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Chapter 916: The Soul King in ringtone plus vibration mode

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Dharma King Creation, who was deeply immersed in his thoughts and had his eyes closed, quickly strummed the guitar, and shouted with all his might, “Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!”

After he opened his mouth, a series of ominous words came out of it. Dharma King Creation had shouted each of those words with his soul, yelling from the depths of his throat.

Each time those deadly words came out of his mouth, a shock wave that was visible with the naked eye also spread from his mouth. Along with this series of ‘die’ spreading around, it felt as though the immortal boat was filled with the shock waves of a nuclear explosion.

The sound was ear-splitting!

The worst thing was that the immortal boat acted as an echo chamber, and it felt as if Dharma King Creation had sung that piece two or three times.

“My ears, my ears… if only I had a pair of headphones now… aaaaah~” Song Shuhang was the first one to fall. Among the people on the scene, he was the weakest one. Therefore, he was naturally the first one to fall. Immediately afterwards, the virtuous lamia appeared. She inflated, firmly wrapping Song Shuhang inside her body to protect him.

The next one to fall was Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

“Aaaaah~ I’m… dying…!!!” Young Master Phoenix Slayer’s eyes rolled back, and foam started to come out of his mouth as he passed out, falling to the ground. His hearing was the most sensitive amidst the fellow daoists on the scene. As such, the music of the Soul King affected him the most.

“No… we have to stop Fellow Daoist Creation. Otherwise, every one of us… will fall!” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said while trembling. One couldn’t forget that there were still several bombs outside coming their way!

Bombs were unforgiving entities, and wouldn’t stop just because they wished so!

If they passed out due to Dharma King Creation’s music, and the defenses of the immortal boat got breached at the same time, they would get bombarded nonstop while in a coma!

At that time, it would be truly over for them!

…Still, why had Venerable White decided to leave behind the option to summon Dharma King Creation amidst the five emergency plans he had prepared beforehand?! No one could understand the reason behind it!

“Those that are unfaithful… will die, die, die! Those that are unfilial… will die, die, die! Die, die, die~” Dharma King Creation swung his head back and forth.

From the looks of it, he hadn’t even realized that he had been teleported somewhere else.

Medicine Master tightly held Riverly Purple Mist’s small hand while trembling, and said, “Purple Mist… in the next life… we will also be lovers…”

Medicine Master’s strength was higher than Song Shuhang’s. As such, it took him some more time to fall.

At this time, Medicine Master was having hallucinations, and he felt as though the six paths of the wheel of karma had appeared in front of him. At the same time, his mind was completely blank due to the music, and he got the impression that he was going to die soon. As such, he started saying his last words and preparing for his next life.

Not too far from them, Dharma King Creation’s started singing even more loudly. “Those that are cruel… will die, die, die! Those that are immoral… will die, die, die! Die, die, die…”

“Boom, boom, boom~” At the same time, the second wave of torpedoes, artillery shells, and armor-piercing shells battered the immortal boat.

The level of the defenses of the immortal boat fell to 5%. The defense of the boat was about to get breached.

At this time, while getting protected by the virtuous lamia, Song Shuhang struggled to get up.

Someone had used the secret sound transmission method to relay a message in his ears.

[Choose the second emergency plan, and after the immortal boat has gotten past this critical stage, press that sound amplifying button in the control center.] Venerable White’s calm voice echoed in Song Shuhang’s ears.

Although he was having fun tearing down bombs outside, Venerable White hadn’t forgotten about his immortal boat.

Song Shuhang immediately stretched out his hand, and pressed the second button on the display.

The third option had the ability to summon Dharma King Creation… but what about the second one? Could it also summon a fellow daoist?

In the next moment, Meteor Sword brought next to Song Shuhang a figure wearing a long red dress.

As soon as this figure wearing a red dress appeared, she happened to hear a series of “die, die, die”. Her small face immediately turned pale as a consequence.

The second option also had the ability to summon a fellow daoist of the Nine Provinces Number One Group… and the person summoned this time was Fairy Firefly. She was the same person that had delivered Song Shuhang to space the last time with her power of repulsion.

“Why is the Soul King here?” Fairy Firefly’s voice was trembling somewhat. At the same time, she saw the torpedoes and depth charges bombarding the immortal boat nonstop.

“I see. It seems it’s my turn to enter into action!” Fairy Firefly propped herself up, and crossed her hands in front of her chest, taking a deep breath.


In the next moment, she suddenly stretched her hands forward.

Along with her magical technique starting to take effect, powerful repulsive strength appeared on the body of the immortal boat.

All the bombs that were about to hit the immortal boat stopped in their tracks.

The effects of Fairy Firefly’s repulsive magical technique were truly exaggerated, and she could even easily send Song Shuhang to space from the Earth. As such, blocking this wave of projectiles was next to no effort for her.

All the torpedoes and other explosives stopped outside the range where they would explode.

Then, Fairy Firefly shouted lightly, “Go back!”

In the next moment, all the bombs heading their way were bounced back thanks to Fairy Firefly’s magical technique.

The scene was simply too cool.

