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Chapter 986: I’m going to retake the scene, be a little more professional, alright?

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

The lightning spear had the lethality of the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor rank. Could this white dragon made of ‘light of virtue’ stop it?

Su Clan’s Seven slightly unsheathed his saber and condensed his saber intent, ready to make his move at any moment.

Venerable White also remained in contact with his Meteor Sword.

At this moment, the white dragon roared as it slammed into the lightning spear, with its roar echoing throughout the whole sky.

The lightning spear, which was seemingly grasped by an invisible hand, was thrown.

The two collided violently.

Then, a dazzling white light shone everywhere, just as if a white sun had appeared in the sky.

There was no explosion, no rumbling thunder. The dragon and the spear collided in silence.

After a while…

The dazzling white light dissipated.

In the sky, the white dragon flew around elegantly, like a king patrolling its territory.

But, the lightning spear had disappeared!

“The white dragon won?” Su Clan’s Seven asked. Just now, that blinding white light prevented him from witnessing what had happened.

“The white dragon swallowed the lightning spear whole,” Venerable White said.

“Swallowed?” Seven raised his head and stared at the white dragon. What was the origin of that thing? It obviously something akin to light of virtue, but it could actually swallow the lightning of tribulation?

At this time, the white dragon was still flying around in the sky. At first, it was flying slowly, but then it started to move faster and faster, making people’s eyes sway all around.

“What is it doing?” Su Clan’s Seven asked.

Venerable White was also uncertain. “It seems… to be digesting?”

The white dragon’s current appearance seemed to suggest that… it had eaten, and afterward started to exercise to digest.

“Digesting? Isn’t it an existence made of light of virtue? It shouldn’t be able to defecate, right?” Su Clan’s Seven said.

As soon as Seven’s voice fell, he saw that the white dragon in the sky had stopped moving, slightly lifting its tail.

At last, a dazzling thing of lightning was shat out.

The crackling sound of lightning was emitted from that thing, and there was also the faint aura of the heavenly tribulation on it.

“…” Su Clan’s Seven.

F*ck, it really pooped something out!

That lightning spear that the white dragon had swallowed down was seemingly turned into dragon excrement and then ejected.

Su Clan’s Seven was certain that this lump of lightning tribulation was definitely the most miserable one in several centuries.

“Still, that dragon excrement originating from the lightning of tribulation is definitely a treasure,” Venerable White said. “Fellow Daoist Seven, if you take it, it might be of great use.”

“…” Su Clan’s Seven.

That lightning of tribulation that had transformed into dragon excrement was definitely a treasure, but the problem was that he did not want such a treasure…

“Looks like Fellow Daoist Seven doesn’t want that treasure?” Venerable White laughed.

Su Clan’s Seven shook his head, and said, “I don’t want it. Senior White, if you want it, you can have it.”

“I don’t want it, either.” Venerable White narrowed his eyes into a smile, and said, “It seems really dirty.”

“…” Su Clan’s Seven.

In that case, why do you want me to take it?!

While they were talking, the dragon poop slowly dropped to the ground, disappearing silently. Strangely, that dragon poop made of tribulation lightning didn’t explode after landing, not causing any damage to the earth.

In the sky, the white dragon slowly wandered around for a while, then began to descend, and returned to Su Clan’s Sixteen.

The gigantic white dragon began to sway left and right right behind Su Clan’s Sixteen, proudly displaying its kingly demeanor.

Su Clan’s Seven stepped on the air, and took a few steps to get beside Sixteen. “Little Sixteen, are you alright?”

“Don’t worry. I’m alright, Seven.” Su Clan’s Sixteen smiled, her aura rising by a point.

Venerable White also appeared next to Sixteen, checking her condition. “There’s no problem, Sixteen is in excellent condition.”

Su Clan’s Seven finally let out a breath of relief.

Sixteen’s heavenly tribulation had gone through several twists and turns, but she’d managed to survive in the end.

Su Clan’s Sixteen gently held her treasured saber in her hand. Besides succeeding in transcending the tribulation, she had gained something else as well. As soon as she issued a command, an electric arc would slightly flashed on her saber.

It was the power of lightning, and there was a hint of the power of the lightning of tribulation within.

This mutated lightning element was much stronger than her original one.

Su Clan’s Sixteen looked up, and said, “Seven, when will we learn how to ride a flying saber?”

“No need to hurry.” Su Clan’s Seven smiled and patted Sixteen’s head. “At least take a break for a while. After that, I’ll teach you how to ride a flying saber.”

“Okay,” Su Clan’s Sixteen cutely replied.

She has successfully transcended the heavenly tribulation, and things were going according to her calculations. Next up, after she had mastered how to ride a flying saber, she would head toward Jiangnan University Town.

In the meantime.

Wang Ping had driven the ten-meter-long car to the reservoir.

“Mister Shuhang, wake up, we’re here,” Wang Ping said.

“We have arrived?” Song Shuhang opened his eyes and looked around.

At this moment, they were at the edge of the reservoir, and there was no trace of any ordinary people nearby.

“It’s a nice place,” Song Shuhang said with a smile as he turned around and waved his hand at the Chu Family’s ancestor and the Fighting Beast, sending them into his Inner World.

Little Cai stood on his shoulder, while the invisible saber insect floated right beside him.

