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Chapter 874: It’s better if you just shake the cocoon, alright?

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Lady Onion, who was watching the scene, was also dumbstruck. Even the qualification to wield the Will of the Heavens could be traded? At this point, was there something in this world that couldn’t be traded?!

“Fellow Daoist White, stop joking.” Daoist Priest Virtue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Who said I’m joking? There isn’t much time left. Are you willing or not?” Senior White said with a serious expression on his face. “No need for useless talk. One sentence is more than enough. Do you want to become the Wielder of the Will or not?”

Just as they were discussing, Senior White couldn’t resist that strange force anymore, and his body started to ascend to the heavens again.

“Of course I want!” Daoist Priest Virtue replied. All those Immortals had come over precisely because they wanted to wield the Will of the Heavens and become eternal.

“But won’t you regret it after I become eternal?” Daoist Priest Virtue added at this time.

This matter related to the Will of the Heavens was no joking matter.

After becoming the Wielder of the Will, one would become eternal and everlasting, and although the Wielder of the Will had changed several times during the course of history, one thing was certain—none of the previous Wielders had died!

The various cultivators in the world had guessed that one would be able to comprehend things that ordinary cultivators couldn’t after becoming the Wielder of the Will.

For example, things that surpassed the concept of ‘Will of the Heavens’—after discovering these things, the Wielder of the Will would decide, for some reason, to relinquish their control over the Will of the Heavens.

However, Daoist Priest Virtue was of the idea that he wouldn’t ever relinquish his control over the Will of the Heavens if he one day became the Wielder of the Will. He would act as a peaceful Wielder of the Will that would stay in command forever.

“In that case, the transaction is complete!” Senior White said.

After a short moment…

Senior White got his hands on the Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle, looking very satisfied. On the other hand, Daoist Priest Virtue took Senior White’s place and started to ascend to the heavens. The radiance of the Great Way shrouded his body as he flew higher and higher, finally disappearing without a trace.

Daoist Priest Virtue had become the new Wielder of the Will.

Now that the Will of the Heavens had a new master, the world was going to change.

Scenes of auspicious omens filled the entire universe. After that, the world welcomed a new tide of spiritual energy. This rich spiritual energy was like a flood tide, and for the next several thousand years, cultivators would be able to obtain twice the results with half the effort while practicing.

At the same time, a layer of light covered Senior White. It was a blessing that came from the new Wielder of the Will, Daoist Priest Virtue.

In the scene, Senior White was holding the Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle, looking very happy.

“…” Lady Onion.

Had the events unfolding in this dream really taken place in the past? If everything that happened in the dream was real, Lady Onion didn’t know where to start to ridicule this whole situation.

Senior White? More like Senior Wastrel!

In addition, what about the battle between the Immortals?

How come the scene she wanted to see the most was skipped?

Just as Lady Onion was in deep thought, the dreamland started to crumble.

The whole world turned into squared fragments that disappeared soon afterward.

When Lady Onion returned to her senses, she discovered that she was again in that dark world.

The huge cocoon in front of her was still emitting a dazzling light.

Lady Onion started to contemplate…

Who was the person inside the cocoon?

Was the dream from before something triggered by this cocoon? But why would this cocoon make her dream about Venerable White?

After pondering for a moment, Lady Onion stretched out her hand and knocked on the big cocoon. “Hello, Senior. Can you hear me?”

Powerful seniors had a very light sleep, and they would wake up as soon as someone approached them. As such, Lady Onion believed that she would be able to wake up the person inside the cocoon even if she didn’t shout.

“Snore, snore~” The even sound of Senior White Two’s snoring echoed from the cocoon.

“Senior, may I ask if you know Song Shuhang?” Lady Onion asked again. After all, the opposite party had gotten the demodragon medicine from Song Shuhang, and perhaps they knew where the exit to this dark world was?


“Senior, my name is Lady Onion, and I’m a small monster that Song Shuhang took in. If you know Song Shuhang, please squeak once,” Lady Onion said with much patience.

“Squeak…? I’m not a hamster,” Senior White Two replied. At this time, he had seemingly entered that sleep talking state again, and he was going to automatically reply to all the questions he was asked.

Lady Onion was very happy with this reply. The fact that this senior had replied was good news. “Hello, Senior. I’m Lady Onion. Do you know Shuhang?”

“Yes, I know him.” A voice that Lady Onion found very familiar was transmitted from the cocoon.

Wasn’t this Senior White’s voice?!


No wonder the dream triggered by that cocoon was related to Senior White…

Senior White was hiding in that very same cocoon, sleeping inside it!

“Senior White, so it was you!” Lady Onion said happily. “Right. Senior White, everything that happened in that dream just now… was it real? Is it true that you almost became the Wielder of the Will in the past, leaving the qualification to wield the Will of the Heavens to someone else in the end?”

“It’s something that happened a long, long time ago,” Senior White Two replied. “Strange, why did I dream about it today?”

“Senior White, you were a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender a very long time ago… as such, why do you only have the strength of the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm at this moment?” Lady Onion asked out of curiosity.

