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Chapter 915: The Soul King answering the call!

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The young sea urchin warriors returned to their senses, and pointed the various torpedoes, missiles, and other weaponry toward the immortal boat, opening fire.

“Boom, boom, boom~”

Something like 200 bombs was instantly fired toward the immortal boat, and there were several other waves of explosives following behind.

Given the weights of these bombs, were they planning to take down an aircraft carrier?

Their small immortal boat only had the size of an ordinary vehicle, so wasn’t this attack a little too exaggerated?

Song Shuhang operated the immortal boat, quickly leaving the place.

Now that Venerable White had modified the immortal boat, it was the same as a car. The only difference was that the steering wheel had some extra functions. For example, if one moved the steering wheel up and down, they would be able to make the immortal boat emerge or submerge further.

Song Shuhang only had to try it for a while to get the gist of it.

Still… the speed of the modified immortal boat wasn’t that fast, and it was unable to dodge all those bombs.

“Seniors, what do we do now?” While facing those myriads of bombs, Song Shuhang’s heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up.

The scene was simply too magnificent, and it was inevitable that one would feel their blood rushing to their head.

“Don’t be impatient. Let me take a few pictures first,” Fairy Lychee replied. Just as the immortal boat was about to get hit by hundreds of bombs, Fairy Lychee took out her mobile phone, and aimed outside the boat, taking several pictures.

Then, she also took out a selfie stick, and found a good pose while facing the camera.


Fairy Lychee looked beautiful in the picture, and behind her was a myriad of bombs heading in her direction!

“Beautiful. This selfie is the best one I took today,” Fairy Lychee said.

While speaking, she sent the pictures to her WeChat Moments.

[We went to brave dangers with Senior White today, and prepared to explore some ancient ruins. However, we didn’t expect that we would get ambushed along the way. The offensive of the enemy was pretty fierce, and they launched a myriad of bombs at us. The bombs will hit our immortal boat in around five breaths.]

After sending the message, Fairy Lychee put away her mobile phone, fully satisfied.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Just like Fairy Lychee had predicted, five breaths later, torpedoes, depth charges, and all sorts of others weapons mercilessly hit the immortal boat.

“Boom, boom, boom~”

The sound was ear-splitting, and the scene pretty exciting.

But right at this time, in the camp of the sea urchin warriors.

A sea urchin warrior with a missing leg managed, with great difficulty, to get out of the range of the explosions.

Then, it looked at its missing leg with eyes full of terror.

“Damn, I actually lost my leg! Not good, I must immediately… take a picture and upload it to my WeChat Moments!” After saying this much, it took out its mobile phone. This mobile phone had been magically modified, and was waterproof and resistant to high pressure.

However, the modification of the phone wasn’t too good, and after the sea urchin reached the depths of the sea, the signal became very weak.

Actually, the sea urchin warrior was originally planning to secretly look for a human cultivator and ask them to modify the mobile phone for it in exchange for some spirit stones. But after making some inquiries, it discovered that human cultivators charged a very high fee to modify mobile phones. It was about one spirit stone of the Second Stage for a mobile phone that could get the signal everywhere on the globe. Then, if one wanted it to be waterproof, fireproof, resistant to high pressure, and so on, they would have to add another spirit stones of the Second Stage. Again, if one wanted a mobile phone that got the signal everywhere in the solar system, they would need to expend a spirit stone of the Third Stage.

It was a bit unwilling to pay that price. Therefore, it decided to modify the mobile phone on its own.

Anyway, the sea urchin warrior raised its mobile phone, and took several pictures of its missing leg. Afterward, it also raised the phone above its head, taking full pictures of its body.

Then, it took advantage of the fact that its phone still had a little bit of signal to upload the pictures to its WeChat Moments. Of course, it didn’t forget to beautify its pictures a little before uploading.

[Heavens! Today we followed the elder, and went to encircle and kill an evil human that committed unspeakable crimes. But before I could even launch a bomb, I lost my leg! Blood is flowing without a stop, and I’m in so much pain that I feel like dying!]

After sending the message, the sea urchin warrior with the missing leg put away its mobile phone. Then, it tilted its head and fainted. Its injuries were very serious. Not only had it lost one leg, but it had also suffered great damage due to the shock waves of the explosions.

Therefore, after it had finished taking those pictures, it couldn’t hold on anymore, and lost its consciousness.

“Boom, boom, boom~”

Song Shuhang felt as though the whole immortal boat was falling apart. It was trembling nonstop.

The sound of explosions filled the entire boat.

At the same time, the sound of the alarm was continuously echoing in the control center of the immortal boat.

On the liquid crystal screen, the green energy bar representing the defenses of the immortal boat had now decreased by 70%, falling to a worrying range. If the immortal boat kept getting hit like this, it would be done for.

As expected, bombs were the best tools to solve problems! If the problem didn’t get solved, it was probably because there weren’t enough bombs!

Song Shuhang turned around, and asked, “Senior Northern River, do you have any method to fix the defenses?”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator shook his head, and said, “There is, but it’s pointless… With so many torpedoes and depth charges coming our way, even if I create a defensive barrier with all my power, it won’t last for long. Only if I’m given enough time and spirit stones, and can engrave around 200 defensive formations, can I do something about it…”

“What do we do in that case?” Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide.