“Now, I can put this car away… then, I’ll finally be able to go home,” Song Shuhang said in a soft voice.

Wang Ping rubbed one of his eyes.

He wasn’t seeing things! The kangaroo and the ancestor of the Chu Family had disappeared without traces, and they were living creatures!

Was it some spatial technique? But, Mister Song Shuhang’s power couldn’t possibly have reached the Ninth Stage Realm, right?

Sure enough, this Mister Shuhang was unpredictable!

Just as Wang Ping was pondering, three figures suddenly approached.

One of them, the monster cuttlefish ‘Hei San’, waved at Wang Ping and said, “Brother Wang Ping, you’re finally back.”

“Eh? Brother Hei, how come you are here?” Wang Ping was curious. He and his three companions were in charge of purchasing things. On weekdays, each one of them had a specific task to complete.

After the completion of their task, the companions would then enter the reservoir to relax. They were all low-level sea monsters, and they couldn’t leave the water for a long period of time. As for whether it was freshwater or seawater, that didn’t matter to them—as long as they could get their bodies wet.

“The three of us were preparing to go out to buy some liquor and snacks. That was when we saw you driving a car back from afar, so we had to have a look. This car is truly cool.” Hei San laughed.

During the conversation, the monster jellyfish suddenly stepped forward and appeared in front of Wang Ping, embracing him enthusiastically.

Wang Ping was baffled.

Why are my three companions so enthusiastic today?

In the next moment, the dumbfounded Wang Ping fell to the ground with a thud. He had been affected by the paralyzing toxin of the monster jellyfish, directly passing out.

Afterward, the three sea monsters turned their bodies and looked at Song Shuhang, completely surrounded him.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Were these three companions of Wang Ping aiming at him?

“Well… Fellow Daoists, what are you trying to do?” Song Shuhang asked. Had he ever offended any sea monster?

Hm, wait, he did offend those ‘sea urchin warriors’, and killed quite a number of them. These three sea monsters… couldn’t possibly be relatives of those sea urchins, could they?

“Excuse us, Mister Shuhang.” The three sea monsters had serious faces as they looked at Song Shuhang and said, “Truthfully, we are merely following the orders. We hope that Mister Shuhang won’t blame us.”

“Wait, can the three of you properly explain first? You’re acting on orders, but whose orders? And, why does this person want to deal with me?” Song Shuhang reached out and lightly tapped something in the air, hinting the invisible saber insect to stay calm..

He couldn’t feel any killing intent from any of these three sea monsters. More importantly, these three sea monsters were merely at the Third Stage Realm, so even if they came at him together, they weren’t Song Shuhang’s match.

Thus, Song Shuhang wasn’t worried in the least.

Hei San nodded, and said, “Right, we should at least let Mister Shuhang know this. Pardon us for our negligence.”

Then, a female monster that possessed the siren bloodline said in a pleasant voice, “Mister Shuhang, the three of us are here to warn you on behalf of Mister Wu. We would like to tell you to stay away from Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao. Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao is a noble existence that humans should not approach; she is female dragon that possesses the bloodline of a flood dragon. Your desire to have her is simply nothing but a dream! Be tactful and stay away from Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao.”

Song Shuhang responded, “Ah???”

Yu Jiaojiao?

He then recalled what Yu Jiaojiao currently looked like… Please, Jiaojiao still had the head of a fish! No matter how deprived Song Shuhang was, he would never go for Yu Jiaojiao!

He would only go for humans!

“You’ve misunderstood,” Song Shuhang said solemnly. “My relationship with Jiaojiao is nothing more than a very ordinary friendship. Also, I am a normal human being, and my aesthetic standard is very different from that of sea monsters like you.”

“Nice try,” Hei San said. “If you were really just ordinary friends, then why would you and Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao sleep in the same house?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Say no more, Mister Shuhang. Today, let us beat you up. Please do cooperate and scream miserably. That way, we’ll be able to smoothly complete Mister Wu’s task,” Hei San said.

While they were talking, the monster jellyfish had already finished setting up a camera on a shelf.

The female monster siren smiled as she said, “If Mister Shuhang really isn’t able to scream pitifully, I can do it for you.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Well, Mister Shuhang, are you ready?” Hei San had revealed his true form, transforming into a giant cuttlefish.

“Do you really want to beat me up?” Song Shuhang said.

“Of course, but don’t worry, we will be very gently. You’ll get some superficial wound at most, the type that can heal in two or three days,” Hei San said. “Later, nothing will happen as long as you stay away from Young Miss Yu Jiaojiao.”

“Hei San, you idiot! I was filming already, and what you said just now was recorded as well!” the monster jellyfish angrily said.

“It’s fine. Before sending the video to Mister Wu, just delete this part of the video,” Hei San said.

The monster jellyfish said, “Delete my ass. Who is going to delete it, you? After the recording is transferred to the computer, there will be a single video file. I won’t be able to delete a part of it.”

“Just do a retake, do it seriously this time,” the female monster siren said.

“Alright, let’s do that.” The monster jellyfish sighed, then started fiddling with the camera.

“Okay, I’m going to retake the scene. This time, be a little more professional and less useless talk, alright?” the monster jellyfish said.

“…” Song Shuhang.

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