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Chapter 920: Did you see? The Imperial Pearl is still here! …Crack~

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

This Immortal with jet-black arms was the person that had murdered Cheng Lin back then. But, he had been suspecting that Cheng Lin might be still alive even until now… Cheng Lin was the Jade Lake Empress, and it was impossible that she would allow the other party to casually crack her head open without even putting up a fight.

As such, he was suspecting that Cheng Lin had secretly left behind a method to come back to life, and when she allowed herself to be killed back then, she appeared weak on purpose! After all, when it came to methods to come back to life, who could match up to Cheng Lin, whose way to immortality was all about ‘giving birth to a new life’?

Therefore, after cracking her head open, this Immortal left a trap in Cheng Lin’s immortal cave.

After that, he started waiting… waiting for Cheng Lin to come back to this place after resurrecting!

The probability was rather low. After all, even if Cheng Lin came back to life, it wasn’t very likely that she would return to his old immortal cave…

However, it wasn’t going to cost him anything to leave behind this small trap. Who knew, perhaps he might get some unexpected gains in the future?

Today, the trick he had left behind finally came in handy.

The Jade Lake Empress Cheng Lin had returned!

“Shiet, the opposite party discovered our presence!” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said. After that Immortal with jet-black arms stared at them, Northern River felt huge pressure. After all, Immortals were existences that stood at the pinnacle of the world of cultivators!

Young Master Phoenix Slayer was even more miserable. This Immortal with jet-black arms had a few talismans attached to his body that gave out his identity as a monster hunter. That bastard was actually a monster hunter… and Phoenix Slayer happened to be the only member of the monster race there! He was so terrified that he was about to wet himself.

“Senior White, isn’t it time to run?” Fairy Lychee said. Although that Immortal with jet-black arms gazed at all the present when he said those words, Fairy Lychee felt that he was very likely talking about her… After all, the chances that the opposite party had recognized her as Cheng Lin’s reincarnation were very high!

“It’s useless… he locked onto our position through the power of space already. The opposite party is an Immortal, and his ability to use the power of space far surpasses mine. Even if we run through the power of space, the opposite party will still find us,” Venerable White in a grave tone.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer clenched his teeth. After getting stared at by a monster hunter of the Immortal rank, he was definitely the most miserable person on the scene—of course, after Immortal Cheng Lin’s reincarnation. Then, if it turned out that he was Immortal Cheng Lin’s reincarnation, he would be super f*cked.

“Coordinates locked onto through space…” Song Shuhang fell into deep thought. He had recalled his Inner World.

Although his Inner World was still very small, it was a world that belonged solely to him. Without his consent, no one could enter his Inner World. Would they be able to escape from this Immortal with jet-black arms if he brought all the seniors to his Inner World?

Just as Song Shuhang was about to tell the seniors not to resist and enter his Inner World, Venerable White added, “Anyway, it’s not like I don’t have a way… although the opposite party is an Immortal, the one here isn’t their main body. What was left behind is an afterimage created through some magical technique; it’s not even a clone. Its strength shouldn’t be too high, and as long as we destroy this afterimage left behind through a magical technique, the main body of that Immortal will lose track of us!”

“Therefore, what does Senior White want to do?” Fairy Lychee asked.

“Attack him!” Venerable White said firmly.

Senior White prepared the ❮Explosive Space Compressing Technique❯ he had learned from the Scholarly Sage. With this secret technique, he would be able to ward off an attack or two even if that Immortal decided to attack him through the space lockdown.

However, the other fellow daoists didn’t have such a secret technique at their disposal, and they didn’t know how to use the power of space, either.

Therefore, for the good of various the fellow daoists, he had to take care of this problem now to avoid further trouble in the future!

Riverly Purple Mist said, “But the opposite party is an Immortal, and he can use the power of space. If he wants to come over with his main body, he needs but a thought.”

If that Immortal with jet-black arms came over with his main body while they were fighting the afterimage, they would all die.

Medicine Master faintly smiled, and patted Riverly Purple Mist. “We must still put up a fight.” If the coordinate lockdown wasn’t removed, that Immortal would kill them through the power of space, just like pinching a bunch of ants.

“It’s true that an Immortal would need only a thought to come over with his main body, but the main body of the opposite party hasn’t come yet. Although I don’t know the reason, it might be that he’s closing up and has reached a critical moment, or perhaps someone is slowing him down. In other words, if we take care of this coordinate lockdown now, all our future troubles will be solved. Kill him! Let’s get into action after I take back my illusory reality,” Venerable White said as he quickly chanted an incantation and made a hand seal.

