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Chapter 960: Heavens! Master, did you die for real?!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Then, Song Shuhang and Ye Si saw the indistinct figure of a turtle appear in the middle of the formation. The turtle was moving about in the water and seemed, at first glance, to be a ‘green sea turtle’.

Song Shuhang and Ye Si stood on the edge of the glacier and looked at the turtle moving about in the water. From time to time, it would also cause some water to spray out. It looked somewhat silly.

If my bamboo leaf hadn’t been lost during the process, this scene would have looked very romantic, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Still, why had his bamboo leaf flown out of his purse on its own initiative, barging into the formation?

Later, he had to head to Senior Seven Lives Talisman’s place and ask the small bamboo shot there why his bamboo leaf had suddenly flown away…

“Eh? With the addition of your bamboo leaf, that formation might have turned into a resurrecting formation!” Ye Si suddenly said.

Resurrecting formations were methods that Immortals or other powerful cultivators had left behind for their sake. Although Immortals could live forever, it didn’t mean that they couldn’t be killed. As such, all experienced Immortals would secretly leave behind a few methods they could use to come back to life. After they had carelessly died, they would have the opportunity to stage a comeback thanks to these methods.

And the person that had left a resurrecting formation here in the glacial world was without a doubt the master of the Palace of Winter.

It was very likely that the master of the Palace of Winter had died back in the day, during the destruction of the ancient Heavenly City…

And now, Song Shuhang’s bamboo leaf had apparently activated their resurrecting formation.

Such being the case, was the master of the Palace of Winter about to revive?

No, there was something wrong here! After entering the forbidden area, they found out that the Palace of Winter had been preserved quite well. In other words, the master of the Palace of Winter survived the destruction of the ancient Heavenly City, and even took the Palace of Winter away, bringing it to this forbidden area.

In that case, just like the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect, the master of the Palace of Winter had died, or had been murdered, after the destruction of the ancient Heavenly City…

On the other hand, the ancient Heavenly City was destroyed overnight due to the interference of the Jade Lake Empress, Cheng Lin. After those events, Cheng Lin didn’t continue hunting down the people of the Heavenly City. Such being the case, who had wiped out the remaining factions of the Heavenly City such as the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect…?

“In other words, my bamboo leaf isn’t coming back.” Song Shuhang sighed, and then contacted his Inner World.

After receiving the order, the Inner World placed Song Shuhang in a state between ‘illusion’ and ‘reality’. This way, even if the master of the Palace of Winter inside the resurrecting formation made a move against him, he could return to his Inner World at the fastest time possible.


The water level in the formation kept lowering, and the silhouette of the green sea turtle disappeared. At the same time, the green radiance the coffins were emitting kept getting stronger.

In the next moment, the power of universe resurfaced in the formation. It was a sign that the energy of the resurrecting formation the Immortal had left behind—which had the power to reverse life and death—was revolving.

Song Shuhang and Ye Si felt their heads getting heavier and heavier. The principles behind that great formation capable of reversing life and death greatly impacted their mental energy even though they were just standing idly by.

After an unknown amount of time…

In the airspace of the great formation… light, principles, and spiritual energy all intertwined. Then, just like seawater flowing backward, the energy of the universe poured back into that stone in the middle of the great formation.

The bamboo leaf stuck in the rock transformed into particles of starlight, disappearing. The power of the bamboo leaf had officially started to take effect.

In the next moment, the stone burst open, and cold air gushed out of it.

The cold air was like mist, and it started condensing in the airspace of the formation, finally transforming into the appearance of a green turtle.

The green turtle slowly opened its eyes.

[The master of the Palace of Winter is actually a green sea turtle?] Song Shuhang and Ye Si were both astonished.

At this time, the green sea turtle was still in a daze.

After a while.

“Heavens~ What is happening? How come the resurrecting formation of my master activated? Damn, this was the life-preserving formation that my master had left behind… why did it activate?” the green sea turtle called out.

The green sea turtle used an ancient language saying these few sentences.

Song Shuhang was unable to understand its words, but Ye Si could.

Since Ye Si could understand the meaning of the words, Song Shuhang did as well. After all, they shared their thoughts, and Ye Si could act as a translator.

“…” Song Shuhang & Ye Si.

From the look of it, this formation wasn’t the resurrecting formation of the green sea turtle… and this turtle wasn’t the master of the Palace of Winter, either.

“Wait, something doesn’t add up! Since I didn’t activate the formation myself, why did it activate? What’s happening?” The green sea turtle strolled about in the sky, looking very anxious.

Resurrection methods were the lifeblood of Immortals, and it wasn’t easy to set them up. Even some Immortals that had lived for several thousand years could only arrange one or two of them at most.

Under normal circumstances, had the master of the Palace of Winter suddenly died, this green sea turtle would have noticed it. Then, it would have activated this formation to bring its master back to life.

