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Chapter 873: There is nothing in this world that can’t be traded!

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Below, Venerable White quietly restrained his aura and started to climb again.

Beyond the heavens, ten or so pairs of eyes stared at Venerable White.

But this time, no one made a move against him.

No one was willing to waste their strength at such a critical time. They wanted to conserve their energy and use it at the right time… or, in other words, when the fight for the Will of the Heavens started.

Thereupon, Venerable White kept climbing until he reached the summit of the sky, gathering with the various Immortals.

Lady Onion carefully watched the whole scene.

One had to remember that she had followed Song Shuhang and experienced everything that had happened in the Mountain of Myriad Books. Therefore, she was aware what this ‘fight for the Will of the Heavens’ was, and she even knew the details pertaining to the battle between the Scholarly Sage and those other Immortals when they fought for the Will of the Heavens back in the day.

Venerable White had the qualification to fight for the Will of the Heavens?

Venerable White was a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender?

Venerable White could cripple an Immortal with just one slash?

This content of this bunch of information was simply too much for her to handle, and Lady Onion’s brain almost crashed.

Was she dreaming?

No, that couldn’t be. If this was her dream, why wasn’t she the protagonist? Why was she dreaming of Venerable White instead?

Was it possible that she had fallen in love with Senior White without realizing it?

Although they were of different species, she had to admit that Venerable White was very handsome, different from other people. For example, he was way more handsome than that idiotic Song Shuhang! Therefore, it would have been understandable if she had fallen in love with Venerable White.

Still, was her imagination really that wild? To the point that she would dream of Venerable White competing for the Will of the Heavens with other Immortals? And with the resulting scene being so real and lifelike?

Beyond the heavens.

Those Immortals that wanted to compete for the Will of the Heavens had shrouded themselves in a layer of light, and the onlookers couldn’t clearly see their appearance.

Some of the Immortals shot apprehensive looks at Venerable White, others didn’t feel anything, and others again looked at him with kind expressions.

Among them, an Immortal with an extremely dazzling Buddha’s halo above his head revealed his real body. Then, he kindly smiled at Venerable White, and asked, “Fellow Daoist, what is your name?”

“White,” Venerable White replied.

“Hello, Fellow Daoist White. I’m Daoist Priest Virtue.” That Immortal with Buddha’s halo above his head was actually named ‘Daoist Priest Virtue’.

Venerable White curiously looked at the opposite party.

“Don’t mind this thing. I have this Buddha’s halo above my head because I used the buddhist soul ferrying technique as a reference and condensed this light of virtue. I’m actually a daoist cultivator,” Daoist Priest Virtue said with a smile.

After saying this much, out of curiosity, he asked, “Fellow Daoist White, have you already found your own ‘path’?”

Although the vast majority of the Immortals would find their path only after advancing to the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm—finally grasping the concept of immortality—there were some that would find their path during the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm, or even earlier.

“Yes.” Venerable White expressionlessly nodded his head.

“No wonder, no wonder,” Daoist Priest Virtue said with a nod.

Since he had already found his path, he would need just a little bit of time to grasp the concept of immortality even though he had just advanced to the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm.

In other words, there wasn’t much difference between this Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender and an Immortal. Their realm was exactly the same, and the only thing he lacked was a little bit of experience.

That elephant guy from before didn’t have to blame himself for losing.

Daoist Priest Virtue was a good talker, and he quickly struck up a conversation with Venerable White. Although the two of them were supposed to be ‘rivals’ that would soon fight for the Will of the Heavens, Daoist Priest Virtue felt that there was some fate between him and this Fellow Daoist White as soon as he saw him.

It was a very strange feeling, and whenever one had a similar feeling after reaching the Immortal Realm, it wasn’t something totally groundless. As such, when that Immortal transformed into an elephant and made a move against Venerable White, Daoist Priest Virtue had secretly prepared a magical technique, planning to use it to save Venerable White’s life if there was a need to. But, he hadn’t expected that Venerable White was this strong and that he didn’t need his help.

Afterward, as Venerable White reached the summit of the sky, Daoist Priest Virtue came over on his own initiative and struck up a conversation with him.

Although the two of them were going to fight for the Will of the Heavens at the appointed time, they could still act as friends before that happened.

Daoist Priest Virtue kept a certain ‘distance’ while discussing, and didn’t ask questions that might invite the antipathy of the opposite party. For example, he didn’t ask Venerable White about his cultivation technique, family background, or other sensitive information.

They just shared their interests.

Very soon, Daoist Priest Virtue and Venerable White discovered that they had a common hobby.

Venerable White loved speed… and the more extreme this speed was, the better! It didn’t matter if it was a flying sword, flying saber, magical treasure, or immortal boat… As long as it was fast, he would like it.

Daoist Priest Virtue also liked extreme speed. However, he was different from Venerable White, who liked everything as long as it was fast. Daoist Priest Virtue was more inclined towards magical treasures such as ‘flying shuttles’.

Daoist Priest Virtue possessed a magical treasure called ‘Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle’, whose speed was simply astonishing. One could cross the entire universe by relying on the speed of that flying shuttle.

If space-type magical treasures weren’t taken into account, the Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle was definitely the fastest magical treasure in the entire world of cultivators! In addition, if the distance was somewhat short, that flying shuttle was even faster than teleportation!

After all, to teleport somewhere, one first had to open a space gate and then get into it to reach the other end. But with the Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle, they would instantly reach their destination. As such, it was even faster than teleportation over short distances.

Venerable White was immediately attracted to this magical treasure.

However, this magical treasure was like Daoist Priest Virtue’s sweetheart, and he loved it more than anything else… As such, he only let Venerable White appreciate it a little.

