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Chapter 961: Heavens! Which man surnamed Ye is that incredible?

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It was unknown if exchanging the life-saving bamboo leaf for a method to treat the cold disease was a gain or a loss…

But for Song Shuhang, Li Yinzhu was more important than the bamboo leaf. After experiencing Daoist Priest Li Tiansu’s life in the dreamland, he felt as though he was facing his own daughter when facing Li Yinzhu.

The Great Northern Emperor held his chin, and said, “It’s not difficult to treat this cold disease you are talking about. The best method would be to pass on to her a supplementary cultivation technique of mine. However, it’s not easy to learn this supplementary cultivation technique, and from what you said, the daughter of your dead friend has only one year left to live. I’m afraid she might pass away before learning the technique.”

Song Shuhang could only force a smile. Li Yinzhu’s remaining life span was indeed a problem.

“Such being the case, if you want to treat the daughter of your dead friend, it’s better if I first refine an ‘Ice Soul Pill’ to transform her constitution. Then, when matched with the supplementary cultivation technique I’ll teach her, they’ll defeat the cold disease with even more ease. After some time, the poison inside her body will be completely eradicated or absorbed,” the Great Northern Emperor said.

“Senior, in that case, are you willing to help Yinzhu?” Song Shuhang asked expectantly.

“Of course. I’m someone that always repays favors. Little Fellow Daoist, you did me a big favor by bringing me back to life, and by helping you treat the daughter of your dead friend, I can repay part of this favor,” the Great Northern Emperor said with a smile.

After hearing his words, Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief. With the help of the Great Northern Emperor of the ancient Heavenly City, there was hope to treat Li Yinzhu’s disease.

“However, I’m unable to refine pills right away,” the Great Northern Emperor said.

Is it possible that the Great Northern Emperor hasn’t recovered his strength yet since he just came back to life, and he needs some time? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Just as though he had guessed Song Shuhang’s thoughts, the Great Northern Emperor explained, “It’s not that my strength hasn’t recovered… I’m just not sure if I have the necessary medicinal materials to refine the pill. When I died the last time, I lost all the treasures I had with me. As such, I’m not sure if I can gather all the materials for the Ice Soul Pill.”

Although he had several other hidden treasure houses… so many years had passed, and it was unknown if those treasure houses were still safe. He needed to find the time check.

“Senior, what medicinal materials do you need to refine the Ice Soul Pill?” Song Shuhang asked. If it was about collecting medicinal materials, he could contribute.

“Don’t be impatient. I’ll first check in the Palace of Winter. I hid some medicinal materials there in the past. When the time comes, we’ll make a list of the medicinal materials we lack,” the Great Northern Emperor said.

“…” Song Shuhang. This was awkward. He had already taken the Palace of Winter away, and it was now part of his Inner World!

“Eh? What happened to my Palace of Winter? Why can’t I sense its presence?” At this time, the Great Northern Emperor tilted his head and looked at the green sea turtle.

“Heavens~ Master, where did your Palace of Winter go?” The green sea turtle was likewise shocked.

“I asked the question first! Why are you asking me the same question in return? Operate your brain and think about it, where is my Palace of Winter?” The Great Northern Emperor grabbed the green sea turtle and swung it around.

“Heavens! Master, don’t shake me like this! My turtle balls will fall off!” the green sea turtle said, somewhat worried. “In addition, I’ve been guarding your resurrecting formation all along. I wasn’t the one guarding the Palace of Winter!”

The Great Northern Emperor said angrily, “In that case, who was in charge of the Palace of Winter?”

The green sea turtle carefully pondered for a moment, and said, “If I remember correctly, it was a loyal subordinate of yours, a member of the ‘Cold Gleam’ series.”

“Alright, what happened to Cold Gleam?” the Great Northern Emperor asked.

“Dead,” the green sea turtle replied.

The Great Northern Emperor was dumbfounded. “Dead? How did he die?”

“Heavens~ Master, Cold Gleam was only a cultivator of the Fifth Stage. His talent was very ordinary, and he was unable to break through past the Fifth Stage Realm and died of old age. From what I remember, after dying of old age, he left the duty to guard the Palace of Winter to his descendants. But, the talent of his descendants turned out to be even worse than his, and they didn’t even reach the Fifth Stage Realm. As such, before I entered into a deep slumber, several different generations took turns to guard the Palace of Winter. As for what happened afterward, I don’t remember too clearly,” the green sea turtle said.

The Great Northern Emperor stood in midair, and faintly sighed. “Dead…”

Even if one was a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender, they would have a limited life span, and even if they were an Immortal, they could still die. Unless they became the Wielder of the Will, there was always a chance they might die.

After a short moment…

The Great Northern Emperor gently shook his head.

“If that’s the case, I’ll just use a secret technique to look for the Palace of Winter.” The Palace of Winter was one of the treasures of the Great Northern Emperor, and he naturally had the means to locate its position.

After saying this much, the Great Northern Emperor stretched out his hand, starting to count on his finger. Then, string-like cold air materialized between his fingers.

Song Shuhang felt that the Palace of Winter in his Inner World had started to resonate.

The Great Northern Emperor was worthy of the title of ‘Immortal’… even the obstruction of the Inner World was unable to cut off the connection between him and the Palace of Winter.