A huge ring of light appeared in front of those present, and all the surrounding spiritual energy crazily poured into it.

Due to this spiritual energy pouring into the ring too quickly, the picture of a ‘funnel’ appeared midair. It was a sign that this magical technique was powerful enough to affect the surrounding area and cause strange phenomena!

After that, a huge oppressive strength was released from the ring of light the magical technique had generated.

At the same time, the monster willow Qing Wu coordinated with Venerable White and jumped out from his waist area, changing into her real form.

After that, she used her tree branches to continuously load bundles upon bundles of disposable flying swords into the ring of light. Aside from disposable flying swords, several flying swords that looked like ‘Meteor Sword’ were also thrown into that ring of light.

This magical technique was the same one that Venerable White had used in the Jade Lake Realm to defeat Demon Venerable Lushan Street. It was a magical technique that only a spendthrift would use.

At the same time, the monster willow also took out ‘Genie Lushan Street’. Qing Wu used her tree branches to rub the lamp a few times, and the black-robed Demon Venerable Lushan Street made his cool appearance.

After appearing, Genie Lushan Street didn’t speak, and simply floated upward. Then, three huge eyes condensed behind his back. The demonic eyes opened one after another; a power that could destroy everything was concealed within these eyes.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator didn’t hesitate to take out his twelve sword orbs. The strongest technique at this disposal, [Twelve Swords of the Milky Way—Night Sky], was ready to be launched.

Fairy Lychee, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, Medicine Master, Riverly Purple Mist, and Ye Si all prepared their strongest attacks.

Song Shuhang didn’t make a move. By relying on his strength of the Third Stage, even if he were to display his strongest attack, the Flaming Saber Technique, he would contribute nothing.

He stood behind the various seniors, and if the situation turned for the worse, he would pull them into his Inner World. With him there, the seniors would have an additional layer of protection.

“Let’s go!” Venerable White took back his illusory reality.

In the next moment, more than a hundred disposable flying swords, as well as crude versions of Meteor Sword, were empowered by a whole hundred supplementary magical techniques after passing through that ring of light. They turned into dazzling seven-colored divine weapons that slashed toward that Immortal with jet-black arms.

The sword light rained down, and the whole world was instantly overshadowed!

At this time, the whole world was filled with seven-colored sword light!

“Boom, boom, boom~”

The aura of a nouveau riche spread everywhere!

Unfortunately, the number of disposable flying swords Venerable White had with him wasn’t enough. Otherwise, the visual effect of this magical technique would have been ten times more exaggerated.

Genie Lushan Street’s demonic eyes also entered into action, and created that demonic region.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s Night Sky followed immediately after them.

Soon afterward followed Fairy Lychee’s divine arrow, Young Master Phoenix Slayer’s five-colored attack, Riverly Purple Mist’s purple sword light, Ye Si’s ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯, and Medicine Master’s mist.

“Boom, boom, boom~”

The various attacks simultaneously hit the afterimage of that Immortal with jet-black arms.

Above was a night sky, and below a demonic area. Then, there was also a divine arrow, five-colored mysterious light, purple sword qi, and so on…

Other than that, there was also Venerable White’s attack of hundreds of flying swords that hit the Immortal in rapid succession. Fire, lightning, sharp sword qi, ice… all sorts of effects were present amidst the sword light.

This joint attack continued for a total of ten breaths!

Ten breaths later.

“Did we manage to destroy it?” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator asked. If they had destroyed the afterimage of that Immortal in one attack, it would have been great.

After all, no one would like to be on the mind of a hostile Immortal, especially if the opposite party had locked onto your coordinates through the power of space. If they were a little careless, they would die without even knowing how.

Venerable White didn’t reply. He was trying to sense the status of that ‘coordinate lockdown’.

After a short time, Venerable White heaved a sigh of relief, and smiled. “It was a success!”

That feeling of having their coordinates ‘locked onto’ had disappeared.

At this pace, that Immortal would be unable to lock onto their coordinates again. Now, Venerable White could use the power of space and flee from this place with the others without alarming him.

Venerable White had been very lucky up until now, and today was no exception.

This afterimage that the Immortal with jet-black arms had left behind wasn’t that powerful.

The only task of this afterimage was to lock onto Cheng Lin’s coordinates and keep an eye on her immortal cave. As for the combat aspect, the opposite party was an Immortal, and could directly pass through space and arrive at Cheng Lin’s immortal cave at any time.

However, this Immortal hadn’t expected that its main body would be unable to immediately rush to the immortal cave after discovering Cheng Lin… and he also hadn’t expected that the afterimage he had left behind would be destroyed this quickly.

