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Chapter 921: You are @#%×!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

How was that possible?!

Why did the Imperial Pearl break? Just a moment ago, the life force inside was vast, just like the sun. Then, a few seconds later, all the life force within dispersed, and the Imperial Pearl broke into pieces.

The afterimage of the Immortal moved its half remaining arm with all his strength, trying to reach the fragments of the Imperial Pearl. However, he didn’t have have a hand anymore, so how was he supposed to grab the pieces of the Imperial Pearl?

“…” Song Shuhang.

It wasn’t his fault, alright?

Moreover, the fragments of the Imperial Pearl were bigger than the last time. After all, the pearl in the hands of those female guards in the Jade Lake Realm had directly transformed into fine powder.

“Da… mmit!” the afterimage of the Immortal shouted, clearly unwilling to accept this outcome. A moment later, the afterimage was thoroughly destroyed under Venerable White’s attacks.

At this time, outside Immortal Cheng Lin’s ruins.

That Immortal with jet-black arms was standing right outside the ruins… Actually, he had rushed here immediately after the trap he had left in the ruins activated.

However, he was blocked, and was unable to enter the ruins.

Blocking his way were several wriggling tenta— umh, no. Those were roots, not tentacles.

Anyway, those long wriggling roots had completely wrapped around Cheng Lin’s immortal cave, and even space had been blocked.

Those unsettling roots were making him feel great danger.

He had tried to attack them, but whether he was using sword qi, magical techniques, or innate skills, as long as the attack entered the range of the roots, the roots would wrap around it and make it disappear in no time.

In the end, after getting impatient, the Immortal had tried to directly break through the blockade of the roots.

But just as he got within range, those myriad roots stabbed into his body.

The roots were immaterial, and no matter which method that Immortal covered in eyes used, he was unable to touch them. However, the roots could, on the other hand, stab into his body without problems.

He was unable to attack the enemy, but the enemy could attack him effortlessly. These roots were something akin to a cheat-like existence.

After the roots stabbed into his body, the Immortal covered in eyes discovered that the energy inside his body was being extracted like crazy… and the energy inside the body of an old and experienced Immortal like him was huge! Still, two breaths after the roots stabbed into his body, they had already absorbed around 10% of his energy!

In other words, the roots would only need around 20 breaths to suck him dry.

And 20 breaths weren’t enough to break into Cheng Lin’s ruins with the roots blocking his way…

Thereupon, that Immortal covered in eyes could only retreat… After he had moved outside the area those roots were protecting, the roots shrank back.

Afterward, countless roots swung left and right in front of him, showing off their might.

Where the hell had these roots come from?

Since the times of the ancient Heavenly City up until now, this Immortal whose arms were covered in eyes had never seen something so scary.

Was this something Cheng Lin had left behind?

But if she had this method at her disposal, why had she not used it back then? If she had used these roots alongside her other powers, that Immortal covered in eyes would have been the one to lose his head that day!

Anyway, the Immortal covered in eyes could only unwillingly stand outside the ruins. He could clearly feel Cheng Lin’s presence inside, but he was unable to take even a single step forward.

Now then, how could he deal with these roots?

Just as he was in deep thought, a certain piece of information was transmitted to his mind.

The afterimage he had left in the ruins was destroyed.

The fact that the afterimage was destroyed wasn’t surprising. After all, given Cheng Lin’s strength, it was an effortless task.

The thing that shocked that Immortal covered in eyes was the piece of information that the afterimage had transmitted with the last bit of its strength.

It was just a single sentence.

[The life force in the Imperial Pearl dispersed… the pearl broke!]

“Impossible!” All the eyes covering the arms of that Immortal opened at once. Then, each of those blood-red eyes glanced at the roots.

He was planning to force his way through the roots.

But, right at this time, the roots before his eyes quickly retreated, disappearing in the blink of an eye. He couldn’t feel their presence anymore.

But even if the roots had retreated, he was still unable to use the power of space in that area.

The Immortal covered in eyes clenched his teeth in anger.

In the next moment, the ‘Immortal’ aura around his body sharply rose as he barged into the ruins, directly smashing to pieces the formation that Venerable White had set up at the entrance of the immortal cave.

“The seal was broken… the main body of that Immortal is coming here!” Venerable White said in a grave tone. The main body of that Immortal had really found the time to come!

While speaking, he tried, once more, to use the power of space to send the various fellow daoists outside the ruins, but the space around them was still sealed, and the teleportation failed.

“Senior White, is the teleportation still not working?” Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked.

“Let’s make thorough preparations… we have no choice but to face that Immortal,” Venerable White said with a nod.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer faintly sighed… it was over. Among the fellow daoists on the scene, aside from Cheng Lin’s reincarnation or newly reborn self, he was the one that would have it worst.

A monster hunter that was also an Immortal would reach their position in a few seconds!

“Seniors, relax and don’t try to resist,” Song Shuhang suddenly said at this time.

Before the various fellow daoists could ask any questions, Song Shuhang gave a mental order to the nucleus. In the next moment, all the fellow daoists, Venerable White included, were moved to his Inner World.

