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Chapter 959: Song Shuhang: I feel like I’m going to suffer an unexpected financial loss today!

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The energy core was preserved in good condition, and could be extracted and utilized… but where exactly in the puppet was the core located? Also, how could they extract it?

Song Shuhang looked for a while, but didn’t obtain any results. There were no screws on the surface of that thing, and it looked no different from a living creature. Even after taking a look at the broken places, all he saw was some puppet structure that he didn’t understand in the slightest. Even if he wanted to disassemble it, he had no idea how to do it.

Senior Sister Ye Si suggested, “How about forcefully tearing down this spider puppet?”

Song Shuhang said, “Won’t it explode if we do so?”

From the information he had obtained through the secret appraisal technique, he knew that the core of the spider puppet was a ‘pseudo-eternal furnace’, which sounded like something dangerous. If they were careless and caused it to explode, his entire Inner World might be razed to the ground!

“In that case, how about taking a picture and sending it to the Nine Provinces Number One Group? There might be some seniors in the group capable of disassembling a puppet,” Senior Sister Ye Si said after pondering for a moment.

Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone and shook his head, saying, “There is no signal in my Inner World. It seems we’ll be able to contact the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group only after getting out of my Inner World and this forbidden area.”

“In that case, let’s head out,” Senior Sister Ye Si said. “That puppet strolling outside isn’t our match, and we can kill it. After that, we should make haste and look for a cultivation technique in this glacial world. I get the feeling that trouble will come our way if we delay any further.”

“Very well. Right, Ye Si, do you know any heating formation? If so, can you use it on me?” Song Shuhang added.

The glacial world outside was a place of extreme cold, and the cold there could directly affect the soul of cultivators. Given Song Shuhang’s current strength, both his body and soul would freeze within ten minutes if he didn’t have the protection of an expert. If there was a heating formation protecting him, perhaps he could resist the cold longer.

“I’m sorry, but the heating formations I know won’t be of any use in that glacial world,” Senior Sister Ye Si said. She was only at the Fifth Stage Realm, and the heating formations recorded in her life-bound golden book would be immediately destroyed by the cold there, losing their effect.

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth.

Soon afterwards, he issued a mental order, and left the Inner World.

As coincidence would have it…

When he got out of the Inner World, ahead, that puppet seemingly made of metal, but also not, and wood, but also not, happened to be searching the place where Song Shuhang appeared.

Song Shuhang and the puppet looked at each other.

Whenever enemies met each other, their eyes became red with fury.

“Song Shuhang!” the puppet shouted in a robotic voice, seemingly very angry.

“Brrr~ so cold.” Song Shuhang shivered. In this cold environment, his fighting capacity was greatly affected.

“Die!” the puppet howled. Although its movements had also been affected by the extreme cold, it didn’t have a body made of flesh, and couldn’t feel pain.

The puppet dashed forward, heading toward Song Shuhang. At the same time, nearly 30 sharp blades popped out of its body—it crisscrossed its hands, and its body turned into a ‘human blade’. After getting close to Song Shuhang, its also started spinning.

This move was somewhat similar to the signature move of sea urchin warriors, the Round Dance Chop.

Song Shuhang took out his treasured saber Broken Tyrant and activated the innate skill of his Eye Aperture—Expert Sight—trying to find a gap between the attacks of the puppet.

While the puppet was spinning and rolling toward him, Song Shuhang suddenly slashed! This slash aimed at the gaps between the attacks, and it would allow him to deflect the incoming attack of the puppet.

However, although Song Shuhang’s speed was high… someone turned out to be even faster than him. The virtuous lamia resurfaced behind Song Shuhang on her own initiative.

She was holding the blood bone in one hand and the Face Slapping Flip-flop in the other.

“Slap~” The Face Slapping Flip-flop entered into action, and accurately hit the face of the puppet after dodging the various blades.

The puppet was knocked away while still spinning, falling to the ground only after traveling quite some distance.

After falling to the ground, the body of the puppet kept rotating due to the inertia, leaving some fine marks in the layer of ice below. It looked quite cool.

After her previous evolution, the virtuous lamia had become even more proactive when it came to protecting her master, much better than any barrier or shield.

“Slap, slap, slap~”

The Face Slapping Flip-flop entered into action again. This magical treasure for entertainment mass-produced in the White Cloud Academy was able to display astonishing power in the hands of the virtuous lamia.

Earlier, the face of the puppet had been slapped until small cracks had appeared in it. Now, it got deformed even further. After getting slapped, the puppet rolled all over the ground. The quick attacks of the Face Slapping Flip-flop pinned the puppet to the ground, making it unable to get up. If this continued, it would get slapped to death in the hands of Song Shuhang’s lamia!

I’m going all out! the puppet roared inwardly.

At this time, Senior Sister Ye Si reminded, “Shuhang, quickly return to the Inner World.”

At the same time, Song Shuhang saw some light flash from the abdominal area of the puppet. Coupled with the scene from before, when that metallic puppet self-detonated, he knew that this puppet was going to do the same.

