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Chapter 871: A myriad of wondrous uses

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In the Jiangnan area.

Senior Sister Ye Si, who was currently helping Zhu with her training, suddenly froze. Then, she got up and headed toward Song Shuhang’s room with quick steps.

Loli Zhu has a confused expression on her face as she followed after Senior Sister Ye Si.

In Song Shuhang’s room.

Senior Sister Ye Si gazed at the empty bed and slightly furrowed her brows.

“Eh? Senior Brother Shuhang… disappeared?” Zhu blinked her eyes. Earlier, Senior Brother Song Shuhang had been lying on the bed like a corpse, not moving in the slightest and unconscious. How come he suddenly disappeared?

Was it possible that he had returned to his senses?

No, that couldn’t be. If Senior Brother Shuhang had woken up, he would have surely gone downstairs in order to look for them; he wouldn’t randomly disappear. In that case, was it possible that someone had secretly carried him off?

Senior Sister Ye Si arrived next to Song Shuhang’s bed and stretched out her hand, touching it. Soon after, spiritual energy wrapped up the whole bed—she’d just used a special tracking magical technique. If someone had really carried Song Shuhang off, she could find his traces with this magical technique.

However, the spiritual energy of the tracking magical technique stayed on the bed, not moving in the slightest.

Zhu asked, “Does this mean that Senior Brother Shuhang just disappeared?”

“Hmm.” Ye Si nodded her head.

Then, she closed her eyes and used the special connection between a ghost spirit and its master to look for Song Shuhang.

After a short moment, Senior Sister Ye Si heaved a sigh of relief.

She had finally sensed Song Shuhang’s presence. She ‘saw’ that Song Shuhang was currently squatting on a small floating island, and all around the island was chaos. In the middle of this island was a hole, and living spring was flowing out of it, moistening the island and filling it with vitality and green grass.

“Found him,” Senior Sister Ye Si said in a soft voice.

Song Shuhang, who was on that small island, also sensed Ye Si. As such, he raised his head and faintly smiled at her.

In the next moment, Ye Si’s body also disappeared without a trace….

“Eh?!” Zhu blinked her eyes. “Senior Sister Ye Si also disappeared? Is this the power of space?”

Senior Brother Shuhang had disappeared, and Senior Sister Ye Si had disappeared as well. At this time, she was the only person left in the room.

Zhu tried to call out, “Senior Sister Ye Si, Senior Brother Shuhang, can you hear me? If you can hear me, bring me to where you are!”

However, Shuhang and Ye Si didn’t reply to her.

Thereupon, two minutes later…

Zhu nodded her head.

She’d made up her mind and decided to leave the multistoried building.

She followed Guoguo and Shi’s aura and quickly ran toward the Luo Xin street area.

If she didn’t run away now, when would she?

From Senior Sister Ye Si’s reaction before disappearing, it seemed she had found where Senior Brother Shuhang was. In addition, Senior Brother Shuhang seemed safe and sound.

As such, she didn’t have to worry about their safety.

Loli Zhu ran very fast and quickly found Guoguo and Shi.

“Senior Sister, Guoguo, I’m here!” Loli Zhu called out from afar.

A happy expression appeared on the face of the small monk. “Did Senior Sister Ye Si let you come?”

“No, Senior Brother Shuhang disappeared without a trace. After that, Senior Sister Ye Si chased after him and disappeared as well. I was the only person left in the house, and I just ran out,” Zhu said happily.

Although he didn’t really understand what had happened from Zhu’s description, the thing that mattered the most was that the three of them had finally reunited. Therefore, the small monk was very happy.

After experiencing a few ups and downs, the three disobedient children had arrived in the Jiangnan area together and were about to set out on this path that would bring them to vanquish demons and monsters.

In the Inner World in Song Shuhang’s Heart Aperture.

“What is this place?” Ye Si asked after getting there.

Song Shuhang replied, “This is the world that the nucleus in my Heart Aperture created. After absorbing the energy of the Netherworld Realm in the body of that cultivator wearing female clothes today, the nucleus underwent a change, evolving into this small world.”

“When I was unconscious earlier, my consciousness was dragged here. Then, a sudden idea flashed through my mind, and I wondered how nice it would be if my physical could also come here. In the next moment, my physical body really appeared in this Inner World.”

After his physical body appeared here, Song Shuhang automatically learned how to make other things enter this Inner World. As such, when Senior Sister Ye Si got in contact with him, he needed but a thought to bring her here.

“If that’s the case, doesn’t it mean that this place is almost identical to the ‘world of the golden lotus’ of the scholarly faction?” Ye Si squatted down and stretched out her hand, touching the ground and green grass below.

