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Chapter 1771 Do you understand death?Temperament was an abstract concept. It had nothing to do with regards to one’s external appearance, and it was more of a kind of feeling.And the man before him, who was called Venn, had a temperament similar to that of some seniors that Song Shuhang knew—such as Senior Thrice Reckless, Senior Thrice Reckless, and Senior Thrice Reckless.

It was a disease, and it had to be cured.

[Do you have a source on this? What basis do you have for your claim on the Ancient Heavenly Ball being able to absorb radiation? What if the Ancient Heavenly Ball were to be killed by the radiation? What if your source was just a rumor?] While Venn was holding the ‘Ancient Heavenly Ball’ close to his chest, a sharp object struck the carapace on his chest. If the carapace had not been there, his heart would have already been pierced.

The long-haired woman was angry. [Then let it die! Either that or you go further away, what are you doing disconnecting my Yayacha?]

Venn, while holding the ball, said weakly, [You are too cruel.]

The corners of the woman’s mouth twitched. [Stop with the nonsense, and reconnect the damn Yayacha!]

[All life is equal, whether it’s you or this Ancient Heavenly Ball,] Venn said while struggling.

The woman clenched her fists tightly. [Do you mean to say that my value is the same as the Ancient Heavenly Ball’s?]

[No, of course not.] Venn shook his head repeatedly, and then said, [Because in my heart… the Ancient Heavenly Ball is much more important than you are.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

Venn’s words caused the long-haired woman’s mental state to collapse as she burst out in anger.

Afterward, she and Venn wrestled with one another.

This wrestling match was more of a scuffle, and it wasn’t anything like the exchanging of blows between experts. In this match, the two quarreled and fought like children.

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded all throughout this exchange.

Did he really enter a dreamland?

Every time he entered a dreamland, what he experienced was meaningful, and he would even quickly become engrossed in the subject matter. But the scuffle between the long-haired woman and ‘Venn’ seemed so insignificant.

While he was in thought, the plot before him changed.

Venn turned over, and held down the long-haired woman under him.

Then, he took out a big lightsaber, and stabbed the long-haired woman… to death.

Excessive amounts of blood spewed out.

Blood pooled all over the ground.

The long-haired woman let out a bleak scream, her eyes widened, her head tilted, and then she died. Before she died, her eyes met with Song Shuhang’s.

Those eyes filled with regret that stared at him as the woman died were firmly imprinted in Song Shuhang’s mind.

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

What kind of development was this?

Wasn’t that a bit excessive? Weren’t you just having a scuffle? Why did you suddenly stab her to death? Wasn’t that too fast of a development?

Previously, he felt that ‘Venn’ was slightly similar to Senior Thrice Reckless.

But now Song Shuhang was certain that there was no similarity between the two. At least Senior Thrice Reckless wouldn’t directly stab anyone just from a small scuffle.

Venn was calm throughout the entire process of him stabbing the woman, not a single trace of panic evident on his face. He sat next to the long-haired woman, holding his lightsaber, and staring at her.

“This is the 86th time,” Venn said softly, and then he looked up at the sky. “Hm, still 14 short of 100.”

While he said that, an abnormal event took place with the long-haired woman.

On her chest, a rune floated out, forming a small ball of light.

The ball of light whirled gently, casting light on the woman.

The wound on the woman’s body began to heal.

Is… Is that the bone of eternity? When Song Shuhang saw this small ball of light, his heart suddenly thumped.

Although the shape was completely different, with one being a runic ball of light, while the other was a small piece of bone, the two things felt very alike to Song Shuhang.

He was over 70% sure that this small ball of light was the bone of eternity… or rather the predecessor of the bone of eternity—it seemed like the bone had not yet completely formed.

Did this mean that this long-haired woman was actually Senior Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark?

If that were the case, Senior Skylark was really an existence that spanned the entire history of the world. She was an existence who had existed since the beginning of history, and had survived to this day. She contained way too many secrets. It wasn’t only the Scholarly Sage, either; her body contained secrets that could be traced back all the way to much more ancient times.

At the same time, Song Shuhang’s attention was attracted to the rune of the bone of eternity.

This rune was spinning, and there was information and data above the laws and principles on it. It was information on eternity.

As this rune spun, the ‘vitality’ of the long-haired woman gradually recovered.

Upon seeing this, Venn quickly stretched out his hand to wipe off the blood from the area, and then washed the blood from the long-haired woman with a magical technique-like ability.

After thinking for a while, he stored the ‘Ancient Heavenly Ball’ back into his arms, and plugged the antennae back in.

After a while…

The long-haired woman woke up.

She scratched her head and frowned. “Strange, why did I fall asleep out here?”

After saying that, she looked at Venn, who was squatting next to her, and asked, “Did something happen?”

“No, nothing happened.” Venn smiled.

“I feel like I’ve forgotten something important.” The long-haired woman clutched her head, and then she turned her head to look at the aircraft—the antennae were properly in place.

Strange, what exactly was wrong?