“Oh, so that other ‘White’ you know only has the strength of the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm?” Senior White Two replied. “I’m not that ‘Senior White’ you know of. You can call me ‘Senior White Two’. This is how Song Shuhang refers to me in his mind. Anyway, I’m a different person, and not that Senior White you know.”

Lady Onion was speechless. Why did he have a strange name like ‘Senior White Rabbit’?

However, this wasn’t the main problem!

The main problem was… that there were two Senior Whites in this world!

“In that case, Senior White Rabbit, what is the relationship between you and that other Senior White I know?” Lady Onion asked out of curiosity.

“I have no idea, either. I haven’t had the time to properly get in touch with him. As such, I’m unable to reply to this question of yours,” Senior White Two replied.

“Senior White Rabbit, may I ask what your current cultivation realm is?” Lady Onion asked out of curiosity. In the past, this Senior White Rabbit almost became the everlasting Wielder of the Will. As such, what was his current realm?

“At this time… none. I have no cultivation realm.” Senior White Two faintly sighed.

“I’m sorry… Senior, don’t be too sad, alright?” Lady Onion comforted him. No cultivation realm? Was it possible that problems arose when Senior White Rabbit was practicing and he lost all his powers?

“…” Senior White Two.

“Right. Senior White Rabbit, how can I get out of this dark world? I came to this world through a certain tunnel, but the tunnel has now disappeared,” Lady Onion asked.

She found this dark world suffocating. At this point, it was better to return to that small island in Song Shuhang’s Inner World. After all, that place was very suitable for her to grow in.

In addition, when she saw Senior White Rabbit ascending to the heavens while shrouded in the radiance of the Great Way, she had comprehended a lot of things. As such, after returning to that small island in Song Shuhang’s Inner World, Lady Onion planned to take root in the ground and practice a little so as to break through to the Third Stage Realm as soon as possible.

“Do you know how to tell a joke?” Senior White Two suddenly asked at this time.

“Of course! I’m very good at telling jokes,” Lady Onion said, full of confidence. Amidst the [200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive] she had studied, there was a chapter called [How a Female Monster Should Become the Male Master’s Mistress]. Amidst the various methods listed to please one’s master, there were some to make him happy.

Telling jokes was part of this set of skills as well.

In addition, Song Shuhang was looking up jokes whenever he had free time lately, and Lady Onion had conveniently noted down some of those jokes as well.

“In that case, tell me a few jokes. If you make me laugh, I’ll help you leave this place,” Senior White Two replied. From the looks of it, Senior White Two had already woken up at this time, or perhaps he liked to listen to jokes even as he was sleep talking…?

“Sure, no problem,” Lady Onion patted her small chest, and said, “I’ll first tell you this especially funny joke. Back then when I heard it, I laughed until my eyes started to tear up.”

“Quick, tell me,” Senior White Two said expectantly.

Lady Onion said in all seriousness, “I once suffered from schizophrenia, but now we both recovered.”

After telling this joke, Lady Onion started to laugh loudly.

“…” Senior White Two.

What the hell was this joke! Why didn’t he find it funny at all?

Lady Onion laughed until her eyes started to tear up.

After laughing for a while, she saw that Senior White Rabbit hadn’t laughed. Therefore, she asked out of curiosity, “You didn’t find it funny?”

“It didn’t make me laugh,” Senior White Two replied honestly.

“It’s fine. Perhaps you are not used to these kinds of jokes. I’ll tell you another very funny joke! Back then, I was hiding in Song Shuhang’s size-reducing purse and laughed for almost half a day. This joke will absolutely make you laugh,” Lady Onion said. “There was once a fatty… and one day, he jumped from a tall building and turned into a flattened dead fatty! Ahahahaha!”

Lady Onion happily laughed again.

“…” Senior White Two.

For some reason, Senior White Two didn’t find this joke funny. On the contrary, he even thought that it was a bit sad.

After laughing, Lady Onion saw that Senior White Two hadn’t laughed again. Thereupon, she said, “Eh? This one didn’t work, either? Senior, your standards are very high. In that case, I’ll have to take out the best jokes I read recently!”

Time flew by.

Just in this fashion, Lady Onion told something like twenty jokes in a row.

However, in the cocoon, Senior White still didn’t laugh. On the contrary, he felt somewhat cold at the moment because Lady Onion was making the temperature drop after each joke.

“This one didn’t work, either? Don’t worry, I’ve got several other jokes in my arsenal. There is bound to be one that is going to make you laugh,” Lady Onion said, full of confidence.

“No… thanks. I think I’ve had enough,” Senior White Two said.

If he allowed this monster onion to speak any further, he might freeze to death.

“How about this… let’s switch the method. Can you shake this cocoon?” Senior White Two said.

“Shake the cocoon?” Lady Onion asked in puzzlement.

“Pick it up and swing it around, the more strength you put into it, the better… after you swing it for a while, I’ll send you back,” Senior White Two said.

“That’s it? Sure, no problem,” Lady Onion said with a nod. She rolled her sleeves up and stepped forward to pick the huge cocoon up.

Although big, the cocoon wasn’t heavy.

In addition, Lady Onion was still a cultivator of the Second Stage Realm and wasn’t that weak.

Thereupon, she picked the huge cocoon up and started to swing it around.

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