However, it didn’t sense the death of its master just now!

As a result, this resurrecting formation had been wasted!

Very soon, the vision of the green sea turtle fell on Song Shuhang’s body. “Kid, was it you causing trouble?”

“Well, how can I explain it… after suddenly appearing, this formation snatched away my bamboo leaf and activated on its own,” Song Shuhang replied. At the same time, he prepared himself, ready to escape at any time.

“This bamboo leaf you are talking about… did it come from a bamboo stick that could pierce the heavens?” the green turtle asked.

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment. Although it was just a bamboo shoot when he first saw it, that bamboo could indeed pierce the heavens in the illusion he saw some time later.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang nodded his head.

“F*ck you! How could you bring the leaf of that guy here? Although I took every precaution, I didn’t consider this possibility, and the resurrecting formation of my master got wasted just like that!” The green sea turtle was extremely sad, and it couldn’t help but shed a few tears.

“The master of the Palace of Winter hasn’t died yet?” Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

“Ugh, everything is well, everything is well! The strength of my master is extraordinary, and he was safe and sound even after the destruction of the ancient Heavenly City. How could something happen to him? My master is definitely alive and kicking!” the green sea turtle said in all seriousness. “My master, the Great Northern Emperor, was among the five strongest cultivators in the ancient Heavenly City!”

But, the voice of the green sea turtle had hardly faded that it received a resounding slap.

No, it wasn’t the virtuous lamia that had slapped its face. A rumbling sound transmitted from the ‘resurrecting formation’ below. Then, cold air gushed out of it once more, forming a human figure in midair.

The cold air condensed, first forming a handsome face—exquisite like an ice sculpture—and then long silver-white hair.

Next, neck, torso, hands, and legs slowly took shape.

The figure of this daoist priest that had just appeared was completely naked.

After it finished condensing, the figure stretched out its hand and pulled over the green sea turtle, using it to cover its private parts.

Then, it faintly smiled at Song Shuhang and stretched out its hand toward the air, pulling out a set of armor and a long gown, wearing them.

“Heavens~ Master, why did you come out of the formation?” The green sea turtle opened its eyes wide and looked at the handsome silver-haired man.

“Because I died!” the silver-haired man said with a smile. When he smiled, his cold features suddenly became very gentle.

“Heavens~ How is this possible? Master, you are so strong, and I didn’t even sense your death!” the green sea turtle said, bewildered.

“I died in a rather special way. That’s why you didn’t notice. But, had you noticed my death, I would have died in vain. My death was part of a big plan,” the silver-haired man said with a smile.

After saying this much, he turned around and waved at Song Shuhang. “Slow-Witted Song, it’s been a while since we have last seen each other. Have you been well? I was lucky that you brought the bamboo leaf over. Otherwise, I have no idea when I would have come back to life. Sure enough, expecting this stupid turtle to open its eyes and enter into action on its own was too much. I didn’t return home even after several thousand years, and this turtle still failed to use its brain and notice that something was amiss.”

“Heavens~ Master, wasn’t it normal for you not to return home for several thousand years?” the green sea turtle said unwillingly.

“…” Song Shuhang.

He was again mistaken for someone else. At this time, he was hovering between illusion and reality, and his facial features weren’t clearly visible.

The last time, in the ancient ruins, that Immortal with arms covered in eyes had mistaken him for ‘Slow-Witted Song’ as well when he was in this state.

By now, several members of the ancient Heavenly City had mistaken him for Slow-Witted Song.

In addition, even Pavilion Master Chu had once mistaken him for Slow-Witted Song in the past. Her relationship with Slow-Witted Song was very good, to the point that she guarded a treasure for him for many years.

Who was this Slow-Witted Song? He had a very good relationship with Pavilion Master Chu and decent relationships with the members of the ancient Heavenly City as well…

“Senior, excuse me, but I’m not Slow-Witted Song,” Song Shuhang said.

He’d first thought of collecting some information by borrowing Slow-Witted Song’s identity, but things might get troublesome if he got discovered.

“Eh? You are not Slow-Witted Song? Let me take a careful look… Indeed, Slow-Witted Song isn’t this weak,” the silver-haired man said with a smile.

Weak your sister!

The silver-haired man held his chin, and said, “Right, I know what happened just now. Little Fellow Daoist, the reason I was able to come back to life this time is the bamboo leaf you brought over. I owe you a big favor, and I’ll need to compensate you…”

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang’s eyes immediately lit up. “Senior, since you have reached the pinnacle of the ice element, do you know of a method to cure a special type of ‘cold disease’?”

“Cold disease? What kind of cold disease?” the silver-haired man asked.

Just in this fashion, Song Shuhang described Li Yinzhu’s cold disease to the silver-haired man.

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