“Fear not. Given our strength, it won’t be a problem to escape that wave of bombs even if the immortal boat gets destroyed. Our lives aren’t in danger,” Fairy Lychee said.

“…” Song Shuhang.

“The second wave of explosions is about to come. The immortal boat is done for,” Medicine Master said.

“Right, I just remembered that Senior White bought this immortal boat from the scholarly faction not too long ago. After buying it, he even spent a long time to modify it. Such being the case, won’t Senior White get angry if the boat gets shredded to pieces?” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said.

“Even if he got angry, he would let out his anger on the sea urchin warriors,” Young Master Phoenix Slayer said.

Song Shuhang suddenly said, “Seniors, wait a moment. There is something wrong with the immortal boat.”

The level of the defenses of the immortal boat had fallen to 19% according to that liquid crystal screen in the control center.

When it happened, a series of notifications popped up.

[Warning: The level of the defense of the immortal boat has fallen below 20%. Starting the emergency mode.]

At the same time, five push buttons appeared on the screen.

[Notification: Please choose the emergency plan.]

Song Shuhang gazed at the five buttons. From the looks of it, each button corresponded to an emergency plan. But how was one supposed to choose when there was no introduction to the plans?!

How was one supposed to know what did these plans consist in?

Song Shuhang turned his head around, and asked the various seniors, “Seniors, what do you think?”

“Casually choose one? In the end, they are all emergency plans…” Fairy Lychee said.

“Just press on the one you like the most,” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said as he shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t have any preference,” Medicine Master said.

“…” Song Shuhang.

After seeing that the level of the defenses was getting lower and lower, Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, choosing one of the plans.

After closing his eyes, Song Shuhang pressed on the third button.


One of the formations inside the immortal boat activated.

Inside the formation was a treasured sword… it was precisely Senior White’s Meteor Sword.

After the formation activated, Meteor Sword suddenly disappeared in the void. This was very likely the work of Senior White’s innate space-related skill!

“What kind of emergency plan is this? Is it about sending Meteor Sword outside and have it protect the immortal boat?” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator asked out of curiosity.

His voice had hardly faded that the light of the formation shone again.

Then, Meteor Sword appeared again.

However, when Meteor Sword appeared this time, there was also another figure with it.

It was a tall man with long and silky hair, which was braided into countless mini-pigtails.

Two huge under-eye circles, as well as five long bloody lines that went from left to right, were drawn on the face of this man. Then, his face, nose, and lips were pierced with needle-like objects.

As for his body, it was covered with all sorts of scary tattoos.

It seemed that this guy was one of those ultrheavy death metal singers.

At this time, the heavy death metal rock singer was keeping up a ‘roaring’ posture. He was crazily strumming the guitar with his eyes closed, and his head was wildly moving back and forward alongside the strumming.

At this time, the sound of the guitar had already reached the climax.

“Wooooooooo!” the man loudly roared, and started singing.

“F*ck, isn’t that Dharma King Creation?” When that man started howling, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator recognized him.

The problem was that Dharma King Creation had changed too much. After seeing that death metal and rock and roll style, as well as exaggerated make-up, no one would relate him to Dharma King Creation!

Anyway, why the hell was there an option to summon Dharma King Creation amidst the five emergency plans that Venerable White had left behind?!

What was supposed to happen after they had summoned Dharma King Creation?

Hmm, right. After getting summon, Dharma King Creation would start singing!

Well, that was terrible!

“Fellow Daoist Creation, wait a moment…” Fairy Lychee’s small face became pale.

Song Shuhang’s face also became pale. He had recalled that time when Dharma King Creation loudly sang right in front of him. That experience had been even worse than hell.

“Dharma King, it’s us! We are your friends!” Medicine Master said in a hurry.

Unfortunately for them, the Soul King didn’t even hear their words, because he was deeply immersed in his music at this time!

Dharma King Creation was extremely popular in the world of music as of late, and he would literally set things on fire wherever he went!

All the tickets for his concerts were sold out.

Well, perhaps everyone in this world had deep inside their heart the wish to seek (death) the thrill?

Dharma King Creation’s voice possessed great destructive power, and after the news that he could send to the hospital whomever heard his voice became public knowledge, a lot of death metal and rock and roll fans started to adore him.

Then, countless people that sought exciting experiences or wanted to experience how it felt to be ‘between life and death’ also spared no effort to get to Dharma King Creation’s concerts from the most remote places.

The last half a month had been the happiest half a month in Dharma King Creation’s life! No matter where he went, people were willing to listen to his songs!

Today was the same, and Dharma King Creation was holding a concert in Europe.

Dharma King Creation was singing a Chinese song, and most of the fans didn’t understand what he was saying… however, that was hardly a problem! Music, or art in general, was something that went beyond national boundaries!

Even if they didn’t understand what he was saying, the lethality of his voice and the general madness it would induce were unchanged!

After the song had started, the fans would start to cry out in agony. This flavor was truly… terrific!

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