Beyond the heavens, time slowly passed by.

And the atmosphere surrounding the various Immortals got heavier and heavier.

Lady Onion had been looking at everything that was happening like a bystander.

At this time, she had more or less understood what was going on. This strange dream wasn’t something she was having because she had fallen in love with Venerable White…

On the contrary, she had likely entered this dreamland because that huge cocoon had somehow influenced her earlier.

Anyway, if this dream was really about Venerable White fighting for the Will of the Heavens, the next part was going to be the most exciting one!

The next part was precisely the one where the various Immortals would come to blows, and the strongest one among them would become the new Wielder of the Will, becoming eternal and everlasting.

Lady Onion was somewhat excited.

If she could watch several Immortals coming to blows, she would greatly benefit from it even if she was just standing there and watching!

Beyond that, Venerable White was incredibly powerful in this dream—would he be the one to carry the Will of the Heavens in the end?

Just as Lady Onion was looking forward to seeing this great battle among Immortals… everything in the dream turned black.

“The movie ended just like this?” Lady Onion opened her eyes wide.

How could that be?! The scene was cut off just as the best part was about to start, how cruel!

“No! I want to see the next part! At the very least, let me see the end! Let me see how it ended!” Lady Onion shouted in displeasure.

Just as though it had heard Lady Onion’s voice…

The black screen disappeared and got replaced by another scene.

In this scene, Senior White was ascending to the heavens.

However, that great battle between the various Immortals was nowhere to be seen!

The movie was directly fast-forwarded to the end.

At this time, the radiance of the Great Way had shrouded Venerable White’s handsome figure.

Lady Onion glanced at the mysterious radiance of the Great Way, and this glance alone was enough to make her comprehend a lot of things.

This was even better than having a sudden ‘revelation’.

Lady Onion felt that her realm would increase by leaps and bounds after getting out of this dreamland. At this time, she was confident in advancing to the Third Stage in another three years, becoming as strong as Song Shuhang. Of course, the prerequisite was that Song Shuhang’s realm didn’t increase any further in the meantime.

“Senior White is ascending to the heavens? Does this mean that Senior White finally became the Wielder of the Will?” Lady Onion reacted to what was happening.

Senior White was the Wielder of the Will?

In that case, what was the deal with that other Senior White in the main world? Was he a clone of the Wielder of the Will?

No, that couldn’t be… it just didn’t match the timeline.

Lady Onion tried to put her thoughts in order.

The current Wielder of the Will was obviously that strange Immortal that had battled against the Scholarly Sage.

The strength of that Immortal was actually inferior to that of the Scholarly Sage, but thanks to its undying body and amazing restorative capabilities, it was able to wear down the Sage and become the Wielder of the Will. As such, the current Wielder of the Will didn’t have anything to do with this Senior White she was seeing.

Lady Onion quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Was it possible that Senior White was the Wielder of the Will of an era even older than the current one?

Just as she was in deep thought…

Senior White suddenly stopped while ascending to the heavens.

He furrowed his brows and fell into deep thought. In the meantime, the radiance of the Great Way shrouding his body was getting stronger and stronger.

A strange power that wanted to drag him upward had currently covered his body. This power wanted to pull him toward the Will of the Heavens and make the two of them become one.

However, Senior White had relied on his own power to stop his body.

After a short moment, Senior White lowered his head and looked downward. “Fellow Daoist Virtue… are you still alive?”

“Of course I’m alive. Fellow Daoist White, you don’t need to worry about me. I haven’t died yet.” Daoist Priest Virtue’s voice was transmitted from below. However, his voice was somewhat weak. From the looks of it, the battle between the Immortals that Lady Onion had missed had been incredibly brutal.

The result of that battle was that Senior White had finally obtained the opportunity to ascend to the heavens.

“Fellow Daoist, I was lucky that the two of us fought shoulder to shoulder earlier. Otherwise, I would have already been defeated due to the encirclement of the other Immortals,” Senior White said.

“Fellow Daoist White, since you are ascending to the heavens, quickly do so. At this time, you are so dazzling that you are making the liver of this poor daoist hurt,” Daoist Priest Virtue said. Which Immortal wouldn’t feel their liver hurt after helplessly watching the opportunity to wield the Will of the Heavens slip from their fingers?

“Actually, it’s like this… I don’t want to ascend to the heavens anymore,” Venerable White said.

“Ah?” Daoist Priest Virtue opened his eyes wide.

“Right now, just as I was ascending to the heavens, I started to feel restless. I feel that I’m not ready… Perhaps it’s not time for me to become the Wielder of the Will yet,” Senior White said with a serious expression on his face.

“Stop joking! What there is to hesitate at such a time? Quickly ascend to the heavens and become the Wielder of the Will! Then, remember to give me some consideration and allow me to hug that golden thigh of yours!” Daoist Priest Virtue ridiculed.

Senior White furrowed his brows and didn’t speak.

He really felt somewhat restless right now.

After pondering for a moment, Senior White said, “Fellow Daoist Virtue, do you want to carry out a transaction with me?”

“What kind of transaction?” Daoist Priest Virtue asked in puzzlement.

“Do you want to wield the Will of the Heavens? Because I’m willing to trade the qualification to wield the Will of the Heavens with you,” Venerable White said with a serious expression on his face.

Daoist Priest Virtue was shocked. “What?!”

“Are you willing to use your Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle to complete this transaction?” Venerable White stretched out his hand and said to Daoist Priest Virtue, “A simple and direct transaction, you give me the Universe-Piercing Flying Shuttle, and I give you the Will of the Heavens.”

Daoist Priest Virtue was dumbstruck.

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