her saber and saber intent to cut the previous several waves of the lightning of tribulation.

She didn’t even need to use the great formation that could aid her to transcend the tribulation, nor had she unsheathed her secret weapon, Venerable White’s Meteor Sword.

Sixteen had been rather relaxed while transcending the tribulation so far.

In the sky, the black clouds and the raging streaks of lightning dispersed… but the heavenly tribulation was not over yet.

“Next is the final wave of the heavenly tribulation.” Su Clan’s Seven was standing on guard not too far from her. He kept some distance because he didn’t want to get involved in Sixteen’s heavenly tribulation.

In the sky, the streaks of lightning disappeared, but the flames and lightning of tribulation started to intertwine amidst the clouds of tribulation, transforming into the last wave of the heavenly tribulation. The last wave also had a certain probability of producing an Inner Demon.

The last time, Su Clan’s Sixteen suffered defeat in the hands of this last wave of the tribulation, getting injured by the lightning of tribulation and almost dying in the process.

Therefore, the nearby Su Clan’s Seven tightly grabbed his treasured saber. Given Little Sixteen’s strength, she shouldn’t have any problem cutting the flames and lightning of tribulation… The only problem was that her Inner Demon might manifest.

After all, it was already Sixteen’s second time transcending the tribulation, and the probability that an Inner Demon might appear was rather high.

Compared to the anxious Seven, Sixteen was instead full of confidence.

The flames and lightning of tribulation in the sky hadn’t given her any pressure. She was convinced that she would be able to cut the flames and lightning of tribulation as long as she had her saber in hand!


The flames and lightning of tribulation intertwined, with fire and lightning raining down.

Su Clan’s Sixteen gently stomped her foot, and the formation beneath her feet activated, empowering her body.

In the next moment, saber intent that could overshadow the sky shot toward the ‘flames and lightning of tribulation’ alongside her saber qi.

The faint cry of a dragon spread from the saber light.

A faintly discernible projection of a white dragon appeared behind Su Clan’s Sixteen.

Su Clan’s Sixteen was way more overbearing compared to the last time she’d transcended the tribulation.

The saber light chopped upward, clashing against the flames and lightning of tribulation in midair.

But right at this time, the saber light transformed into a white dragon that quickly wrapped around the flames and lightning of tribulation, breaking into pieces its main body. As for the remaining fragments of the flames and lightning of tribulation, they were blocked by the auxiliary formation beneath Su Clan’s Sixteen’s feet.

During the whole process, Su Clan’s Sixteen didn’t show any weakness. Not a single fragment of lightning or fire of tribulation could enter into a range of 100 meters from her. They all got disintegrated in midair by her saber intent and saber light!

After the flames and lightning of tribulation, the tribulation of the Inner Demon didn’t appear.

Su Clan’s Sixteen had successfully transcended the tribulation, and the true qi in her body started to transform, changing from ‘liquid true qi’ into ‘innate true yuan’. Her color of her mental energy also became silver. Su Clan’s Sixteen’s mental energy had already reached the Fourth Stage rank before she started transcending the tribulation. Now, it strengthened even further.

The corner of her mouth rose as she put her saber back into the scabbard, stretching out her hand and wiping the sweat off her forehead. Then, she made an OK sign with her hand to the far-off Su Clan’s Seven.

After that, she sat cross-legged and operated her meditation technique, trying to condense a ‘true qi core’ in her original dantian now that she had broken through.

The far-off Su Clan’s Seven finally heaved a sigh of relief.

But, just as he was heaving this sigh of relief… something changed in the sky.

The flames and lightning of tribulation that Su Clan’s Sixteen’s saber qi had shredded to pieces earlier condensed again, rushing toward Su Clan’s Sixteen, who was currently sitting in meditation.

She had clearly transcended the tribulation already, but the heavenly tribulation was refusing to act according to the script!

“!” Su Clan’s Seven flew into a rage, and prepared to draw his saber to thoroughly scatter the remaining heavenly tribulation.

But a streak of sword light was even faster than Su Clan’s Seven…

It was Venerable White’s Meteor Sword! It automatically left the sheath and transformed into sword light, piercing through the heart of the remaining flames and lightning of tribulation and scattering them.

Su Clan’s Seven heaved another sigh of relief.

“It’s not over yet.” At this time, Venerable White’s voice echoed beside Su Clan’s Seven’s ear.

Su Clan’s Seven said, “Senior White, can you not suddenly appear behind someone’s back and start talking?”

“I’m sorry, but the heavenly tribulation influenced the coordinates of my teleportation. I was originally planning to appear in front of you,” Venerable White said.

Ye Si likewise appeared, faintly smiling at Su Clan’s Seven. Then, she looked at Su Clan’s Sixteen, who was sitting in meditation, and the clouds of tribulation above her head.

Under normal circumstances, the heavenly tribulation would have come to an end after Sixteen had dealt with the flames and lightning of tribulation. Her realm had likewise started to change, and she was in the middle of advancing to the Fourth Stage Innate Realm.

As such, the heavenly tribulation should have dispersed already…

But now, after the flames and lightning of tribulation dispersed, a new cloud of tribulation started to condense above Su Clan’s Sixteen’s head.

The crackling sound of lightning could be heard coming from within this cloud.

After a short while, the huge muzzle of a cannon drilled out of the cloud of tribulation. This muzzle was made of golden lightning.

“What’s that?” Su Clan’s Seven said after clenching his teeth.

Why had this big guy appeared in the sky after the tribulation had ended? He could feel that the energy inside the muzzle of that cannon was no joke.

“It should be a new variation of the heavenly tribulation,” Venerable White said after looking at that muzzle popping out of the cloud of tribulation.

This heavenly tribulation was very strange. It felt as though it was intentionally messing with Su Clan’s Sixteen…

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