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Chapter 914: Get the artillery ready and shred them to pieces!

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This copy of the ❮Sea Urchin Warriors’ 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual❯ was a special edition. It was waterproof, it could resist high pressure, and the characters were fluorescent. Even if they were deep in the sea, the sea urchin warriors could quickly consult the content of those 20 years of mandatory education.

This book was something the Ministry of Education of the sea urchin warrior race had researched and created the year before last. With this book in hand, the younger generation of the sea urchin warrior race could increase their knowledge whenever they wished, even in the depths of the sea.

After quietly taking the ❮Sea Urchin Warriors’ 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual❯, the thin and tall sea urchin elder started to skillfully leaf through it.

Then, he raised his head and looked at Song Shuhang, continuing, “Ahem… Not only them, but even their family members and all the people related to them will die in the hands of us sea urchin warriors! But if they kneel and let us behead them, we sea urchin warriors will forgive their family members!”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Were these sea urchin warriors really this obsessed with these preprepared lines?! To the point that they had to recite them even before the start of a battle?!

If they chanced upon a bunch of impatient monster hunters, things might turn tragic.

One was a race that had to recite those preprepared lines at all costs before the start of a battle, and the other a crowd of fellows that would have the impulse to massacre monsters as soon as they saw them. It was rather comical if one thought about it.

“Shuhang, it seems they are looking for you,” Young Master Phoenix Slayer said with a smile.

Even though they were facing such a large number of sea urchin warriors, the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group weren’t worried.

“Indeed. I killed several sea urchin warriors in the past, and they left a mark on my body.” Song Shuhang sighed.

Venerable White said, “I also killed some of them!”

“It seems I killed a few as well,” Fairy Lychee said.

Medicine Master said, “I didn’t directly kill any of them… however, I captured alive a few sea urchin warriors the last time, and brought them back home to raise them and try out some medicine. But just as I was raising them, they suddenly died.”

Riverly Purple Mist said, “It’s not your fault. I probably gave them the wrong medicine that day, causing the demise of those several sea urchin warriors.”

After hearing these words, Young Master Phoenix Slayer sighed with emotion. “You guys are really cruel! Those sea urchin warriors are so cute and foolish, how can you be that cruel to them?”

Phoenix Slayer’s voice had just faded that the platoon of sea urchin warriors outside dispersed and carried out a large number of weapons from their rear camp.

There were depth charges, torpedoes, supercavitating torpedoes, deep water armor-piercing shells, and other modern weapons used in the depth of the sea. No one knew how the sea urchin warriors had gotten their hands on this stuff. In addition, there were a lot of formations engraved on these weapons. It was clear that the sea urchin warriors had modified and upgraded the weapons after obtaining them.

One could say that they were worthy of being an elite race of sea monsters that had undergone 20 years of mandatory education. They had surely kept pace with the times! While researching magical techniques, they didn’t forget to research modern high-tech weapons as well!

“You, human that has committed unspeakable crimes! Listen well, I’ll give you twenty breaths to repent for your actions. You’d better kneel down and cut off your head after these twenty breaths are over. Otherwise… not only you’ll die, but your family members will also die in the hands of us sea urchin warriors!” the tall and thin sea urchin warrior elder said again to Song Shuhang.

In the immortal boat, Song Shuhang pointed at that bunch of scary modern weapons that the sea urchin warriors had taken out, and said to Young Master Phoenix Slayer, “Senior Phoenix Slayer, look there. Those are the cute and foolish sea urchin warriors you were talking about. Did you now see how cruel they are?”

“…” Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

But right at this time, Venerable White suddenly said, “Right… Shuhang, go operate the immortal boat in my stead.”

“Ah? Senior, I don’t know how to operate the immortal boat!” Song Shuhang said.

“Don’t worry. I modified this immortal boat, and it is the same as a car now. If you know how to drive a car, you’ll know how to drive this immortal boat,” Venerable White explained. “In addition, it’s not like you need to do what maneuvers. It’s fine as long as you don’t let the immortal boat sink. I was thinking of making a trip outside.”

“A trip outside?” Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity. “Senior White, what are you planning to do?”

“Hmm… actually, I’m interested in those weapons that the sea urchin warriors took out. The guided missile I got the last time was ruined before I could properly research it. Since there are so many modern weapons in front of me today, I was thinking of researching them a little.” Venerable White took out a lot of tools from God knew where, his expression one of excitement.

“…” Song Shuhang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and said, “Senior White, are you sure it’s alright?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve honed my skills recently, and I’m very good at disassembling stuff now,” Venerable White said.

Song Shuhang asked thoughtlessly, “How good exactly?”

“Hmm… for instance, I’m very good at blowing them up?” Venerable White replied.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer, Fairy Lychee, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator, Medicine Master, and Riverly Purple Mist were all speechless.

While the various fellow daoists were speechless, Venerable White happily opened the cabin door of the immortal boat, and quietly left, heading toward the camp of the sea urchin warriors.

“I propose to retreat a little,” Song Shuhang suggested.