The dust settled down.

However, Venerable White didn’t immediately leave the place.

Although that feeling of having his coordinates locked onto had disappeared, he wanted to confirm that the afterimage of that Immortal had been really destroyed. If the afterimage was still intact, there was a chance that—after getting rid of whatever was stopping it and coming over—that Immortal might get some useful information from it, locking onto their position again.

They couldn’t leave behind such a huge hidden danger.

“I’ll send you out first,” Venerable White said to the various fellow daoists.

“What about you, Senior White?” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator asked.

Venerable White replied, “I want to stay behind and make sure of something.”

However, just as Venerable White tried to use the power of space to send the various fellow daoists out, he suddenly stiffened.

“Did the teleportation fail?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Yes… I understand now. The space of this area is locked down,” Venerable White said. “Perhaps this is the reason that Immortal was unable to reach this place through the power of space.”

If this was really the reason, he had to speed things up.

If that Immortal was unable to reach this place through the power of space, he would teleport to the closest available place nearby Cheng Lin’s ruins, and then barge into the ruins themselves.

“We have to quickly leave this place,” Venerable White said.

While they were discussing, the radiance of the explosions finally died down…

Then, the corner of Venerable White’s mouth rose. “Thank God we didn’t leave immediately!”

The afterimage of that Immortal hadn’t been destroyed completely, and half of his head and his left arm were still there.

They couldn’t leave these pieces behind!

Venerable White immediately stretched out his hand, and made a hand seal. In the next moment, that ring of light appeared again.

However, Venerable White didn’t have any disposable flying sword he could use this time.

Even though the monster willow was right beside him, he wouldn’t be able to manufacture many disposable flying swords even if he were to break all her branches.

Therefore, Venerable White jumped up, and threw himself into that ring of light.

[Acceleration, Acceleration Lv.2, Super Acceleration, Reinforcement, Sharpness, Energy Doubling, Energy Doubling Lv.2, Lightning-Fast Flash, Storm Cut, Chain Bombardment, Flame Boost, Lightning Boost, Wind Boost, Spirit Boost, Split Chain Attack, Energy Discharge, Blazing Boost, etc…] The effects of more than a hundred supplementary magical techniques were applied to Senior White’s body.

The seven-colored light of a divine item resurfaced on Senior White’s body.

Heavens, this magical technique can be used like this as well? Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide.

“I feel a little uncomfortable. Among those hundred-plus magical techniques, there are several that aren’t suited to empower the human body, and they are clashing with each other. Next time, I must improve it a little,” Venerable White said.

In the next moment, he disappeared from where he was standing with a whizz.

The next time he appeared, the seven-colored Venerable White was wielding his fists, and heading toward the remnants of the afterimage of that Immortal.

The afterimage of that Immortal didn’t have the strength to fight back anymore. Under the power of Venerable White’s fists, its body was continuously destroyed. Each time Venerable White attacked, a part of his body would disappear.

Since even a hundred of it would be unable to resist, the afterimage looked at Song Shuhang and the others.

“Cheng Lin… you won’t be able to escape. My main body will find you again and put you to death. In addition, do you really think you were able to overthrow the Heavenly City? You are too naive… as long as the Emperor is still alive, the Heavenly City won’t die.” After saying this much, a bright pearl emerged from the arm of the afterimage.

The pearl had been hiding in his arm all along…

The pearl was glistening, as dazzling as the stars in the night sky.

The pearl was emitting powerful life force. This life force was huge, just like the blazing sun.

“As long as the Imperial Pearl exists, the Emperor also exists! Did you see how huge the life force within is? The one that lost… is you, Cheng Lin!” The afterimage of the Immortal used its last bit of strength to laugh loudly. “Someday, the Heavenly Emperor will return and rebuild the Heavenly City. After coming back, he will be even stronger than before. At that time, no one will be able to defeat our Heavenly City!”

Just as the Immortal was laughing, something unexpected happened…

A large amount of the life force that was emanating from the Imperial Pearl suddenly disappeared.

The life force was dissipating at a very fast pace, just like a star imploding!

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the life force in the Imperial Pearl had disappeared.

The smile of the afterimage of the Immortal stiffened.

“How… How is this possible?!”

Under his desperate gaze, the life force in the Imperial Pearl completely dissipated. The Imperial Pearl had turned into a very ordinary pearl, dim and gloomy.

In the next moment…

“Crack, crack, crack~”

The Imperial Pearl broke.

It thoroughly broke, turning into fine powder.

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