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Chapter 872: A thick golden thigh broken to pieces!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Lady Onion gazed at the tunnel that had appeared before her eyes. A voice in her heart was telling her that this tunnel was the exit to Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

“Did my wish come true?” Lady Onion vigilantly gazed at the tunnel.

This was simply like manna from heaven… and precisely for that reason, it looked rather fishy. Was it possible that the tunnel was a trap that Song Shuhang had left behind, and she would lose her green onion sprout if she carelessly jumped into it?

Although this thought flashed through her mind, Lady Onion’s body unconsciously moved in the direction of the tunnel…

What if the tunnel was really the exit to Song Shuhang’s Inner World?

Perhaps she would be able to obtain her freedom this time?

The entrance of the tunnel was getting closer and closer, and Lady Onion was currently in a dilemma.

Should she try getting inside?

Three seconds later…

Lady Onion screamed; she had fallen in the tunnel!

Lady Onion was directly sucked inside that tunnel—just like Song Shuhang when he was in the form of consciousness. At specific intervals, a powerful attraction would spread from the tunnel, sucking inside all the things in the proximity of its entrance.

In the end, there was no need for Lady Onion to be in a dilemma or hesitate; the tunnel had made a choice in her stead.

Ten breaths later…

Lady Onion arrived in a dark world.

“What is this place?” Lady Onion gazed at the new world that had appeared before her eyes. This dark world seemed completely devoid of life and vitality.

She felt like crying at this moment. This place was even worse than Song Shuhang’s Inner World. At least, Shuhang’s Inner World had that living spring and was full of green grass and life!

What was even worse was that when she turned her head around to look for that tunnel, she discovered that it had disappeared without a trace.

The tunnel had disappeared after delivering her here. From the looks of it, the tunnel wouldn’t permanently stay in one place, but would appear at specific intervals.

After pondering for a moment, Lady Onion stretched out her hand and cut a few strands of her hair, scattering them where she was standing. Her hair was the same as her green onion sprout, and once she had scattered the strands there, she would be able to find the place again by following the smell.

After that, Lady Onion started to explore the dark world.

Since the whole world was dark, with no landmarks whatsoever, it was rather exhausting to explore it.

After traveling a certain distance, Lady Onion would cut a few strands of her hair and scatter them where she was standing so as to avoid losing her way.

At last…

After cutting a strand of her hair for the 20th time, Lady Onion spotted a bright light ahead.

“There is a light there. That stretch of land isn’t gloomy like the rest!” Lady Onion happily dashed forward and approached the bright light.

In the next moment, Lady Onion saw a huge white cocoon.

The light was emanating from that cocoon.

“This cocoon is rather familiar… Wait a moment, isn’t this the same cocoon that Song Shuhang spun after drinking that mutated demodragon medicine?” Lady Onion opened her eyes wide.

A certain feeling welled up in her heart… Was it possible that she had been unable to escape from Song Shuhang’s palm even after going through all this trouble?

At this time, Lady Onion felt as if she was a green monkey, and Song Shuhang a huge golden giant. 1 No matter how hard she tried to run away, in the end, she still couldn’t escape from his palm.

This scene was simply frightening, enough to make people despair!

Just as Lady Onion was in utter despair, seven-colored ripples of light spread from that huge white cocoon.

The ripples of light wrapped Lady Onion up, blurring her vision.

What’s happening? Lady Onion quickly stretched her hands and rubbed her temples.

In the next moment, as her sight recovered, she discovered that she had left that dark world.

At this time, she was standing on the summit of the sky. Strong astral winds were blowing, with the cold being bone-piercing.

What’s happening now? Lady Onion lowered her head and looked below. In the next moment, her whole body became soft.

After all, she was just a small cultivator of the Second Stage Realm, and she didn’t even know how to fly.

If she were to fall from such a height, she would die for sure!

However, Lady Onion soon discovered that she was in no danger of falling down and turning into minced vegetables. She kept floating midair, just as if there was no gravity in this world.

Was it possible that she was in a parallel world where Newton had died before making any discovery? No, that couldn’t be. After all, what was the relationship between gravity not working and Newton?

“Is anyone here? Where is this place?” Lady Onion called out.

Her voice had hardly faded that a figure appeared midair, stepping on the air as though it was flat ground.

This figure seemed around twenty years old and wore a white robe. Its body was bright and sparkling, full of vitality. Its pitch-black hair was scattered behind its back, and whenever it took a step, a charm that couldn’t be described with words alone spread from its body.

Venerable White? Lady Onion blinked her eyes. She had recognized that figure.

However, Venerable White didn’t seem to notice her, and kept stepping on the air, climbing higher and higher.

In addition, Lady Onion felt that this ‘Venerable White’ was incredibly powerful, even more than usual!

Although she was just a cultivator of the Second Stage Realm, and she couldn’t clearly tell how strong he was, she was sure that this ‘Venerable White’ was stronger than the one hanging out with Song Shuhang!

“Leave this place!” But right at this time, a booming voice spread from beyond the heavens. The voice was like thunder, ear-splitting. “This isn’t a place where a puny Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender like you should come! Leave immediately!”

Puny Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender? He definitely isn’t talking to me. Had I had the strength of the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm, I would have already given Song Shuhang a good beating… Is it possible that this person is talking to Venerable White? Lady Onion thought to herself.