When that metallic puppet self-detonated earlier, it created a 12-meter-deep hole in the ice of this glacial world. Song Shuhang’s small body would be directly reduced to ashes if he got hit by that kind of explosion.

Thereupon, he issued a mental order, making the virtuous lamia take back the Face Slapping Flip-flop. Then, he disappeared under the unwilling gaze of the puppet.

Sure enough, that’s the power of space. Does this Song Shuhang have a space-type magical treasure with him that can allow him to teleport? Or is that White hiding somewhere close? The puppet was extremely unwilling to accept this outcome.

No wonder it couldn’t find the ‘ancestral puppet’ before. Its ancestral puppet had been probably teleported away, and was now in Song Shuhang’s hand.

“Boom~” The shock waves and the steam the explosion had produced covered the glacial world as the entire place shook.

Around fifteen breaths later.

Song Shuhang reappeared in the glacial world.

After taking a look around, he discovered that a large part of the glacial world had collapsed!

The strength of the explosion wasn’t even that big, but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After tanking the explosive attack of Senior White’s cannons and the explosion of that metallic puppet earlier, the ice couldn’t bear it anymore, and collapsed when this other puppet self-detonated, causing a large area to cave in.

Amidst the rumble, a hole that was 100 meters deep and 500 meters wide appeared before Song Shuhang’s eyes.

“There is something below.” Senior Sister Ye Si’s eyes lit up.

There was a row of coffins in the hole. The coffin of the ancestral puppet from before was just one of the many.

The coffins were seemingly part of a huge formation.

In particular, the ten coffins in the central area formed a circle and were inserted in the ice vertically.

“Are these the graves of the enemies that died in the hands of the master of the Palace of Winter in the past?” Song Shuhang said. Earlier, he had heard the puppet mention this stuff through the virtuous lamia.

Now, it seemed that the master of the Palace of Winter hadn’t buried the enemies he had defeated here for sport—there was some reason behind it. The coffins formed a big formation, but what was its purpose…?

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~” Just as he was speaking, weak green light resurfaced on the huge circular formation.

The green light flashed like a will-o’-the-wisp. The style of the glacial world suddenly changed, nearing that of a horror movie.

“The great formation has activated,” Senior Sister Ye Si said.

After the graves got exposed to the air, that great formation made from the coffins of those powerful enemies had activated.

“I think it’s better if we go into hiding again,” Song Shuhang suddenly said.

His right eyelid was twitching.

Whenever one’s left eyelid twitched, wealth would follow. Whenever one’s right eyelid twitched, misery would follow.

Song Shuhang felt that he was going to suffer a financial loss.

The problem was that he was already drowning in debt… and if he suffered a financial loss on top of that, he would be finished!

…His life was the only thing he had left since he had no money!

“Actually, I don’t think that the great formation hides any danger. However, it’s indeed somewhat weird… let’s go back,” Senior Sister Ye Si said.

In the capacity of one of Immortal Cheng Lin’s fragments, her intuition was spot on most of the times.

But since Song Shuhang had a bad feeling, it was better to leave for now.

Just as Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye Si were preparing to head back to the Inner World, Song Shuhang felt that something had flown out of his size-reducing purse.

That great formation made from graves had attracted his bamboo leaf, making it fly out of his purse and ride the wind.

“F*ck!” Song Shuhang subconsciously stretched out his hand to grab the bamboo leaf. However, the bamboo leaf was too fast, and he grabbed only air.

That bamboo leaf was a valuable treasure, possibly one of the most valuable items in Song Shuhang’s possession.

In the capacity of a life-preserving treasure, it could take Song Shuhang’s place once and die in his stead.

Now, that very same bamboo leaf had suddenly floated away…

Senior Sister Ye Si furrowed her brows. She came out of Song Shuhang’s body and stretched out her hand, aiming at the bamboo leaf and performing a grabbing motion. “Come back!”

The spiritual energy transformed into a big hand that quickly reached the bamboo leaf.

But… just as Senior Sister Ye Si’s spiritual energy came in contact with the bamboo leaf, it was completely absorbed.

The bamboo leaf was even more full of life now.

Very soon, the bamboo leaf arrived in the center of that formation made from graves, pricking into a stone in the middle of the graves.

The hard stone was pierced by a mere bamboo leaf…

Was it made of mud?

Song Shuhang looked at the formation as it was slowly activating and issued an order to the virtuous lamia.

The virtuous lamia quickly dashed forward and barged into the great formation, preparing to take back the bamboo leaf.

But, just as she approached the formation, she was blocked by an invisible wall, which prevented her from getting any closer.

“Let me give it a try.” Senior Sister Ye Si patted her life-bound golden book. Chains extended from the book and headed toward the great formation.

However, just like the virtuous lamia, the chains were blocked as soon as they approached the edge of the great formation.

“My bamboo leaf…” Song Shuhang’s eyes had started to tear up.

He knew that he was going to lose his precious bamboo leaf today.


The sound of roaring waves echoed, and the ice beside that formation made from graves melted, changing into water that submerged the formation.

The formation had been completely activated.

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