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Chapter 875: All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family

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“Snore, snore~” Along with the cocoon shaking, the sound of Senior White Two’s snoring became more intense.

Earlier, when Song Shuhang sought death and shook the cocoon, he actually made Senior White Two sleep even more soundly. Thereupon, Senior White Two had Lady Onion do the same.

The minute Lady Onion picked that huge cocoon up and started to swing it around, just as though she was having convulsions.

The scene was simply too beautiful.

“Why do I feel that there is something wrong with this situation…” Lady Onion muttered to herself.

Just in this fashion, Lady Onion shook the cocoon for around one hour.

After that, her body turned into particles of light, disappearing from the dark ‘world of the black lotus’.

This was a teleportation skill at work. Senior White Two had directly teleported Lady Onion away.

One and a half hours earlier.

The three children—Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu—were shuttling back and forth in the Jiangnan area.

Shi had a compass on her palm, and the needle was shaking from time to time. The three children were currently advancing in the direction the needle was pointing in.

This compass was apparently a magical treasure that could sense ‘monster qi’ or the ‘resentment’ of ghost-like creatures.

“That compass is a low-level magical treasure. As long as those monsters or ghosts know how to conceal their aura a little, they can easily evade the detection of the compass. As such, the children will be able to find only low-level resentful ghosts or monsters that have just transformed into spirits with it. Monsters or ghosts of that level should be something the three children can deal with,” Ye Si said in a soft voice.

Ye Si and Song Shuhang were sitting on a golden back and following the three children from afar.

At first, Song Shuhang was thinking of immediately grabbing and bringing them back.

But after seeing their excited expressions, his heart softened.

According to what Ye Si had said, the three children wouldn’t be able to find powerful monsters or ghosts with that compass, and they would only encounter small monsters and ghosts. As such, they were in no real danger.

In addition, since Song Shuhang and Ye Si were following them, they could immediately make a move if the trio was truly in danger.

Thereupon, they decided to let the children continue with this ‘vanquishing demons and monsters’ thing.

Then, just as they were following the children, Song Shuhang slightly furrowed his brows and stretched out his hand, placing it on his Heart Aperture.

“What happened?” Ye Si asked after seeing Song Shuhang’s movement.

The nucleus in Song Shuhang’s Heart Aperture was very sensitive when it came to the evil energy of the Netherworld… Was it possible that there was a contaminated ordinary person somewhere close?

“Lady Onion disappeared,” Song Shuhang said. He had planted Lady Onion on that small island in his Inner World, but he hadn’t expected that that strange tunnel that led to the world of the black lotus would suddenly appear and drag her in.

Would Lady Onion meet Senior White Two in the world of the black lotus? And if she didn’t meet him, would she be able to get out of that place safely?

From the looks of it, after this matter related to the three disobedient children was over, he would have to go in his Inner World and make another trip to the world of the black lotus to meet with Senior White Two and bring Lady Onion back.

“Disappeared? Is it possible that the Inner World absorbed her as it did with those spirit stones earlier?” Ye Si asked.

“No, she entered into another world through my Inner World. After I bring you to my Inner World later, you’ll understand,” Song Shuhang replied.

Speaking of which, he had obtained a lot of useful information from Senior White Two when he was in the world of the black lotus earlier. Later, after putting his thoughts in order, he would have to transmit this information to the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and ask for their opinion.

The entity that had given rise to these incidents related to ordinary people getting contaminated with the evil energy of the Netherworld was none other than the ruler of the Netherworld Realm itself! In other words, everything was the doing of the owner of that metallic hand that had attacked the scholarly faction the last time.

The aim of the opposite party was apparently to find a way to leave the Netherworld Realm and enter the main world.

“Now then, will the three children be able to find a suitable target?” Song Shuhang wondered.

He had lived in the Jiangnan area for quite some time, and he had very rarely heard rumors related to ghosts or monsters.

“The needle of that compass in their hands isn’t pointing in a fixed direction… this means they haven’t found a suitable target yet,” Ye Si replied.

Were the compass to find a target, the needle would firmly lock onto its position.

Since the needle was still spinning around, it meant that the compass was still trying to find the traces of monster qi or evil aura.

Just as they were chatting, the three children arrived at the edge of a sandbank.

“The compass was pointing to this place.” Shi made a hand seal and pointed at the sandbank.

“Some traces of resentment are still in this place… but the source of this resentment has already disappeared.” A golden radiance flashed through the eyes of the small monk as he glanced at that sandbank, shaking his head.

“Disappeared? Why would the resentment disappear?” Zhu asked out of curiosity.

“It seems some senior monk led those souls to the right path. I can faintly sense the aura of a buddhist soul ferrying technique,” the small monk replied. Although he was only at the First Stage Realm, he had grown up in a famous buddhist sect such as the Faraway Wandering Temple. As such, his eyesight was pretty good.

In the sky, Song Shuhang held his chin and likewise sized up the sandbank.

He sensed a familiar aura lingering next to that sandbank. That was ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯… the western monk!

After completing ❮Apocalypse War❯’s shooting and playing a small role in there, the western monk had left, perfectly satisfied. Now, it seemed that he had been in the Jiangnan area as of late and had ferried some souls?

Song Shuhang’s guess was correct.

Later, Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu encountered several places that had some lingering resentment. However, these places had been already cleaned up by some senior monk.

Song Shuhang sensed the aura of the western monk in each and every one of those places.

The western monk had surely walked very far on the path of monkhood… but that scoundrel was actually a daoist cultivator!

If things continue like this, the three children are unlikely to find a suitable target. If they don’t find anything even after a while, perhaps it’s better to just bring them back… Song Shuhang thought to himself.

At this time, Shi—who was holding the compass—found another place.

“This time, it’s not resentment, but monster qi!” Shi’s expression became serious.

Soon after, they headed in the direction the compass was pointing in.

The place turned out to be a very ordinary rented house.

At the entrance was a lazy-looking husky, lying on its stomach.

This husky brought shame on its kin. Could a husky that wasn’t hyperactive even be considered a husky?!

“The monster qi is coming from that place,” Shi said.

Guoguo raised his head and looked at the rented house.

A large number plate was hanging above the entrance. Next to the number plate was another writing that only cultivators and monsters could see.

[All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] — [Secret Base Number 250].

Then, just as though it had sensed something, the lazy-looking husky suddenly got up… Soon after, a pretty figure appeared in midair.

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