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Chapter 1772 Local specialtyThis ‘Dragon Talisman Reincarnation’ was a projection of the undying rune combined with the power and laws of the Black Dragon World. It gave one the ability to be ‘resurrected’ one time at the cost of a portion of their strength. 

At the same time, Song Shuhang’s consciousness returned to his main body.

The black-and-white world regained its color, and the virtuous lamia in the distance began frolicking once again. The Dragon Network Assistant stared at Song Shuhang curiously because, at this moment, Song Shuhang was in his ‘smoky mode’. And within his smoky body, there were many profound and indescribable laws that flashed.

Using one’s body to remember knowledge was just too unusual.

Song Shuhang said, “So that’s what happened. I really hadn’t entered a dreamland this time, and had instead come into contact with the Black Dragon World’s source…”

No wonder it felt a bit different from the normal ‘dreamland’.

If his speculations were right, what he had experienced just now should be a memory of the Black Dragon. To be precise, it was its first contact with Venn and the long-haired woman whom Shuhang suspected to be Skylark.

Everyone who used Dragon Eye Gems could make contact with the Black Dragon World’s source through them.

But during the process in which they made contact with the source, what they saw was completely different.

Besides learning information related to reaching the ‘Ninth Level’, some Eighth Level Saints could get in touch with more profound mysteries that were directly related to the ‘undying rune’.

As long as they were able to touch upon this information, the power of the undying rune would be projected onto their own body by the laws of the Black Dragon World. Saints who had a certain level of understanding of ‘death’ would be able to condense a ‘Dragon Talisman Reincarnation’ through the rune, acquiring the opportunity to revive once.

If they were unlucky, and could not get in touch with any information related to the ‘undying rune’, then they wouldn’t get any resurrection chances.

This was also the reason the Dragon Network Assistant mentioned that there was only a certain chance of acquiring the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation.

One had to get in touch with the undying rune, get its projection, and also have a certain understanding of ‘death’ in order to get this opportunity.

Song Shuhang was very lucky as he met all the above conditions.

It might be because his understanding of ‘death’ was especially deep, but his undying rune projection was much more solid than the ‘Dragon Talisman Reincarnation’ obtained by normal Saints.

The Dragon Network Assistant said, “Congratulations to Administrator Tyrannical Dragon for getting the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation Rune.”

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and touched the rune lightly. When he did so, the rune merged into his smoky body, and became one with him.

In accordance with the standard procedure, the Dragon Network Assistant reminded him, “The Dragon Talisman Reincarnation Rune can allow those at the Ninth Stage Realm and below to revive once. However, since the resurrection location is set in the Black Dragon World, when the user dies, it might not be possible for all items to be brought back with them. Please be careful, Administrator Tyrannical Dragon.”

There were many treasures on Song Shuhang’s body, such as the two sets of life-bound magical treasures, the virtuous lamia and Fairy Creation, and several spatial magical treasures.

If he died, nobody would pick up the magical treasures he left behind at his place of death.

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “I understand.”

This was the difference between resurrecting at a set location and resurrecting in place.

However, he had the Inner World, and as long as it did not cower, he could still store his magical treasures inside it. Otherwise…

Wait, there was no otherwise.

If the Inner World didn’t cower, then that meant he could escape, and had no need to worry about ‘death’ at all.

If he died, it would mean that the Inner World had hidden itself.

Does this mean that I have to raise and keep a pet for ‘automatic equipment retrieval’?

The Dragon Network Assistant said, “Administrator Tyrannical Dragon, we’ll be leaving this place now. If we take too long, the dragon eye world may end up closing on us. At that time, if we want to leave, we’ll have to wait for 1,000 years.”

The dragon eye worlds were the eyes of the Black Dragon, and they opened once every 1,000 years on average—meaning, the Black Dragon opened its eyes at those intervals.

After opening its eyes, when the eyelids shut once more, the dragon eye worlds would close as well.

Once the dragon eye worlds were closed, even spatial abilities would fail to pierce through them under the disturbance of the laws in the area.

Song Shuhang didn’t want to live here alone for over a millennium.

He shouted, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise, we’re heading back.”

In the distance, the virtuous lamia heard his words and swiftly swam back. She then patted the fat whale with a happy expression on her face.

Does she like playing in the water that much?

But last time we went to the beach, she didn’t seem to be this happy…

After thinking that… Song Shuhang’s gaze fell on the fat whale.

He remembered that the virtuous fat whale had swallowed a white-haired beast cultivator, and Song Shuhang’s ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯ had been obtained from that man.

What happened to that white-haired beast cultivator?

“Awooo~” the virtuous lamia shouted loudly, and then leaped up high.

She did a somersault in the air, and then continued spinning in the air until she neared Song Shuhang, upon which she did a swan dive into his body, disappearing.

Fancy dive returns… She had previously played this game with Fairy Creation. But just that time and no longer afterward.

Song Shuhang thought they had forgotten about it, but now it seemed like they had been simply thinking of new ways to do the return dives…

At the same time, the virtuous fat whale also crashed into Song Shuhang’s body and disappeared.

So, what had happened to the white-haired beast cultivator?

