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Chapter 1770 PathogenSong Shuhang still couldn’t understand the information, but that didn’t matter anymore. The pseudo-eternity body could store all the knowledge within it and remember it. 

Because the task of learning new knowledge had been entrusted to the body, Song Shuhang’s brain became idle. If this is how I remember this knowledge, how am I supposed to impart it to my disciples in the future?

Would I have to use my body to impart knowledge to my disciples?

Ugh, that doesn’t sound right.

He was talking about using something akin to muscle memory to memorize information, letting his disciples comprehend it that way.

I really am quite unqualified to be a teacher. I don’t have much I can teach my disciples. Song Shuhang sighed.

Looking back, maybe he should have talked with those knowledgeable seniors a lot more than he did… If he did, then maybe he could’ve gotten the opportunity to enter their dreamland and acquire the knowledge they’d accumulated over their lives.

Senior White and Senior White Two were good dreamland targets… but entering their dreamland was too difficult a task. He’d made contact with them many times, and he’d also satisfied the conditions for entering their dreamlands, but it appeared as if that was still not enough. Besides Senior White, the most knowledgeable ones in the Nine Provinces Number One Group were ‘Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue’ and ‘Venerable Spirit Butterfly’.

Song Shuhang’s brain quickly went to work, and many bold ideas emerged in his mind.

At the same time when these bold ideas emerged… his body felt itchy, wishing to bring these ideas into reality immediately.

While Song Shuhang’s brain was fast at work, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Soon after, a rush of heat assaulted his spiritual body. It felt as if his body had been thrown into a fire pit.

The burning sensation quickly faded.

Song Shuhang’s wandering mind focused.

Afterward, he found himself in a strange stone forest.

The structure and color of this stone forest were obviously not in accordance with the style of the present-day Earth.

And not far away from him, a male figure appeared. There was no clothing on this man, but a layer of carapace.

After the man appeared, he wandered around in this stone forest.

What’s going on? Song Shuhang was puzzled.

Wasn’t he making contact with the Black Dragon World’s source? Why did he suddenly appear here?

Immediately afterward, he found his ‘field of vision’ to be rather strange.

His point of view seemed to be of someone ‘peeping’. He was hidden behind a stone forest pillar as he carefully looked at the man who had suddenly appeared in front of him.

This feeling, this point of view… Could it be a dreamland?

Could it be that I have met the requirements to enter the dreamland of the Black Dragon World?

In the stone forest.

After searching for a long time, the man finally found a location he seemed to be satisfied with.

He stretched out his hand, and a ‘light saber’ flashed from his hand.

A huge stone pillar was cut apart, and fell to the ground.

The man laughed, and then he used his hand to draw on the stone pillar.

After drawing for a long time, the man nodded in satisfaction.

At this time, Song Shuhang’s ‘field of view’ shrank for a while. It was as if his eyes were mechanical eyes, capable of zooming in and out using lenses.

Soon, the ‘text’ portrayed by the man clearly appeared in his eyes.

Song Shuhang didn’t recognize the characters that the man had drawn. They were not the characters of the Black Dragon World, nor the language of the ancient era.

However, he could recognize the meaning of these words due to having entered a dreamland.

“Venn leaves his footprints here, and this is my nation from today onward.”

That was roughly what it meant.

It felt like a common statement left by travelers, “XX was here”.

This kind of behavior was not recommended, especially for cultivators—it was not a good thing to leave one’s real name in random places.

After this man named ‘Venn’ engraved the characters in the stone, Shuhang committed them to memory.

Song Shuhang’s ‘field of vision’ then transferred from the text to this ‘Venn’, and he also firmly committed him to memory.

If the dreamland he was in right now was the dreamland of the ‘Black Dragon World’, then this view was likely to belong to the Black Dragon itself.

Anyway, when a man was stared at by a black dragon and firmly remembered by it, then he wasn’t too far away from becoming dragon dung.

Meanwhile, Venn happily inserted the stone pillar he had engraved words on into the ground.

He then turned around, leaning on the stone pillar to take a rest.

Song Shuhang saw the man’s face.

Eh? Song Shuhang’s ‘I Find Everything I See Familiar’ disease began acting up again. When he saw this man, he felt that the other party was familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere in the past.

However… he was 100% certain that he had never seen this man before.

After resting for a while, the man stood up and took out a huge, cactus-shaped plant from his carapace.

“…” Song Shuhang.

How did that thing fit inside the carapace? Did it not pierce your flesh?

The man set the plant that resembled a cactus on the ground, then took out a water bottle, and watered it carefully.

After pondering for a while, he suddenly turned around, and ran to the side.

There, there was something similar to an ‘airship’ or an ‘immortal boat’.

The man pressed on the airship for a while, and then two antennlike objects bounced out.

The man pulled out the antennae.

After unplugging the antennae, he smiled and returned to the side of his little cactus in satisfaction, going back to taking care of the plant.

After a while, there was a pleasant-sounding but loud voice that came from the airship. The voice screamed in a language that Song Shuhang couldn’t understand.

It seemed to be a woman’s voice. She was yelling, but it still sounded nice to the ears.

Just like the text, when these unintelligible words reached Song Shuhang’s ears, they were automatically translated, with the various phrases actively translated into a pattern that Song Shuhang could understand.

[Venn, why is there no Yayacha (Internet)?]

This translation is simply too helpful; it would totally become the savior for those with language learning and communication difficulties. If the entire universe was able to have this translation function, my mom would never force me to learn foreign languages again.

Going back to the main topic… Those two things that he unplugged were for their version of the Internet, which they call ‘Yayacha’, right?

Venn looked up, and also responded in that unknown language.

The translation immediately emerged in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Venn replied, [I disconnected the Yayacha. It was going to release radiation and harm my Ancient Heavenly Ball.]

As soon as Venn finished speaking, the door of the airship opened.

A woman with an explosive figure exited the airship. [You idiot!]

She swiftly used a ‘Shadowless Kick’ on Venn, her slender legs kicking him at the speed of sound.

“Bang~” Venn was sent flying with kicks.

The woman angrily said, [The Ancient Heavenly Ball was originally meant to absorb radiation, you idiot!] Her figure descended to the ground, her beautiful long hair reaching all the way to her knees.

Eh? This silhouette reminds me of the Star Nation Princess mentioned during the ‘Sun Boat Ceremony’.

In addition, Song Shuhang seemed to have figured out why Venn seemed ‘familiar’ to him. Although the other party had different looks, his aura was very similar to that of a senior Song Shuhang knew.

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