A myriad of bombs and torpedoes ready to shred the immortal boat to pieces suddenly went back by following their original route!

The sea urchin warriors were dumbstruck.

[Now, press that sound amplifying button!] Venerable White’s voice echoed in Song Shuhang’s ears again.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang’s shivering hand pressed the button Senior White mentioned.

Immediately after, another one of the formations engraved on the immortal boat activated. The formation ignored the distance and the obstruction of the water, and directly transmitted Dharma King Creation’s music into the ears of the sea urchin warriors at the highest quality possible.

“Die! Die, die, die, die, die! All those that are unfaithful, unfilial, cruel, and immoral… will die! Die, die, die!” Dharma King Creation’s raging howl burst into the ears of the sea urchin warriors. His music was truly poisonous.

The ears of the sea urchin warriors burst open.

“What the hell is this?!

“Ayaya, what is this? Mom~”

“Blech~ I’m dying…”

“Die, die, die, die~ Ahahaha, die, die, die! I feel like I’m dying too!”

“Living this life, it was worth it…”

“I’m the heroic sea urchin warrior Jun Rumeng~ Today, I will return to my father’s embrace…”

“I can see the door of paradise opening! Several of our brothers are standing on both sides of the door, ready to welcome me!”

The camp of the sea urchin warriors fell into chaos. A large number of sea urchin warriors began to foam at the mouth, and they passed out amidst the depths of the sea.

In the next moment, the bombs Fairy Firefly had bounced back mercilessly hit the knocked out sea urchin warriors.

In the sea urchin warrior camp, the sea urchin elder was trying its best to prop itself up. Then, it stretched out its shivering hands, seemingly trying to rupture its eardrums.

It wasn’t the only one—several other sea urchin warriors also made this choice.

The only way to resist this bewitching sound that was flooding their minds was to give up on their hearing.

But right at this time…

In the immortal boat, Fairy Lychee arrived next to Dharma King Creation with much difficulty.

“Stop with your singing immediately!” Fairy Lychee stretched out her hand, and grabbed Dharma King Creation. Then, she used her unique skill, the ‘365 rounds windmill spin’ one.

First round, second round, third round!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Dharma King Creation issued a long cry… but contrary to expectations, he wasn’t screaming in fear. It just so happened that the next part of his song started with a consonant, and he decided to use this long ‘aaaaaaaaah’ to carry out the transition.

Just as Fairy Lychee was spinning him around, his ‘aaaaaaaaah’ cry felt first close, and then far. The sound turned into a loop, starting to make everything shake.

Dharma King Creation felt that this sound effect was pretty cool. Now that he had added the vibrations on top of the ringtone, he was the strongest singer ever.

Thereupon, he kept singing in this fashion.

If he wanted to sing, he would sing. No matter where his body was, and no matter what state he was in, he would open his mouth and sing. Those that dared to sing would win! “Die, die, die, die! Those that are unfaithful… will die, die, die! Those that are unfilial… will die, die, die!”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator was KO’d as well.

If Dharma King Creation’s singing voice was the same as a nightmarish and bewitching sound in normal conditions…

…then it was still nightmarish and bewitching, but there was also that continuous vibration now that Fairy Lychee was swinging him around like a windmill.

During rainy days, the voice of the Soul King and the ‘365 rounds windmill spin’ really went hand in hand~

In the camp of the sea urchin warriors.

After that bewitching sound plus the vibration effect flooded its mind, the sea urchin elder was KO’d directly.

In the meantime.

On the border between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, a mysterious island not present on any map could be found. A supernatural force covered the whole island, making it impossible to detect even with the most advanced technology.

In the airspace of the small island, countless multicolored butterflies were dancing in the air. This place was Miss Soft Feather’s home, the Spirit Butterfly Island.

Today, Soft Feather’s daoist name was ‘Fairy Tribulation Transcender’, and she was officially preparing to transcend her tribulation.

She had already finished engraving all the formations she needed for the tribulation, and her mental state was also in optimal condition.

Today’s daoist name was the result of her father’s paternal love and his well-wishes…

However, before transcending her tribulation, Soft Feather borrowed Senior Brother Liu Jianyi’s mobile phone without letting her father know.

Then, she quietly gave her several friends a call.

For example, Miss Chu Chunying from the Chu Family.

Or, Senior Song, whom she had met this year.

After conversing with her close friend Chu Chunying, Soft Feather happily dialed Song Shuhang’s number.

Earlier, she discovered that Senior Song and the others had already finished shooting their movie, and she was greatly disappointed as a result. Luckily, her father said that he was shooting a new movie where Senior Thrice Reckless was the main character, and Senior Song was also going to participate for the sake of friendship.

Speaking of which, what was Senior Song doing right now? Was he diligently practicing? And what was his realm?

Anyway, even after a while, Senior Song didn’t pick up his phone.

Soft Feather blinked her eyes. Was it possible that Senior Song couldn’t pick up his phone at the moment?

Perhaps she should call him in a while?

Just as she was in deep thought, Senior Song picked up the phone.

In the next moment, a bewitching sound that could flood one’s mind was transmitted from the other end…

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