In the past, when the virtual fat whale was ‘storing’ the white-haired beast cultivator, it could not merge into Song Shuhang’s body, and had to stay in the Inner World.

The other party couldn’t have really been digested, could he?

The Dragon Network Assistant asked, [Shall we leave the dragon eye world?]

Song Shuhang nodded, and replied, “Let’s go!”

In the next moment, Song Shuhang’s figure disappeared from the ‘dragon eye world’, and returned to the Dragon Blood Tribe.

Song Shuhang’s figure reappeared in the attic.

After returning, he saw the old tribal chief running in the ‘hamster running wheel’.

But because Song Shuhang did not ‘activate’ the running wheel, the running wheel wasn’t spinning on its own.

Therefore, there were several Dragon Blood Tribe mages nearby using magical techniques to make the running wheel spin.

Right in front of the wheel, Soft Feather was holding a question book in her hands. “Question: Old tribal chief, do you think it’s possible for all the men present here to get pregnant?”

“Of course not,” the old tribal chief quickly replied—how could a man possibly get pregnant?

Soft Feather said, “Wrong answer. Under Senior Song’s Pregnancy Gaze, men and women are equal.”

“???” The old tribal chief.

Doudou remarked, “Jury Doudou affirms the judgment. The judgment is correct, men and women are equal.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword echoed, “Jury Scarlet Heaven Sword affirms the judgment.”

Lady Onion added, “Jury Lady Onion agrees as well, confirming that the judgment is correct.”

Soft Feather laughed, and said, “Spin it faster!”

Afterward, the mages of the Dragon Blood Tribe urged their magical power to speed up the rotation of the wheel.

“Aaaah, I got it wrong again,” the old tribal chief yelled while increasing his running speed.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Well, it’s good that you’re all having fun.

“Huh? Senior Song, you’re back,” Soft Feather said. “When will we return to the main world?”

She made an appointment with her father to watch Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar’s Speech together with him, and she wanted to fulfill that promise.

Song Shuhang said, “Hm, we will go back after half a day.”

For now, he still had to go and collect medicinal materials and beasts. After making that trip, they could return to the main world.

“Then let’s continue playing.” Soft Feather chuckled. “Tribal chief, next question. Can the men present bear their own children?”

The old tribal chief said, “Can, can, can.”

If they can get pregnant, why wouldn’t they be able to bear children?

Soft Feather said, “The answer is ‘No’ for the time being. The Impregnating Gaze only lasts for a short period of time, and it cannot allow one to give birth to a child.”

“…” The old tribal chief.

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Jury Scarlet Heaven Sword has a question. Can’t a man bear children through surgery?”

Soft Feather said, “Of the men present, no one has the ability to achieve this.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword nodded with its hilt. “Then I agree.”

Lady Onion echoed, “I agree as well.”

Doudou confirmed, “I agree as well.”

Soft Feather chuckled, and said, “Speed ​​it up, speed it up again.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Right, how can Soft Feather communicate with the old tribal chief? Isn’t there a language barrier between them?

He was confused because he heard Scarlet Heaven Sword and others speak Chinese, while the old tribal chief was using the language of the Black Dragon World, but they had no trouble communicating.

Could it be that the Dragon Network Assistant did something while he was asleep?

Song Shuhang looked at the Dragon Network Assistant curiously.

The Dragon Network Assistant said, [It’s a simple translation technique.]

Sure enough, it was its doing.

Song Shuhang said, “Mm-hm, there isn’t much time left. Can you put up a few missions to collect 100 dishes at the Sixth Level and 30 dishes at the Seventh Level?”

The Dragon Network Assistant replied, “No problem, I’ll set the reward to be ‘magical power flow’.”

“You can add this to a part of the rewards for the Seventh Level dishes.” Song Shuhang took out the storage bottles that he had obtained from the Celestials. “For every six Seventh Level dishes, an additional storage bottle can be rewarded. Although it can only store a small number of things, it should make it a bit more worth it.”

If he only used ‘magical power flow’ to reward those who accomplished the mission, he’d likely be quite embarrassed.

The Dragon Network Assistant replied, [No problem, I will add this to the mission rewards.]

In fact, because of the nature of the cultivation system in the Black Dragon World, storage items like these were still very precious here.

“Thanks for your hard work.” Song Shuhang gently patted the Dragon Network Assistant’s head, and then he asked, “By the way, has Little Yinzhu woken up?”

“Not yet,” Doudou replied.

“Then, just let her continue sleeping.” Song Shuhang got up, and said, “Which of you want to go with me to pick up some spirit plants and capture some magical beasts?”

Both Doudou and Soft Feather had been brought here because of him, so he would let them bring some souvenirs back when they returned.

Soft Feather shouted, “Me, me, me!”

She’d been playing for quite a while now, and she had already gotten tired of it.

Song Shuhang asked, “Doudou, want to go with us?”

Doudou rolled his eyes, and said, “What are you going to bring me for? Just go and capture some tasty beasts, and bring me back some dog food.”

Song Shuhang scratched his head.

“Let’s go, Senior Song.” Soft Feather threw the question book to Doudou.

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