The ground beneath her feet was real, and not an illusion.

“Yes, that’s precisely the case,” Song Shuhang said with a smile. “This place is a portable stretch of land!”

Just as they were discussing, he bent over and started to dig a hole with his bare hands next to the ‘living spring’.

Very soon, a small hole appeared in the ground.

“What are you doing?” Ye Si asked out of curiosity.

“I want to see if it’s possible to plant spirit plants and the likes in this stretch of land. Thanks to the living spring, the spiritual qi is very rich in this area. As such, this place should be very suitable for spirit plants to grow,” Song Shuhang replied.

“Do you have any spirit plant with you?” Ye Si asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang replied, “I have Lady Onion!”

After saying this much, he took Lady Onion out.

“What do you think you are doing? You idiot, you aren’t thinking of planting me in this place, are you?!” After coming out of Song Shuhang’s size-reducing purse, Lady Onion started to struggle.

It was true that she had given up on running away… but while in Song Shuhang’s size-reducing purse, she could at least peep at the things happening in the outside world. In addition, Song Shuhang experienced a lot of interesting things on a daily basis, and she was never bored. But if Shuhang planted her on this small island, wouldn’t that be the same as throwing her in jail and ruin her green onion life?

“I feel that this place is very suitable for you. Therefore, I want to plant you here and see what happens,” Song Shuhang said.

Lady Onion replied, “I refuse. Do you realize that you are taking my freedom away? This is totally illegal. If you plant me in this lonely place, without allowing me to take a look at the world outside, I’ll end up in a situation worse than most prisoners!”

“What you said indeed makes sense,” Song Shuhang said. Even if Lady Onion was a monster onion, she was a monster onion that had developed intelligence!

Nevertheless, Song Shuhang still planted Lady Onion and the enlightenment stone in that hole.

“Don’t worry too much and stay here for now, okay? After I find some spirit plants, I’ll swap them with you,” Song Shuhang said. “In addition, there is a chance that you might grow strong and healthy if you stay here. Your cultivation realm might also advance at a tremendous pace!”

Lady Onion was speechless. From the looks of it, Song Shuhang had really started to treat her as a green onion since she hadn’t assumed her human form in a while. Just what was the point of digging up a hole and planting her there? Did he really think that she wouldn’t assume human form and drill out of there?!

However, she was in no rush to get out right now.

She would come out of that hole once Song Shuhang and Ye Si had left.

Cough… actually, after she was planted in there, Lady Onion’s root had started to wriggle—something that hadn’t happened in a long while—and seemed ready to take root in the ground.

Perhaps, just like Song Shuhang had said, this place was really suitable for her to grow in?

After planting her in the ground, Song Shuhang added, “No need to fear. The new batch of spirit plants should arrive very soon. I’ll swap you out at that time.”

Some time ago, he’d made a deal with Uncle Zheng De from the Immortal Farming Sect.

When Uncle Zheng De had requested him to deliver the seed of the ‘Seven Colors Wonder Fruit’ to Su Clan’s Sixteen, Song Shuhang had conveniently bought a batch of low-level medicinal materials for a medicinal bath from him.

Whenever Uncle Zheng De came over to deliver those medicinal materials, Shuhang would choose a few of them and transplant them in his Inner World.

Aside from Lady Onion, Song Shuhang was also planning to bring here the two ‘seahorses’ that the stallion spirit had gifted him and find a way to accommodate them in this place.

At this time, Senior Sister Ye Si was sizing up the small floating island.

Aside from the ground beneath their feet, there was also this dome with a radius of 30 meters that spread from the living spring and acted as a protective covering, preventing the chaos around from corroding the things on the island.

“Shuhang, this place of yours… is it an autonomous space already?” Ye Si asked. From a certain point of view, this place could be already regarded as a place where one could store things.

“Right, I can’t believe that I didn’t think about this matter.” Song Shuhang’s eyes immediately lit up.

Then, he took a few items out of his size-reducing purse.

The spirit-binding ice bead, the silver dragon puppet, the blood bone, those two golden chains from the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect, his Face Slapping Flip-flop, that scholarly treasure of the Third Stage—the Heaven and Earth Worshipping Brush, a suitcase full of cash, a lot of spirit beast crystals… then, there were also the spoils of war he had gotten from Branch Leader Jing Mo from the Limitless Demon Sect, a jet-black small flying sword, and also a magical cloud that could be used to fly.

In addition, there was also that human-sized puppet that liked to swallow his spirit stones, that precious bamboo leaf that could save his life once, a box full of ‘Saber Intent Condensing Grass’, and the ❮Writing of the Sage❯ he had gotten from the scholarly faction.

Then, there also were some spirit stones, talismans, and medicinal pills.