The black-haired woman thought for a long time, and then she suddenly seemed to have realized something. “Venn, you idiot, did you hack me to death again? Otherwise, there’s no way I’d suddenly have amnesia.”

“No, you’re thinking too much. I’m no murderer,” Venn denied.

The long-haired woman sniffed her body, and didn’t seem to smell any blood.

But suddenly, she leaped up high, and sent a series of shadowless kicks towards Venn’s face, sending him flying.

Venn was kicked to the ground. He held his face, and said weakly, “Aaaah, what are you doing?”

“You still dare say that you didn’t hack me to death?” The long-haired woman pointed to the ‘rune’ that hadn’t completely returned to her chest, and said, “The undying rune is already out here, and you still dare try to deceive me?”

“Why hasn’t that thing gone back yet?” Venn’s eyes widened, but after a moment, he understood. Sometimes, the size was different.

“How many times is it now?” The long-haired woman slapped the ‘undying rune’ firmly, pushing it back into her body. She didn’t seem to care about the fact that she had just been hacked to death by Venn.

“It’s the 86th time,” Venn replied honestly. “It should take two years before it comes off cooldown again.”

The long-haired woman lay flat on the ground, and said weakly, “14 more times.”

Venn said, “Mm-hm, we’ve already persisted all the way to over 80 times, it’s something we can be very proud of. Moreover, the way to 100 times is very close.”

“But I don’t want to continue anymore,” the long-haired woman said suddenly. “Let’s elope, Venn.”

“You’re actually talking to me about ‘elopement’? You should know just as well that I’m only here cooperating with you to allow the ‘undying rune’ to continue evolving. I don’t have anything like ‘feelings’, so how can I be with you? How can I elope with you?” Venn said with a laugh.

The long-haired woman closed her eyes, and didn’t say anything more.

“But, honestly… I’ve been waiting for you to say that for a long time!” Venn suddenly jumped up. “Sure enough, I’m completely different from everyone else. Let’s elope!”

The long-haired woman suddenly opened her eyes gleefully.

“Mm-hm, if you want to elope, there will be some things you won’t be able to bring with you.” Venn turned his head, and looked straight where ‘Song Shuhang’ was. “Come out, I know you’ve been there all this time.”

The body which ‘Song Shuhang’ was in trembled.

“Don’t be afraid, I don’t have any intention of hurting you. Although I stabbed people without blinking, I am actually a kind-hearted… uncle,” Venn said. “Also, little guy, do you understand death?”

Song Shuhang’s point of view went side to side as the being he was occupying shook their head frantically.

But when Song Shuhang heard this question, he couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of pride in his heart. Although he didn’t dare say that he fully understood death, he was still confident enough to say that he was very experienced in it.

Venn said solemnly, “Little guy, don’t be afraid of death. From today onward, you will transcend death!”

At the same time, the ‘undying rune’ on the chest of the long-haired woman broke out, and fell into Venn’s hands.

Venn raised his hand, and forced the rune into [Song Shuhang]’s chest. “Authority activated, the transfer of the undying rune has begun. Transfer is now in progress. Approved by: Venn. Transfer complete. Original record: 86, with a cooldown time of two years. New record: 0, with a cooldown time of 0.”

This ‘undying rune’ was stuffed into [Song Shuhang’s chest].

Venn said, “What’s it like to die, want to understand it?”

In the next moment, the lightsaber in Venn’s hand stabbed his chest.


And so, [Song Shuhang] was stabbed to death.

A large wound appeared on his chest, then his blood flowed to the ground, and pooled around him.

The intense pain struck [Song Shuhang]’s mind, and he fell to the ground unwillingly, his eyes fixed on Venn.

“Understand death, enjoy death, and… transcend death.” Venn talked about the inexplicable and supreme topic. “100 times, if you can last 100 times, you will find miraculous changes to your body.”

Then Venn turned around, picked up the weak black-haired woman, and dashed into the void with a whoosh… And just like that, they eloped.

Behind him, the immortal boat-shaped magical treasure exploded with a loud boom.

Seeing Venn’s skillful movements, it appeared that when he said “I’ve been waiting for you to say that for a long time,” it was not empty talk.

He had already prepared for such an elopement.

From cracking the ‘authority on the undying rune’ to transferring the undying rune to destroying the aircraft to erase the traces, it seemed that he had long planned for this event.

He had prepared everything, planned everything, and was simply waiting for the line from the black-haired woman.

On the ground, [Song Shuhang] stretched out its claw, and then used everything it had left to roar out. “Damned couple!”

After roaring that, it died.

After its body dissipated, the ‘undying rune’ that had forcibly been inserted into it began to work.

This time, Song Shuhang personally experienced the effect of the ‘undying rune’.

It was 100 times truer than merely ‘seeing’ it.

The undying rune circulated in his body, and countless information emerged, all of which was related to ‘eternity’.

At the same time, in the dragon eye world, a projection of the ‘undying rune’ also condensed on the chest of Song Shuhang’s main body.

This was what the Dragon Network Assistant was referring to when it mentioned the [Dragon Talisman Reincarnation].

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