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Future path investigation

A lunch break on a certain day.

Like always, aware of my surroundings, I carefully entered the world history preparations room. Since I didn't go meet her in the teacher's office this morning, this would be the first time seeing Hiiragi-chan today.

"Good work today~" Hiiragi-chan greeted me as usual, but she seemed to be in a bad mood for some reason.

"What happened?"

On top of the table, there were two lunch boxes, and as always, I sat down on the chair next to her.

"Just now, I was searching through Sakai-sensei's desk."

Saksensei is the home room teacher for my class.

"Ohhh…Wait, don't go searching through other people's desks!"

"Saksensei had class at that time, and the teacher's office was empty."

"That was your reason?!"

"There was something that picked my interest, so Hiiragi-sensei decided to investigate a little bit."

Please, someone teach Hiiragi-chan some manners. The teacher responsible for the student guidance should rather start with his colleagues, I think. But, why would she even do that…?

"And, Sensei, what did you search for?"

"Not 'Sensei'. When it's just the two of us, call me Haruksan~" Hiiragi-chan poked my cheek with her finger.

A fake angry Hiiragi-chan is really cute.

"Seiji-kun, do you not know why I'm in a bad mood?"

But of course, she didn't forget to properly feed me by lunch. Today once more, she kept going 'Open wide~' as she stuffed some deep-fried food into my mouth. Delicious.

"Did I do something?"

"You're asking this after what you've done? It was pretty cruel, you know."

"Cruel? I didn't do anything like that, though."

If I do something to make Hiiragi-chan sad, I'm guilty. That's my iron rule. So, did I do something bad without knowing?

"Ah. Are you talking about the time when I was talking with the girls from my class?"

Though that conversation went only like this:

"We're changing classrooms you know?" > "Ah, thank you."

Is that really it?

"There's no way that Hiiragi-sensei would get jealous because of high school girls," she said with a lot of vigor, only to follow up with a quiet "…Probably…"

"And also, Seiji-kun wouldn't get excited by second-year high school girls, right? Here, an university graduate like me is much more appealing."

"So that's the point at issue?!"

Hiiragi-chan asserted her position as a functioning member of society as she seemed satisfied.


And now she's pouting?!

"It's fine, Haruksan. There are countless good things about you."

"Uuu~~~ And then you say stuff like that…"

When I started patting her, her face brightened up into a grin.

"Hiiragi Haruka is mad at Seiji-kun…!"

That doesn't sound very convincing with that kind of expression.

"Haruksan, won't you tell me? Why exactly are you mad at me?"

With that, Hiiragi-chan started fishing something out of her belongings, namely one single printout, only to hold it straight to my face.

[Future path questioning Class 2B Sanada Seiji]

It was the printout I had written down the universities that I wished to visit after my graduation.

As question marks appeared on top of my head, Hiiragi-chan opened the paper.

"You're still playing dumb? Even after looking at this?"

While playing mad, she pointed at my number one and two choices of universities. My first choice was a local public university, while the second one was a private university.

"Still playing dumb…isn't this normal? No, I had to write something, right? We're getting close to thinking about our future paths after all."

"That's not it! Why do you plan on going to a university!"

"Why…This is a society which works on your academic background, right? You gotta have a certain level or you're not going to find a job, you know?"

"There's no meaning in going to a university. I can guarantee that."

"Guarantee for what. Well, it's true that I only worked half-time instead of going to my classes."

"Worked half-time…?"

"Ah—I heard about that."

I was spacing out and didn't pay attention to my words. But luckily, Hiiragi-chan nodded once, seeming satisfied with my excuse.

"That's right. University is a scary place, you know. Only normies have fun there. There are also some bad kids there, so it's not a place Seiji-kun should visit."

I agree with the normie part. And, apparently she's trying to stop me from going to university.

"Even if you graduate, you only get a degree after all."

"Stop with the real talk."

Does Hiiragi-chan hate the thought of me going to university?

"Ah, I got it. You're worrying since I would go to a place where you couldn't watch over me, right?"

"Nope, not at all."

"So you're not!"

"I won't lose against little girls with their nonexistent resourcefulness. I'm pretty good at cooking too."

"Then what are you mad about?"

"Even though I told you that I would care for you, you're still going to a university?! Seiji-kun can just become dependent on me, you know?!"

You got your priorities as a teacher wrong! And also, having a boyfriend like that is what should make you mad!

I'm actually trying, and I get scolded for that?

"At times like these, you just have to write 'Husband'~" Hiiragi-chan said as she erased my choice.

And, after bringing out a pen, she wrote [Husband ♡]

"I'll get scolded by my home room teacher!"

Now my second wish was basically [Housekeeper]

"Isn't that the same as being a shut-in?!"

My third wish was [High-class unemployee]

"That's just a better sounding name for a shut-in!"

"For crying out loud!" Hiiragi-chan slammed her hand on the table. "I thought that it would better than just writing shut-in!"

"It's just as bad!"

"Really, Seiji-kun is just so…" Hiiragi-chan sighed as she once more erased 'my' choices off the printout. "With this, you shouldn't have any problem, right?" She asked as she wrote something new


"The weirdness just went up!"

If girls write something like that, it's cute, but if it's a boy, they'd think you have a loose screw in your head.

Having stolen back the printout, I wrote my former choices. In response, Hiiragi-chan pouted with a displeased expression.

"This is just a way to cover it up. I can write whatever I want after all. I don't have to follow these steps. With that, my home room teacher can't say anything."

"Eh…Seiji-kin, you're a genius!"

Finally, she seemed to be satisfied.

"Sanadkun? Next time, don't do anything to make Sensei sad, okay?"

"Yes. I understand."

As she suddenly switched to being a teacher, I followed suit. And, she suddenly closed her eyes and puffed out her lips.


"Well, this, we're at school now…"


Closing the curtains, I kissed Hiiragi-chan.

"This was the last one at school, okay."

"Eh…why are you so strict…"

Because things are going to escalate otherwise. Probably.

"Just one more."

"No, I said—"


And like this, I continued to being blinded by love by this cute creature.

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