He had a lot of miscellaneous things with him.

“Amidst this pile of objects, there are quite a few things that can be stored here,” Song Shuhang said. Aside from these items, he still had a lot of normal stuff like computers, books, and clothes for daily use that could be moved here.

But just as he was speaking, the spirit stones he had taken out suddenly disappeared.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Damn, he had almost forgotten…

Aside from that spirit stone-eating puppet in his hand, the nucleus in his Heart Aperture also liked to eat spirit stones! When he took out those spirit stones, it was the same as asking the nucleus to eat them!

Luckily for him, the number of spirit stones he had taken out wasn’t big. It was just that change of one spirit stone of the Fourth Stage, and a few of the Third Stage, that he had gotten back after buying that ‘Face Slapping Flip-flop’.

Putting the spirit stones aside, the nucleus didn’t eat any of those talismans, medicinal pills, spirit beast crystals, and so on.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh, and said, “Aside from my spirit stones, I can consider storing everything else here.”

But even so, aside from that suitcase full of cash, Song Shuhang decided to put everything back in his size-reducing purse.

If he wanted to use the Inner World as a storehouse, it was better to thoroughly research it first so as to avoid suffering any loss.

No one could assure him that his Inner World wouldn’t start eating medicinal pills, talismans, and other things that contained spiritual energy if it couldn’t get its hands on spirit stones…

“Right. Ye Si, since you came here, what about the three children?” Once he finished storing everything away, Song Shuhang suddenly thought about Guoguo and the others.

“Guoguo and Shi went to buy vegetables… while Zhu stayed behind with me.” After saying this much, Senior Sister Ye Si smiled, and continued, “But now that I’m also in your Inner World, Zhu should have seized the opportunity to run away and find Guoguo and Shi, right?”

“Let me guess… after that, the three disobedient children set out on their journey to vanquish demons and monsters, right?” Song Shuhang added.

“That should be the case. Anyway, how do we get out of your Inner World?” Ye Si said. “I left a mark on the bodies of the three children, and we can immediately bring them back once we get out.”

“That’s good… let’s get out then,” Song Shuhang said. Now that he had learned how to enter and exit his Inner World, he needed but a thought to get Ye Si and himself out of there.

After a short moment…

Song Shuhang and Ye Si appeared on the bed were Shuhang had been sleeping earlier.

Senior Sister Ye Si thought for a moment, and asked, “Shuhang, the place where you enter the Inner World is the same as the one where you exit?”

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “Yes, you enter and exit from the same place.”

“That’s a pity. It would have been even better if you could exit in another location. But even so, you can use this Inner World to preserve your life,” Ye Si replied.

Song Shuhang said, “Ye Si, I was thinking the same.”

Song Shuhang needed but a thought to enter his Inner World. It didn’t require any true qi or energy, and he could enter and exit as he wished.

If he had to face the powerful magical technique of an enemy and was unable to ward off the attack, he would need just a thought to hide in his Inner World and evade the attack.

“However, it’s better to make a few tests first. For example, can some magical techniques restrain you as you try to enter that Inner World? Or can you still hide in your Inner World if you have already suffered the attack of a magical technique? In a while, when we have free time, we should test this stuff.” Ye Si seemed very interested in this matter.

“But before that… we have to find the three children and bring them back,” Song Shuhang said.

The Jiangnan area wasn’t too safe at the moment.

Although that cultivator wearing female clothing had barged into the Netherworld Realm—his life and death unknown—he had still tempted quite a few ordinary people into wearing that ‘magical item’ and accepting the evil power of the Netherworld Realm, getting transformed and contaminated as a result. These contaminated human beings would pose a significant danger to Guoguo and the others.

“Don’t worry. They didn’t go far,” Ye Si replied after examining the mark she had left on Guoguo and the others.

After saying this much, she took out her life-bound golden book and flew in the direction of the three children while carrying Song Shuhang along.

After Song Shuhang and Ye Si left the Inner World…

Lady Onion suddenly grew a small pair of arms and legs on her green onion body.

Afterward, she pressed her limbs against the ground and gently jumped, drilling out of that hole.

Next, she magically changed her body and assumed her human form.

“How can it be so easy to plant me here!” Lady Onion said smugly.

Then, she strolled through the small island. Since she hadn’t assumed her human form in a long time, she was somewhat unaccustomed to it.

The island was very small. After circling the island once, Lady Onion stopped next to the living spring.

Then, she rested her head in her chin and stood in a daze next to the living spring.

After a long time…

“This place is so boring,” Lady Onion muttered to herself. “Is there a way to leave from here?”

Her voice had hardly faded when a tunnel suddenly appeared in front of her…

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