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At this point, Qiao Zijiang interrupted, "We have been talking for a while, not one person is out yet. Have all of them died or something? Why did you not report earlier?"

As she said that, other people were staring at Zheng Dao with a hostile look.

Zheng Dao wiped away the sweat from his forehead, thinking, 'Looks like they are going to blame me for not reporting it.' However, even if he did want to report it, the demon would just change a vessel while he would definitely die. Also, after switching vessels, the monster would have hurt more people, but they wouldn't have understood it even if he told them.

He could only explain, "I didn't have a choice. As soon as I have the intention, the demon would sense it. If I commit to any actions because of it, the demon would be able to kill me averting some sort of rule. If it switched vessel, I would not have any chance to speak at all. However, what I have said was only what I could find out. Instructor Xu might be able to defeat it. After all, he had resisted my Superpower, he was strong."

In the realm of the demon.

Fang Ning said, "The monster has appeared. Sir System, let me witness your might by huffing and puffing and blowing it down..."

After the thirty-odd people had awakened, they started to look for an exit, led by some of the esteemed elders.

However, this subspace was only as large as a small village, it took at most a half-hour to reach its edge.

They searched high and low, but there were no exits to be found. Every time they've reached the edge, they will automatically be transported back to the area with the boulders.

There were still boulders, at least. In the other areas, even if they were similarly barren, there was nothing to look at, not even a blade of a leaf. The ground was dry and crackly, there was not even an ant to be seen.

At that point, the Fog Monster finally revealed its presence. It floated in the air ten meters above the ground. Looking down at the people, its voice was full of pride.

"Stop racking your brain over this. Not even some of the world's strongest people would be able to hold on for months after being trapped in here, let alone you normal people. Just prepare to die of hunger in this barren land. Do you see those boulders there? Those were left behind by those powerhouses' corpses, hahaha!"

As soon as the monster finished its speech, the System, who had heard Fang Ning's provocation, started to inhale, causing its torso to balloon up...

The monster added, "It is impossible for those powerhouses to find their way out even if they died trying!" "Hahaha..."

Fang Ning said, "Wait..."

The System immediately halted.

The Fog Monster claimed, "This subspace will only collapse after I die, only then will an exit appear..."

As soon as it finished gloating, a large palm struck it from behind, grasping at it as the others watched.

However, the next thing they saw was the Fog Monster disappearing into thin air and the palm missed it as it escaped.

"Hahaha, looks like the powerhouse among you had finally attacked! That's good, but it was futile! As long as I'm inside this subspace, you wouldn't be able to hit me unless your attack can cover the whole area!"

The palm slowly inflated to the point it covered half the sky and swiped at the monster.

However, just as the monster had said, every time it was almost caught, it would appear at a spot the palm could not reach in the next moment.

After a few times, it was evident that the palm requires a lot of energy to maintain, it was already shrinking at a speed even normal people could see.

"Hahaha, did I forget to mention? There is no Atmospheric Vitality in here! You can only use your own, so make sure you save it to delay your imminent death."

Everyone looked at the master of the palm. His face was tense, but he was still staring at the monster, ready to strike again with the palm.

"I told you, it's futile. Oh right, do you all think this dude is trying to save you? That's not right, he was only trying to redeem himself. Haha, he must have known. I was the first type of dangerous creature in the video you've watched this morning. As soon as someone provoked my vessel, I can come out and kill people. Of course, my vessel isn't here..."

Everyone's gaze was difficult to read. With their intelligence, they had already clarified the whole thing. Someone who isn't here must be the vessel of this demon. It was a coincidence that the master of the palm was the one who attacked him with his sharp tongue.

The members still kept their composure, no one was showing signs of panic. However, with the slowly wavering lights in their eyes, it could be surmised that a breakout would be a matter of time. This was because even in the video, it was not mentioned how one could defeat these demons...

"My vessel was pretty good, he had a kind of Superpower that can calm everyone he had been in contact, so nice people would not have a conflict with him. I seldom could come out and play. He had exhausted the little wealth that he accumulated to gain entrance to the institution so he could drive me out. He thought with the riches he had spent, as well as because this was the Truth Department's land, he wouldn't cause any trouble."

"However, the first teacher he had met, the one who is still attacking me, he was strong. My vessel's Soul Soothe couldn't even affect him at all. As the idiot started provoking me, my vessel had basically become under my control, so all of you poor unfortunate souls can blame him!"

Fang Ning started to get a headache, "Kill it with your breath immediately so we could leave the place as soon as possible. This thing is too long-winded."

The System retorted, "Not as long-winded as you are..."

As it was saying, the System started to inhale again...

The Fog Monster evaded the large palm's attacks a few more times before the large palm gradually wicked out of existence, and its master was exhausted on the ground.

