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Chapter 922: It’s like this… how about giving me some face?

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

[There was something between my virtuous lamia and this guy!] Song Shuhang could feel it thanks to his keen senses. Actually, to be more precise, there was something between this Immortal and that woman with the beauty mark he’d met in the Jade Lake Realm!

However, it was also pretty clear that that woman with the beauty mark, who had a strange concept of love, liked the Jade Lake Empress Cheng Lin—she liked her to the point that she agreed to protect the dried up Jade Lake in her stead after the fall of the Heavenly City.

This was like a drama…

The circle of relationships in the ancient Heavenly City was really complicated!

Other than that, couldn’t that Immortal see that the virtuous lamia protecting his body was just materialized light of virtue, and not that ‘woman with the beauty mark’ in his memories?

An Immortal shouldn’t make this kind of mistake!

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang was somewhat moved.

Was it possible that the ‘woman with the beauty mark’ had a clone of some sort made of light of virtue?

Or perhaps that woman was now living inside his light of virtue as a different type of life form?

After recalling the fact that the virtuous lamia had casually run to Fairy Lychee’s room some time ago, Song Shuhang felt that the second possibility was more likely.

According to Song Shuhang’s guess, Fairy Lychee was either Cheng Lin after reincarnating or Cheng Lin after coming back to life. That woman with the beauty mark called @#%× really liked Cheng Lin. Therefore, it was understandable why she had run to Fairy Lychee’s room on her own initiative.

“@#%×, get out of my way.” That Immortal covered in eyes calmly gazed at the virtuous lamia, and then said in a grave tone, “The ancient Heavenly City was destroyed overnight because of Cheng Lin. I absolutely can’t let her off. No matter who it is, if they prevent me from killing Cheng Lin, they are my enemies. And you… are no exception! Get out of my way!”

The virtuous lamia kept looking at that Immortal covered in eyes with her bright eyes.

Then, several breaths later, the body of the virtuous lamia suddenly disappeared!

That Immortal covered in eyes inwardly rejoiced. His right hand, which was already ready to attack, immediately punched toward Song Shuhang. Slow-Witted Song, die!

But just as he punched, Song Shuhang’s body disappeared as well.

The fist of that Immortal covered in eyes hit nothing but air.

“…” The Immortal covered in eyes maintained his punching position, not moving in the slightest.

He tried to use the power of space, but just as before, space was still sealed.

This space seal wasn’t affecting him alone; it was a global thing.

But even under these circumstances, Slow-Witted Song had managed to use the power of space to leave the place! In the ancient Heavenly City, it was said that Slow-Witted Song’s ability to escape was the number one in the world. Now, it seemed that that reputation wasn’t unwarranted.

After a long time…

That Immortal covered in eyes silently took his fist back. Then, he slowly walked toward the place where his afterimage had been destroyed. There were some fragments lying on the ground.

Those were the fragments of the broken Imperial Pearl.

He squatted down a little, and stretched out his hand, picking up the fragments on the ground…

The life force inside the Imperial Pearl had already disappeared, and at this time, these fragments were just the fragments of an ordinary pearl.

The Immortal covered in eyes started to become restless.

But right at this time, not too far from him, tens of roots drilled out of the ground.

Those were the same roots that were protecting Cheng Lin’s ruins earlier!

The Immortal covered in eyes furrowed his brows, and stretched out his hand, receiving all the fragments of the Imperial Pearl lying on the ground. Then, he vigilantly looked at the roots.

After all, those things could suck him dry within 20 breaths. He couldn’t let his guard down.

A moment later, those roots entwined in midair, finally forming a seven-colored lotus flower.

[A lotus flower!] That Immortal covered in eyes clenched his teeth. Lotuses were the flowers he hated the most. The Jade Lake Empress Cheng Lin would usually swagger around while stepping on lotus flowers. Since he didn’t like Cheng Lin, he didn’t like lotus flowers, either.

But right at this time… that seven-colored lotus flower bloomed.

A figure was sitting cross-legged inside this lotus flower.

It was the figure of a man with a tall and slender build. He was wearing a pure white robe with a lifelike blue luan drawn on it. The sleeves of his clothing were relatively large, and the lower hem also very long.

The man stood up, and looked at that Immortal covered in eyes with a smiling face.

That Immortal covered in eyes said coldly, “Who are you?”

“Nobody,” the man said with a smile.

“…” The immortal covered in eyes said, “What are you trying to achieve?”

The strength of the opposite couldn’t be underestimated, and that Immortal covered in eyes wasn’t sure if he could defeat this man without finding a way to deal with those roots first. In addition, the opposite party was clearly on Cheng Lin’s side.

The man faintly smiled, and said, “It’s like this… how about giving me some face and not looking into this matter related to Cheng Lin anymore?”

Had this guy eaten the wrong medicine?

The Immortal covered in eyes sneered. “I should give you face and not look into this matter related to Cheng Lin any longer? Ahaha.”

“From the looks of it, you don’t intend to give me face, am I right?” The man didn’t get angry, and kept wearing that perfect smile on his face.

“Why should I give you face?” that Immortal covered in eyes said coldly.

The man nodded his head.

Then, he suddenly made his move, and used his palm to attack that Immortal covered in eyes!

“Bah, he unexpectedly didn’t give me face!” the man said.

It was a very ordinary palm attack.

But the Immortal covered in eyes felt as though the will of the entire universe was behind this palm!

“Do you really think I’m afraid of you?” That Immortal covered in eyes raised both his hands, and the eyes on his arms opened. Then, all sorts of magical techniques and extraordinary skills crazily shot out of them!

Each of those attacks released from the his eyes was enough to kill a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender and injure an Immortal!

I have to take him down before he makes use of those strange roots! that Immortal covered in eyes thought to himself.

But just as this thought flashed through his mind, everything before his eyes became black.

He was knocked flying!

All those attacks capable of killing Tribulation Transcenders and injuring Immortals became useless in front of the palm attack of that man.

The remaining strength of the palm didn’t decrease as it hit him in the face.

One palm had been enough to knock him to the ground.

That Immortal covered in eyes had an expression of disbelief on his face. His current strength could be considered high even amidst Immortals… and yet, he couldn’t take on a single move of this man?

Not even the Heavenly Emperor would be capable of such a feat!

Just who was this man?!

“Since you don’t want to give me face, you’ll stay in this small black room for a thousand years and reflect on your actions.” On the lotus flower, that man calmly received his hand. Then, he took out a small magical treasure that resembled a room, which he aimed toward the Immortal covered in eyes.

The small room produced a powerful gravitational force that dragged the Immortal lying on the ground into that room-shaped magical treasure.

That man wearing a smile on his face closed the small room, and shook it a little before storing it away, fully satisfied.

Then, he drilled back into the lotus flower, which transformed into roots that retracted back into the ground, disappearing without a trace.

In Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

“How is this possible?” Song Shuhang discovered that his Inner World was now mounted into another huge world.

In addition, Venerable White and the others, whom he had brought here earlier, had disappeared!

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