Song Shuhang sighed, and replied reluctantly, “Senior, about that… aside from some ordinary medicinal materials with low age and a few ‘Nine Cold Pills’, there was nothing else in the Palace of Winter.”

The Palace of Winter was the caravan of the world of cultivators!

He had managed to move it to his Inner World with much difficulty, but he didn’t expect to meet its original owner before even enjoying it!

“Eh? How do you know?” the Great Northern Emperor asked.

“Because the Palace of Winter… is in my possession,” Song Shuhang replied with his heart in pain.

“…” The Great Northern Emperor.

“…” The green sea turtle.

Well, that was awkward!

The whole scene was very awkward!

Who could come over and lighten the atmosphere?!

After a short moment…

“Wait a moment! Little friend, did you just say that the Palace of Winter is in your possession? Does this mean that you can control the size of the Palace of Winter?” the Great Northern Emperor suddenly asked.

His Palace of Winter was a large-sized magical treasure, and its size could be changed at will… However, only he could use the command to change the size of the palace! Hmm, perhaps there was still another guy that knew how to use it. After all, the Palace of Winter was built with their help.

“Yes,” Song Shuhang said.

The Great Northern Emperor carefully sized up Song Shuhang.

After getting stared at like that, Song Shuhang got a scare. He felt as though all his secrets had been laid bare in front of the Great Northern Emperor.

After a short moment, the corner of the eye of the Great Northern Emperor twitched. Then, he pointed at Song Shuhang, and shouted, “Cheng Lin, you wretch! Why the hell have you disguised as Slow-Witted Song?!”

“Ah?” Song Shuhang was dumbfounded. He shook his head, and said, “Senior, I’m not Cheng Lin.”

“Do you really think you can deceive my eyes? Naive! My eyes can see through all secrets. Cheng Lin, are you coming out on your own, or do you want me to personally pull you out?” The Great Northern Emperor sneered.

Just as if it had been affected by his mood, the temperature in the area around Song Shuhang suddenly dropped. That cold that could even freeze one’s soul burst forth.

Thereupon, the virtuous lamia resurfaced from Song Shuhang’s body, protecting him on her own initiative. She floated above his head as her tail tightly wrapped around his body, shielding him from the biting cold.

After she appeared, her beautiful eyes stared at the Great Northern Emperor.

“@#%×? How come you are also here?” The Great Northern Emperor was again dumbfounded. Then, his facial features immediately returned gentle.

From the looks of it, both Cheng Lin and the previous self of the virtuous lamia, that woman with the beauty mark called @#%×, were members of the ancient Heavenly City, and were acquainted with the Great Northern Emperor.

In addition, from the way the expression of the Great Northern Emperor changed, his relationship with that woman with the beauty mark, Fairy @#%×, seemed very good.

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Heavens! What’s happening? Both the Jade Lake Empress and Fairy @#%×?” The green sea turtle shook its head.

At this time, the Great Northern Emperor carefully looked at the virtuous lamia, seemingly realizing something.

“Little friend, why is @#%× golden light of virtue form attached to your body?” Curiosity flashed in the eyes of the Great Northern Emperor.

He saw that the one attached to Song Shuhang’s body wasn’t @#%× in person, but something akin to golden light of virtue.

“I’m also unsure. I met her in the past, and when my light of virtue materialized afterward, it became like this,” Song Shuhang said. He felt that if he had said something like [it probably became like this because I ferried her soul], the Great Northern Emperor would have flown into a rage and chastised him.

The Great Northern Emperor pondered for a short while, and said, “In that case, what’s the deal with that aura belonging to Cheng Lin on your body?”

“This is a long story.” Song Shuhang pondered for a moment, and decided to let Ye Si make a small appearance.

Ye Si made her small face and hands drill out of Song Shuhang’s chest, waving at the Great Northern Emperor.

“Who is she?” The Great Northern Emperor stared at Ye Si. He could tell that she wasn’t Cheng Lin, but her aura was the same as Cheng Lin’s.

“From a certain point of view, Ye Si is Fairy Cheng Lin’s daughter,” Song Shuhang replied.

“Heavens!” The green sea turtle was shocked.

“Heavens!” The Great Northern Emperor was also shocked. “Which man is so incredible that Cheng Lin willingly gave birth to his child? I simply can’t believe my ears. Cheng Lin unexpectedly gave birth to a daughter… Heavens, if I hadn’t seen this child with my own eyes, I would have spat on anyone saying that Cheng Lin would one day have a baby. This is big news.”

How did you even come up with this theory that Fairy Cheng Lin was doomed to be forever alone…?

“Child, your name is Ye Si, right? Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you. Although I had different views from your mother Cheng Lin, we could be still considered friends. Even if some of the things she did put me in a bad mood, we weren’t enemies,” the Great Northern Emperor said gently.

Ye Si blinked her eyes.

“Child, can you tell me who your father is?” the Great Northern Emperor asked out of curiosity.

Cheng Lin’s daughter was surnamed Ye, and she should have taken her father’s surname. During ancient times, which powerhouse was surnamed Ye?

The Great Northern Emperor pondered for a while, but was unable to recall anybody. The main reason was that they were all cultivators, and they would use their daoist name while introducing themselves. It was rare for them to use their full name.

At the end of the day, which powerhouse surnamed Ye had convinced Cheng Lin to give birth to a child for him? He sure was incredible!

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