“It’s also better to strengthen the defensive formation of the immortal boat,” Fairy Lychee added.

“The shock absorbing formation can’t be neglected, either. The shock waves caused by the explosions are going to be stronger underwater,” Medicine Master said slowly.

“Let’s put safety first,” Riverly Purple Mist said with a nod.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang and the others quickly got into action.

In the meantime, the sea urchin warriors started to surround the immortal boat.

Those twenty breaths passed in a twinkling.

The corner of the mouth of the sea urchin elder rose beneath the black cloth covering its face, revealing a scheming smile. Those twenty breaths it had offered were just a cover-up.

All the people in that immortal boat had been dyed with the blood of its sea urchin brothers. Therefore, it wasn’t planning to let any of them off.

During those twenty breaths, it ordered the sea urchin warriors to spread out and form an inescapable net. At the same time, they also finished getting ready their magical techniques and modern weapons.

“You, human that has committed unspeakable crimes! Actually, even if you were to kneel down and cut off your head, we sea urchin warriors won’t forgive your family members. Today, every one of you will die here and wait for your family members in hell! Prepare the artillery and shred them to pieces! No need to think, just act!” The tall and thin sea urchin elder smiled smugly as he gave the order.

In the rear, sea urchin warriors started to operate the various torpedoes, depth bombs, supercavitating torpedoes, and so on, locking onto the immortal boat.

But just as the sea urchin warriors were preparing to open fire…


“Aaaaaah~” A series of pitiful cries echoed. The cries were especially miserable, and they were calling for their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, as well as wives and mistresses…

The explosions also gave rise to scary shock waves.

The overall effect of this series of explosions was truly excellent, deserving to be commended!

After all, it was the product of the combination of high-tech human weaponry and the formations of the sea urchin warriors! When technology and cultivation were combined, the resulting effect would be much greater than a simple addition!

The only problem was that the place the explosions came from was somewhat unexpected…

Actually, their weapons had yet to open fire, so where did these explosions come from?!

In addition, when the depth charges detonated, they conveniently set on fire the nearby torpedoes. The resulting scene was even more catastrophic than the explosions seen in American movies!

The unexpected explosion caught the distant sea urchin warriors off guard. At this time, they were blankly staring at the site of the explosion.

Some of their lucky companions, albeit severely injured, managed to leave behind the shock waves of the explosions, and got out of there by relying on their powerful vitality. But, the unlucky ones were forever buried in that place under the power of that mysterious explosion.

“What’s happening? All our weapons passed the sea urchin quality check, and it should be impossible for them to explode like this!” The eyes of the sea urchin elder were bloodshot.

But right at this time, a human figure drilled out of that place where the explosion originated.

The speed of this figure was incredibly high. Moreover, it didn’t look like it was in bad shape.

The powerful explosion from before hadn’t been able to injure it in the slightest. There was a rune floating next to this figure, which had formed a thin barrier around its body. The barrier had protected the figure from the power of the explosions.

“Ugh, I just removed the outer shell… how come everything blew up? I didn’t even get to see the electronic components inside!” Venerable White muttered to himself.

While speaking, he swiftly approached another nearby depth charge.

Then, under the gaze of the sea urchin warriors, Venerable White took out two small tools, and started to fiddle with that depth bomb.

The sea urchin warriors were speechless.

“Quickly stop him, stop that human! No, kill him. Kill him directly!” the thin and tall sea urchin elder roared.

The young sea urchin warriors finally returned to their senses.

The sea urchin warriors next to the depth charge pounced toward Venerable White, and they used the magical treasures in their hands, the needles on their body, and even some ice-type magical techniques to attack him.

However, these attacks were simply too weak in front of Venerable White. Attacks of this level couldn’t even break his barrier.

Thereupon, Venerable White casually activated that talisman barrier, and concentrated on dismantling the depth charge.

The attacks of the sea urchin warriors were like torrential rain, and they continuously hit Venerable White’s barrier—the scene looked rather cool. It was regrettable that none of these attacks had any effect. Instead, some of the needles thrown at Venerable White bounced back after hitting the barrier, causing endless trouble for the sea urchin warriors.

Venerable White was very quick at tearing down that thing, and since he had gained some experience from his previous endeavor, he covered the depth charge with a waterproof covering before dismantling it.

The outer shell of the depth charge was quickly taken off, and Venerable White started to happily research its internal structure.

This depth charge was a new product developed in 2019. The power of the explosion was pretty good, and one didn’t have to worry about water seeping inside. It hadn’t been easy for the sea urchin warriors to get their hands on this gadget.

Just as Senior White had dismantled half of that thing, and was preparing to research it thoroughly…

“Boom~” The charge exploded.

Both Venerable White and the nearby sea urchin warriors were involved in the powerful explosion.

“How unlucky,” Venerable White said. Afterward, he ran to a nearby torpedo.

“Aaaaah, dammit! Dammit!” The thin and tall sea urchin elder stomped his foot in anger. “Form a team and go attack that guy. As for the others, stop standing there like idiots, attack the immortal boat! Quickly attack them! Don’t let the immortal boat get away!

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