"Such a stubborn idiot. If you must know, there's another limit for this subspace, and that is it can only stay up as long as my power allows, that would be at most half a year, and with that amount of time in here, only half a day would have passed outside."

"If you knew I could not kill any one of you by myself, you might want to save your strength instead of trying to kill me to find the exit. Too bad, even if you found out now, even if you tried to save energy, without food, water, and the replenishment of Vitality, it's basically near impossible to survive for half a year, The last one who thought like that had already turned into a boulder! Hahaha! I must have been tainted by my vessel's kindness, I said so much. Well, at least you'd die in clarity..."

System stopped its inhalation again.

Fang Ning wondered aloud, "Sir System, didn't you want to blow it down with your breath? Don't tell me your breath could not cover the whole subspace?"

The System retorted, "Impossible. You have yet to see my Flame Dragon's Howl. Once I used it, even your Qi City center would have a tremor, let alone a small village like this."

Fang Ning waved his arms to indicate his skepticism, "Don't be the all-bark-no-bite guy. Why have you stopped?"

The System explained, "It told us much of its secrets, so I'm going to let it go for now. Let's leave it alive and keep this subspace intact, then both of us would have half a year of cultivation ahead of other people. Now that your physical body had taken up the Dragonization Ability, your lifespan had increased a lot, half a year would not do much damage to you."

"On the other hand, you should spend some time cultivating the True Bodhi Tactics until you're adept... actually, never mind that you're too inefficient. You should cultivate the Dragonization Ability until you've achieved Elementary Dragon Form. Even though it's still a long way until the Dragonized Soul stage, it can still help occasionally. Don't worry, with me here, nothing dangerous will happen to you, it might even increase your efficiency."

Fang Ning had a brief moment of sympathy toward the monster. It should rejoice at the fact that it was long-winded and exposed all its secrets.

If it had read enough of human novels or watched enough films, and learned that villains should not give their "villain monologues", it had already been blown into pieces by Sir System!

Now that it can still live for half a year, it's a bonus!

It was impossible to farm monsters in here. It was obvious, the monster's power came from the people who died in here. Firstly, Fang Ning would never do it, secondly, if the System did it, its chivalric outlook would have been shattered.

However, Fang Ning recalled a fact and immediately made a face, "This place was completely isolated from outside, I have tried. Electricity is fine, but there's no internet, how would I be able to endure half a year of cultivation?"

The System replied, "That's right, isn't that nice? I knew your efficiency would increase if there is no internet."

Fang Ning was almost hopeless, "But I can't stand such a long period without internet, my consciousness will collapse..."

The System said, "Don't worry. I'm starting to understand you humans. There will soon be a bunch of parched and starving humans. In comparison to them, you will feel lucky, and you will be able to endure half a year in here, and you wouldn't risk your consciousness collapsing."

It was then that Fang Ning understood the System's plan. He looked at the other people in desperation, "F*ck, you're such an *sshole! I can endure half a year, sure. With your tendency to over-prepare, you must have a lot of food stored in your System Space. We can't starve these people. My future father-in-law is in there, and Fatso Liu too."

The System responded, "Even if you didn't ask me, I will still give them food. I've prepared enough food to solve problems like this. I have enough food for three to five years, not to mention just half a year. In this situation, if I don't give out food, my chivalric outlook would be shattered..."

Fang Ning said, "That's right. After all, your appetite alone is already bigger than these thirty-something people. Moreover, you've always prioritized survival first, so the amount of food prepared according to your appetite can definitely feed these people."

The System ignored the nagger and urged Fang Ning to get to his cultivation. It also promised to keep the people alive, no one would die of thirst, of hunger, or of sickness. With this guarantee, Fang Ning started cultivating with his newfound sense of savior...

The System controlled Vigilante A and started to cultivate as well. It planned to cultivate until each skill is at their bottleneck limit. After all, without experience points, they could still be raised with time. Then, it started another program to observe the situation.

Time slowly passed by and half the day had gone by. Many people had started getting hungry and started to panic, the monster did not lie to them. The time in here was still moving, and it was not merely a dream.

The monster was watching them as they discovered the truth, feeling smug.

"How was it? I wouldn't waste my time cheating dying people. Let me guess, what would you think in times like this? You're waiting for meat pies to drop from the heavens, as well as several bottles of mineral water, isn't it? Haha! You humans always have the funniest thoughts when you're desperate. I wanna see, who would be the first to beg me? A disclaimer though, I would never let you out, hahaha!"

As it finished its sentence, several meat pies actually fell from the sky alongside two bottles of Farmer's Fists 1 . If it weren't for its ability to move out of the way, they would have hit it.

A brand of mineral water in real life China

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