As expected… the fact that space was sealed didn’t prevent him from moving the various fellow daoists to his Inner World. On the other hand, Song Shuhang’s Inner World seemed even more efficient while in Cheng Lin’s ruins.

It was probably related to the main body of those roots hiding beneath the ruins. Perhaps there was really a ‘lotus flower’ hiding in the underground area of Cheng Lin’s ruins!

However, it wasn’t the time to think about this matter. Song Shuhang gave another mental order, and tried to move himself to his Inner World.

“Cheng Lin, don’t even think about running away!” At this time, an angry howl was transmitted from afar. That Immortal with jet-black arms covered in eyes was rushing over.

As the Immortal roared, one of the eyes on his arms opened, shooting out a ray that fell on Song Shuhang’s body.

Song Shuhang’s trip to his Inner World was immediately interrupted!

When that happened, Shuhang found himself in a rather weird situation.

His body was hovering between illusion and reality, and was in a state of chaos.

But strangely enough, when he moved the other fellow daoists to his Inner World, they were instantly teleported there.

Actually, in the past, Song Shuhang never had the opportunity to ‘look’ at his body as he was entering his Inner World. Now, it seemed that the way he was moved to his Inner World was somewhat different from the others.

His body wouldn’t get instantly teleported to the Inner World, but would first assume this illusory and chaotic form, getting moved to the Inner World only afterward. The reason for this should be the fact that the nucleus was hiding in his Heart Aperture. As such, his teleportation process required a few extra steps.

After Song Shuhang’s teleportation process was interrupted, that Immortal covered in eyes instantly arrived beside him.

“I won’t let you run, Cheng Lin!” The Immortal stretched out his hand to grab Song Shuhang’s arm.

A burst of sealing power was transmitted over, completely blocking the space around Song Shuhang’s body.

But after a short moment, that Immortal covered in eyes was dumbfounded.

He stared at Song Shuhang, and made an effort to take his hand back. “Slow-Witted Song, why is it you? Where is Cheng Lin?!”

Slow-Witted Song? Song Shuhang understood what had happened. Another person had mistaken him for this Slow-Witted Song. Back then in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, Pavilion Master Chu also mistook him for Slow-Witted Song.

“I don’t know where Cheng Lin is,” Song Shuhang replied. He was speaking the truth. He really had no idea where Cheng Lin was. He didn’t even know for sure who Cheng Lin was right now.

That Immortal covered in eyes said coldly, “You don’t know? Hehe, Slow-Witted Song, as expected, you are trying to protect Cheng Lin… I already knew that you and Cheng Lin had a love affair.”

“With which eyes did you see this love affair between Cheng Lin and me?!” Song Shuhang retorted. At the same time, he tried to contact his Inner World in an attempt to teleport over there.

“With all my eyes! All my eyes could tell that much. Back then, there was definitely an ambiguous relationship between you and Cheng Lin.” While speaking, that Immortal glared at Song Shuhang with his two eyes, as well as with all the eyes on his arms.

He didn’t only have a pair of eyes; he had this many! Still not confessing your crimes?

“I’m not trying to protect Cheng Lin,” Song Shuhang said.

“In that case, hand her over,” that Immortal covered in eyes said coldly. “My target is Cheng Lin alone. Don’t meddle in this matter.”

Song Shuhang shook his head, and said, “I don’t know where Cheng Lin is.” His Inner World was preparing to teleport him again. Although the sealing power of the Immortal had somehow affected his Inner World, it was unable to block it completely.

“It seems you really want to protect Cheng Lin until the end… Such being the case, don’t blame me for being merciless. Slow-Witted Song, others might be afraid of you, but I’m not!” After saying this much, the killing intent of that Immortal covered in eyes exploded.

Then, he fearlessly made his move.

If you want to make your move, just make it already. Why do you keep chatting with me?

“Teleportation!” Song Shuhang shouted.

After getting affected by the sealing power of this Immortal covered in eyes, the teleportation process of his Inner World had become much slower, and it screwed up at the critical moment…

“Don’t even think about escaping!” The right fist of that Immortal had already arrived in front of Song Shuhang’s chest.

If not for the fact that Song Shuhang was hovering between illusion and reality, just the shock wave the fist brought would have killed him a hundred times.

But right at this time, a pure gold radiance exploded from his body.

The virtuous lamia materialized, and gently embraced Song Shuhang, using her body to protect him.

The fist of that Immortal covered in eyes stopped in his tracks.

“@#%×, why are you here?” the Immortal covered in eyes said calmly.

The virtuous lamia raised her head, and looked at that Immortal without blinking. That beauty mark beside the corner of her eye made her look even more attractive.

@#%× was probably the name of that woman with the beauty mark.

Song Shuhang discovered that her name was like a tongue-twister, and no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to pronounce it. It was probably a special pronunciation from some ancient language…

“You… want to protect Slow-Witted Song?” One could feel the bitterness in the voice of that Immortal covered in eyes.

September 2nd, 2019. An Immortal discovered that his heart was somewhat in pain.

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