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The number one city in ten thousand years, god emperor city.

The immortal domain was the center of the Sky Martial Continent.


The god emperor city was also the center of the immortal domain.

The God Imperial Peak was the central axis of the Tianwu Continent, tens of thousands of meters tall, a celestial peak that connected heaven and earth. It was the highest peak in the Tianwu Continent, and the top layer was filled with dense spirit energy, making it the best place to cultivate.

Above the God Emperor Peak was the place where the Heavenly hall of immortals was located, the Outer World!

It floated in the air like a small island in a sea of clouds, as if it was a completely different world.

Some people said that it was a huge calamity that turned out to be like this. There were also legends that this was a Heavenly Ship that flew here from another plane because it was left behind from the killing of a dragon clan expert.

There are many versions of the legend.

However, no one knew which one it was.

Even the clan elders of Tong Tian hall of immortals were also not clear about it.

… ….


"The city gates are all over a hundred meters wide. It's too big." Xiao Ying was excited.

Long Fei was the same, he had never seen any of the famous historical sites in his previous life, he could only see them in pictures on his computer. But he was sure that the famous historical sites in his previous life were trash existences compared to this god emperor city.

Many people had the same expression as them.

However …

They were all able to maintain their calm and control their emotions, but Long Fei and the others were so agitated that they provoked a lot of people around them who were looking down on them.

"Country bumpkin."

"Where did this native come from?"


"He looks like someone who's never seen the world before."

"What kind of person is this?"

… ….

Long Fei turned a deaf ear.

Man Tuoluo's expression slightly changed, and pulled Xiao Ying back: "Hurry up and go."

Xiao Ying still wanted to hug the big lion at the city gate and kiss it, but he was dragged away before he could kiss it.

"Hahaha …"

In the distance.

There were two beauties standing beside a fat man. They were very flirtatious, wearing sexy clothes and revealing clothing. They could be considered high-rank women.

However …

The only bad thing about them was that they had too much rouge on their faces.

Her eyes were filled with disdain.

Chen Tianfei stood at the city gate and laughed loudly as he watched Long Fei and the other two slowly walk in. He had finally arrived.

A girl on the left asked, "Master Chen, who are you waiting for?"

The lady on the right said, "How precious is Young Master Chen's identity? The person who made him stand out personally to welcome you must be a customer."

"You're right."

"Esteemed guest, please take good care of me later." Chen Tianfei touched the buttocks of a lady who pouted and said, "Die."

"Hahaha …"

At this moment.

Long Fei also noticed Chen Tianfei, and thought: Looks like his problem has been resolved.

If that was the case, how could he have the mind to wait for him here?

"Chen Duo?"

Xiao Ying could not hold back his laughter.

Thinking of the three words' Chen Tai Shuang ', Man Tuoluo couldn't help but laugh.

Long Fei walked in front of Fatty Chen.

Without waiting for him to speak, a woman beside Fatty Chen glanced at him and said with disdain, "Where did this beggar come from? His body reeked, scram, rolling away …"

Another girl also said, "Earth Leopard, from the looks of it, they knew that it was their first time entering god emperor city, hmph."

Long Fei laughed awkwardly.

While they were talking …

Chen Tianfei had a smile on his face as he released the two of them. Then, he walked forward a few steps and stood beside Long Fei.

The two girls chattered, "Young Master Chen, what do you want to play now?"

The sound was so soft that it could break a person's bones.

Used to be.

But now …

The moment the two of them walked in front of Chen Tianfei, "Pa!"


Two palms slapped down mercilessly.

"Smelly. This is my benefactor, and this is my boss. Your two bitches dare to talk to my boss like this, are they tired of living?"

His rage instantly reached a height of thirty thousand meters.

Without any hesitation, he slapped them both to the ground. Half of their faces were swollen like a pig's head, and blood was trickling from the corner of their mouths.

At the same time.

Chen Tianfei shouted, "Someone come."

Two plain-clothed guards swiftly walked over and said, "Young Master."

Chen Tianfei said angrily: "I don't want to see the two of them in god emperor city, drag them to the moat to feed the fishes!"

"Yes sir!"

The two of them each carried one of them and left the city.

The two ladies shouted loudly, "Young Master Chen, please spare our lives!"

"Please spare my life."

What is a popinjay?

What did it mean to be tyrannical?

This is it!

Chen Tianfei's face was filled with anger, and said: You speak to my benefactor like that, and you want me to spare your life? Just eat shit! "

He said to Long Fei: "Boss, don't mind me, I'll find two tactful girls tonight, these two girls are blind."

Long Fei glanced at the two of them, and said slightly: "Fatty, teaching them a lesson is fine, after all, it's also life."

With just the two of them, Long Fei didn't feel sympathy towards them, he just felt that there was no need to do such a thing.

However …

Long Fei once again experienced the domineering aura of a silkpants like Chen Tianfei. It was obvious that his background was not ordinary.

A popinjay needed capital.

Not everyone could be a popinjay!

Chen Tianfei snapped his fingers and said: "Please spare their lives, but... I don't want to see them in god emperor city, and tell them to never enter there, otherwise, kill them! "

And then …

Chen Tianfei bowed as he said to Long Fei, "Boss, you've saved me twice. I've already made arrangements for the rest of the journey."

"The best restaurant, the best dishes."

"The best woman in god emperor city."

"How is it?"

"Heh heh …"

Long Fei did not speak, but... Man Tuoluo and Xiao Ying's eyes seemed to be able to kill as they stared at him, staring at him.

Staring at Chen Tianfei, Chen Tianfei immediately changed his words: "Forget about the best woman, just eat well, play well, drink well, hug me with everything."


Didn't you want to participate in the god emperor academy's student recruitment test?

"Our Chen family has people in the god emperor academy, and we still have a senior instructor in my house, do you want me to let you take the assessment in advance?" Chen Tianfei said seriously.

The Chen Clan, the clan of generals.

From generation to generation, there had been dozens of generals from the imperial court.

These dozens of students who had once been god emperor academy s all passed through the many levels of assessment.

Thus …

There was also a good relationship with the Chen family of god emperor academy.

Otherwise …

Chen Tianfei was at the eighth level of the Immortal Realm, and also had the fusion of 'trash's Immortal Foundation'. Just like that, he broke through the admission limit, but his acceptance rate was slightly different from those absolute talents.

He bought it with money.

He was either a person whom the examinees had to focus on or he lacked the ability to take the examination, just like an ordinary student.

Of course.

One had to have connections to enter even if one had money.

Long Fei waved his hand: "We will handle the matters regarding the assessment by ourselves. As for the best dishes … Lead the way. "


"How is your grandfather?" Long Fei casually asked.

Chen Tianfei's expression tightened, and said solemnly: "Unobjective, I came back too late, I'm afraid..."

"Sigh …"

"Let's not talk about this anymore, my mission today is to properly entertain all of you."

… ….

In the dark.

A disciple of the Murong King's Manor rushed back to the Mu Rong family's residence.

It was the same for a disciple of the Black Shark Faction.

It was time to retract the net!

Chapter III

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