“Why would I want to leave? The path that leads to the Will of the Heavens and to eternity is right ahead of me… Is it possible that you want to block my path?” Venerable White placed his hands behind his back and faintly smiled.

“You want to become eternal by relying on your strength, the strength of someone that has just advanced to the Tribulation Transcender Realm and transcended his tribulation not too long ago? You have really come here to compete with us for the Will of the Heavens? Laughable!” In the sky, the owner of that thunderous voice loudly laughed.

In the next moment, there was a loud boom, and a terrifying aura exploded from above the heavens.

A golden leg came down from above the heavens.

This aura far surpassed that of an ordinary Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender. It was the aura of an Immortal that had found his way to immortality!

Each Immortal was an existence that had what it took to carry the Will of the Heavens. Whenever the position of the Wielder of the Will was vacant, they would fight among themselves, and whoever managed to suppress all the things in the universe and shoulder the Will of the Heavens would become the one and only Wielder of the Will. From then on, they would surpass the concept of immortality, and become truly eternal and everlasting!

In an era where there was no Wielder of the Will, only ‘Immortals’ were qualified to compete for the Will of the Heavens!

The Immortal casually stamped his foot, deciding to trample on this rookie that had just advanced to the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm. He wanted to let him know the difference between heaven and earth!

The thick golden leg was shining and glistening.

It was a real golden thigh. If one were to hug it, they would obtain benefits for a lifetime!

“Senior White, be careful!” Lady Onion called out. In this weird world full of strangers, Venerable White was the only person she knew. Therefore, she was obviously on his side.

However, Venerable White seemingly didn’t hear Lady Onion’s scream.

He raised his head and looked upward, looking at that leg that was about to trample on him. Nonetheless, there was no trace of fear on his face.

In the next moment, he clenched his right fist and punched toward that leg.

He decided not to avoid the attack, but to face it head on.

When Senior White punched, the entire world seemingly trembled. Afterward, it felt as if countless illusory figures had made their appearance, prostrating themselves in front of Venerable White’s fist.

It was a fist capable of subduing the myriad lives in the universe!

After the fist exploded, that huge leg was smashed to pieces, transforming into golden particles of light and scattering all around.

Beyond the heavens, several figures that considered themselves to be above the masses immediately looked downward. An ordinary Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender had smashed to pieces the attack of an Immortal?

But immediately thereafter, expressions of shock and fear flashed through the eyes of these several figures.

…Because the effects of Venerable White’s fist weren’t over just yet.

That ‘fist intent’ capable of subduing the myriad lives in the universe didn’t stop after smashing to pieces the huge leg. On the contrary, it sailed against the current and reached the summit of the sky, attacking the main body of that Immortal that had made a move just now!

“Hmph!” That Immortal was thoroughly enraged. Earlier, when he’d casually trampled that Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender with his foot, not only had he failed to crush him, but his foot had also been smashed to pieces. He had lost a great deal of face!

Little did he expect that this puny Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender would even dare to attack his main body… how arrogant!

“You are seeking death!” the Immortal said coldly.

At first, he’d only been planning to suppress that Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender. But now, one couldn’t blame him for being merciless. He clenched his right fist, and the picture of a huge elephant appeared on the summit of the sky.

This supernatural elephant was very lifelike, and its imposing manner was incredible. The elephant likewise trampled with its foot, kicking toward Venerable White’s fist. Since he had lost face, he would use all sorts of methods to rectify this embarrassing situation!


The laws of heaven and earth were also mobilized along with the attack of the elephant, transforming into huge runes that covered the sky. This was the all-out attack of an Immortal, an existence inferior only to the Wielder of the Will! An ordinary Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender would surely die after suffering such a powerful attack!

However, when the supernatural elephant and Venerable White’s fist clashed, the scene that played out wasn’t the one they had expected.

When the elephant and Venerable White’s fist intent clashed, they countered each other. Thunderous explosions continuously shook the summit of the sky.

The expressions of the various Immortals immediately changed.


In the end, the elephant and Venerable White’s fist canceled each other out, disappearing on the summit of the sky.

“How is this possible?!” That Immortal that had transformed into an elephant couldn’t believe his eyes.

He wasn’t the only one, for several other Immortals also had expressions of shock.

At this time, Venerable White said, “Since you tried to trample on me, I’ll let you have a taste of my sword.”

The onlookers had noticed only now that there was a long sword hanging from the waist of that Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender. From the looks of it, fists weren’t the specialty of the opposite party.

However, Venerable White didn’t draw his sword. He just used his finger as a sword and slashed toward that Immortal that had transformed into an elephant.

His attack was as fast as lightning.


On the summit of the sky, a large amount of blood spurted out. The sword light had cut off the right foot of that Immortal that had transformed into an elephant, and golden blood was raining down everywhere.

Was this really something an ordinary Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender could do?!

Beyond the heavens, the face of that Immortal that had transformed into an elephant changed several times. In the end, he transformed into a streak of colored light and ran to a distant place.

Every Immortal was someone that had found their own way to immortality, and they had absolute confidence in their capabilities.

But today, a Tribulation Transcender had completely crushed all his confidence.

Now that he had lost his confidence, how was he supposed to compete for the Will of the Heavens?

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